The Crosman M1 Carbine has this nicer sight and it adjusts the same way. Do you think that the heat gun can get the glue soft? Strange thing about the .30 Carbine cartridge…no matter what you shoot it out of, it’s LOUD! Imagine that !!! I don’t think I said anything about the barrel to thin. Firearm Discussion and Resources from AR-15, AK-47, Handguns and more! What is too long of a unsupported barrel length. Copyright © 1999-21 I will keep that in mind. For many who are searching for Crosman M1 Carbine Bb Air Rifle And Edgun Matador 22 Air Rifle review. No doubt the V-350 is alot more BB gun! It was also the first air gun I had that would embed a BB in a 2 Non corrosive .45 ammo could have been loaded for the carbine, but there was so much corrosive .45 ammo in service, that it would have been impossible to prevent its use in the carbines. You on the way back? For 100 rounds, the .30 saves about 1.5#s in carry weight. You also eliminate a lot of hold-over – ~850 fps vs ~ 1,400 fps — making the rifle MUCH easier to use at mid-range by the relatively inexperienced troops it was intended for. This would of fit right in with BB’s blog the other day of shooting a pistol open sight at long distances. Everyone I knew wanted one and I was the first to get it. . Another way, and the most dangerous one was to put the palm of the hand over the muzzle and to push down on the barrel with the butt resting on the ground. , I may throw one in on the next order. What is the “standard” for unsupported limits? This Crosman rifle features the hard to find original metal 180 round reservoir magazine. Vintage 1960s Crosman M-1 M1 Carbine BB Gun Air Rifle Front Band Parts Only. You keep following him and fixing his mess ups. It is more accurate ( at 10-15 ft )than I thought it would be. ——-Ed. But before the barrel could make it all the way up, the gun discharged a bb which hit my ceiling. You pulled the “triple dog dare” on me,… I have to try it now. Though it has a spring-powered piston, it uses a poppet-type valve that stores compressed air until it blows open violently. It was a beautifully conceived gun but it had its problems. I was able to get some pics up on Another Airgun Blog of the Findlay Ohio show. Free shipping. I am not going to tear into it. $29.99 + $6.99 Shipping. Not measured. There is more to come, as this will be a complete 3-part test. 5-10 gust/steady at ground 80% of the time. Playing war and Cowboys and Indians was a big thing when I was a kid. When he died there were only two things that we had to work to settle: who got his indestructible cast aluminum BBQ and who got the M-1. Crosman DPMS M4 SBR Air Rifles. I also ordered the long steel breech mainly for strength because of the increased pressure the gun will be subjected too if I do my planned upgrade. Sometimes, not so much depending on direction. It’s my belief that the difficulty of cocking is what lead to the eventual demise of the gun. Maybe that’s another reason Crosman went with a longer barrel on the Maximus besides helping it up velocity from the extra length. And now back to harmonics and accuracy. It shortens the tube/air reservoir and allows more of the barrel to hang out front. Now as the way your thinking. I think he had a point. He usually carried a pair of S&W Model 10s ,and a Colt Cobra for backup. And yes even pcp’s have some sort of shot cycle. But to be safe I added a few drops of Pelgun oil in it and I’ll let it set overnight to soak. That would be perfect replica. As much as I knew about Crosman at that time I thought CO2 gun were all they made. Throw in a kid,.. and it sounds like a recipe for something not so good. They also offer a $99.99 two stage trigger for the 2240… you name it, they sell it. One on each side. $3.95. While not the exactly the same, I believe this dovetails with what DavidEnoch wrote about lowering the rear sight rather that raising the front sight above the target. Pretty easy to make something that will aid in throwing a projectile with the force of your arm and hand. Erma made the most common rimfire. Got the heat gun from work. Cobalt327 I’d even settle for decent open sights w/o the “benefit” of F-O! I’m guessing it’s metal. I don’t know just what Chris wants to get hot . This is a hard to find copy of the ... £ 250. Cobalt327 Could it be related to a clay pigeon thrower? Pics don’t work if you’re not a member of that forum. Can it distort the barrel? Obviously you were looking for (what if) the gun got more accurate. If I remember right Matt61 has messed with one also. THIS GUN SHOWS SOME WEAR BUT NO ABUSE AS YOU CAN SEE IN THE PICTURES . I added up and divided groups to get an average. They stayed with the .30 caliber but used a bigger cartridge allowing them to load more powder. Since it is so hard to cock, kids had to resort to extreme and often unsafe measures to get the job done. I did shoot it with the barrel floating in the band. ——-Ed. He got it for home defense, figuring that we’d have most intruders outgunned, and he trained my brothers and me in it’s use. You have realistic look feel of the M1 BB gun! A Crosman M1 Carbine. That was a slick way of getting out of replying​ to my response to you. I know the M16 was early model and NOT dependable, when I had the option of the M16 vs M1 Carbine! So yep that website is right up my alley. The trooper would have a weapon that would be more accurate than the pistol, but still have the stopping power of the .45 caliber cartridge. Chris U Hope was to shoot no band, prove ok and then drill out the band on the barrel side. The wood stock variant was made only one year. . Fast forward to today, and lots of manufacturers offer carbines in .380, 9mm, .45, and so on. And also if the barrel was free floating with no type of barrel clamp. I wonder?,… Can I have my paycheck sent directly to P.A.? I got it for a squirrel popper at 30 yards and in. One was was to push the muzzle against something hard like a tree trunk. This is a good example with the plastic stock the wooden stocked version is very scarce indeed. This gun brings back great memories of hunting with dad. 30-30. Thanks for the heads up. I think I might still trim the trigger more to make it more blade like. Of course it can’t compare to the M1 Garand with a muzzle velocity of 3000 fps and range of 1000 or more yards but they were designed for totally different purposes. Let me know if you take the barrel band off that way and if you get some 30 or 50 yard testing in. But that hold the gun down on a rest as if you have it in a gun vise. I know what you mean about trying it. Thanks again. Not because on inconvenience, but for safety concerns. Oh,.. and maybe a sling? I can move the band fore and aft, no problem. The basic idea was to give soldier the ability to effectively shoot, say 50-100 yards. Soldiers or Indians or cowboys. Today is mowing and catching up on some other outdoor stuff. Unless you are looking at a fully pristine gun, there will be finish wear on the rear of the barrel for several inches. BB Crosman 38t Pistol Parts 177 Pellet Oem Replacement Left Side Housing Lot 11. This is a tangential question that is slightly off topic but I am curious as to the historical reason why the military decided to make the M-1 Carbine in .30 caliber to replace the 1911 handgun because “the Army felt that too many soldiers could not shoot the pistol accurately”. I shot them a lot. Buy It Now +$4.99 shipping. The .30 cal round has a muzzle velocity of @ 2000 fps whereas the .45 is under 1000. I also have a question. It was close. And gluing common? Springfield Armoury M1 Carbine - 4.5mm BB . As a kid, out Scoutmaster taught us how to fashion various weapons. He had them wrapped up in tissue paper or something and tucked inside a photo album. All effectively lower the rear, changing the angle of the shot. I do clean the piston of my Carbine about every 500 rounds. . I would have thought that it was just a kids toy, Thanks to your report in the archives , I knew that it was a historic , accurate bb gun. Like the M-rod? Album here: SOLD. Can anyone tell my what kind of velocity to expect with this pistol in .22 with the 10.1″ barrel and this “power pack” sold by Trainers 4 Me??? At the same time they condemned it, many soldiers also loved it for being lightweight and easy to carry. I don’t know if that’s a good test with the set screw backed out on the barrel band. The .30 caliber M1 carbine is a much maligned weapon but it is a sweet shooter. $39.95. Either missing or not working. When I had the band loose, I did adjust it slightly so that the barrel did “float”. Oh, I looked up BB’s articles on the V305 and the M1 carbine before buying my V350. 1/2″ movements makes that a 15 movement exercise. In other words find the right length barrel to optimize accuracy if the harmonics do change from that. Not much play there, but there is some all the way around. We would use rocks and such as projectiles. Scope, pod, new rings, band,…. The V-350 model name stands for the velocity, which was around 350 f.p.s. I hope you still have the Remington Rand. up for auction is an old vintage crosman m1 carbine bb air rifle. We have oils even practice twirling the gun and such.