The C by GE Full Color smart LED light bulb helps create the perfect mood or vibe in any room. You can read more about smart bulb dimming curves here if you're interested, but know that all of the ones I've tested for this roundup thus far have passed my tests by dimming down well below 100 lumens at minimum settings. GE’s Full Color Smart Bulb casts some gorgeous hues. Buy on Lowe's. tweet; For mood setting every day and entertainment value for holidays, sports celebrations and other moments, C by GE’s Full Color Smart Bulbs offer millions of color options, plus tunable whites. We already like the brand's dirt-cheap cameras -- now, it's offering dirt-cheap smart bulbs, as well. There are other smart bulbs that work with HomeKit, but only a few that don't require a hub. ... C by GE Full Color A19 Smart LED Light Bulb (1-Pack) $24.99. Plus, thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi radio, you won't need a hub to connect the Cree Lighting bulb with Alexa or Google Assistant for voice controls.  Use Full Color Smart Bulb to change the vibe of any space in seconds. Bulbs like those offer a better overall range of distinct settings, but they won't offer much of a difference between any of the settings under 10%. Plug in your light strips or install your C by GE light bulbs in the sockets that will be powering them. The Sylvania LED is a decent bulb that can connect with HomeKit right out of the box, but you can't control it from beyond Bluetooth range unless you have an Apple HomePod, an Apple TV or a dedicated, always-on iPad to serve as a HomeKit hub. Amazon, Google and Apple aren't the end-all-be-all, mind you. Radius Find a Store × Cancel Continue Continue. If you want to set up your C by GE lights with the C by GE app, follow these instructions: . Just screw the bulb in and turn it on, then take control of it using the Google Home app.Â. One last note: GE Lighting just released new second-gen, Direct Connect bulbs that use Wi-Fi instead of Bluetooth and add in better support for Alexa. All of that helps make it the first bulb you should consider if you're looking for something smart. GE $85.67. As you shop, look for little badges on the box that tell you which platforms each bulb works with. Share. See how a store is chosen for you. Like I said, they aren't fancy, but they worked perfectly with Alexa when I tested them out at home, making them a great, no-frills value pick you can use anywhere. Of them, I'd go with Wyze for the extra brightness or Lifx for its best-in-class app and its excellent IFTTT channel.Â. Along with basics like grouping and scheduling, it offers a wide array of fun color cycles, plus useful extras you don't often see at this price range like vacation mode lighting and energy tracking. C by GE bulbs support Apple HomeKit now, too, but you need the C-Reach plug-in hub accessory, which is sold separately. Grand Chute Check Nearby Stores. Use Full Color Smart Bulb to change the vibe of any space in seconds. If you haven't committed to a platform yet, consider bulbs like Lifx and Philips Hue that work with just about everything. I've done my best to make those connection requirements clear in that comparison chart a few sections up, but here's a quick breakdown by platform: Pretty much everything works with Alexa at this point, so you've got lots of options. C by GE A19 Smart LED Bulbs - Full Color Changing Light Bulbs with App Control, 2-Pack, Smart Light Bulb Works with Alexa and Google Home, Color Light Bulbs for Bedroom, Bluetooth Light Bulbs. C by GE Full Color Smart Bulb set up is as simple as twist, pair, speak. The smart home is evolving fast, and there's a lot to keep up with. Replace traditional bulbs with the enhanced controls and vibrant colors of the C by GE Full Color smart bulb. C by GE Full Color Smart Bulb Dimmable RGBW Color Changing A19 Light Bulb $ 54.99 Each In Stock at Your Store. Prices, promotions, styles and availability may vary by store & online. Free shipping . If you're an Apple HomeKit user, for instance, then look for bulbs that have the "Works with Apple HomeKit" badge on the box. The bulb is slightly dimmer—760 lumens—and it draws 10 watts of power. As for price, a 2-pack of white-light bulbs costs $25 -- a bit more per bulb than the cheapest Google-friendly lights, but still worth it for the ultra-smooth compatibility, in my opinion. I'd rather pay a bit more for everything that comes with the Hue ecosystem, but if you just want a functional set of smart lights that are as inexpensive as possible, then Sengled will absolutely get the job done, and the bulbs work like a charm once you connect them with Amazon's smart speakers. Easy, right? Select from millions of colors, including tunable white light that's synced with your body's sleep/wake cycle. It just isn't quite as bright as the other two. Our 80" Full Color Smart LED Strip Light is about 6.66 feet in length so it will not likely extend the entire parameter of a room. Looking for smart light bulbs that you can automate or control with voice commands? They lack support for Apple HomeKit, and they don't dim down quite as low as the Hue White LEDs do, but otherwise, the pitch is the same -- cheap bulbs that require a Zigbee hub or an Amazon Echo Plus. © 2021 CNET, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Those shots were all taken with fixed exposure and white balance settings. 95 $59.95 $ 59. GE C by GE 60-Watt EQ A19 Full Color Dimmable Smart LED Light Bulb (4-Pack) | 93128983. Check out the new line of Cree Connected Max LEDs, which includes an extra-bright, A21-shaped 100W replacement bulb (that's it there on the left in the image above). The Wiz app, which you'll use for setup and programming, is surprisingly full-featured, too. Apple HomeKit isn't supported, but you can still control the bulbs using a limited range of Siri voice commands using Apple's Shortcuts app. Set Up & Controlling Brightness & Color Control ; Set Up & Controlling Enable Out-of-Home Control for C by GE Smart Lights; Set Up & Controlling Enable Alexa for your Smart Lights ; Set Up & Controlling Alexa Voice Commands for Lighting ; See all 9 articles Troubleshooting. C by GE Tunable White and Full Color smart bulb reviews: Pretty lights hampered by incomplete software GE’s latest C by GE smart bulbs are part of its big push toward easier-to-use smart home devices, this time with a “Made for Google” certification highlighting how easily they integrate with Google Assistant and Google Home smart speakers. To the eye, the light it emits is clearly dimmer than the tunable-white bulb when in white-light mode, but the colors it puts out in full-color mode are bright and vivid. Select from millions of colors, including tunable white light that's synced with your body's sleep/wake cycle. Using voice controls as I test a bunch of low cost smart bulbs at all 100 dimmability settings for some posts that are coming up soon — the snappiest of the bunch is the C by GE Life LED with a Google Home speaker. If the item details above aren’t accurate or complete, we want to know about it. Sold by bluedealz-com via eBay. Now available for $19 each (and regularly on sale for as little as $10), the Lifx Mini White is a well-established Wi-Fi smart bulb with a terrific app and support for Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant, plus an excellent channel on IFTTT. Not bad for 10 bucks! Buy Now at eBay. The full color version of the Lifx Mini boasts the best-looking colors of any bulb in this price range, but it costs $35. Lifx, GE and Philips Hue were all especially strong here, and able to dim down below 20 lumens at the 1% setting. If you're looking to make the upgrade, there are plenty of smart bulb options to consider, including a growing number of LED smart bulbs from reputable brands that cost $20 apiece or less. For instance, if you're looking for a bulb that you can use in a reading lamp or some other light fixtures where brightness is especially important, you'll probably want to rule out the TP-Link Kasa KB100 and the Lifx Mini White. DIY / Aisle 5 Check Nearby Stores. Compared to those, the superior Lifx app features and integrations put it over the top. Some bulbs require hubs to work with certain platforms, but not others. As of writing this, Cree Lighting's bulb is listed as out of stock on Amazon after its initial launch, but more stock is expected to arrive by the end of November. GE $85.67. Specifically, they're all able to pair directly with the Google Nest Audio and other Google Nest smart speakers and displays. Price Match Guarantee. Here are my favorites -- none of which will cost you any more than $20. I like Hue's platform, but you'll need the Hue Bridge to connect with HomeKit. Now, in 2020, I've added in several new options, all of which can be had for less than $15. Troubleshooting Unable to Connect Lights to the C by GE app Read more on CNET. Visit the GE Lighting Store. Hans Cummings August 27, 2020 Products 488 Views. For instance, if you're a security-minded Ring customer, then you might want to check out Ring's $15 smart bulb, which is also available as a weatherproof outdoor smart floodlight. That'd be the Sylvania Smart Plus LED -- it dimmed down to just 3 lumens at its minimum setting. C by GE Full Color smart LED light bulbs help create the perfect mood or vibe in any room. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Customer Support team at 1-844-302-2943 or Smartphone control with the C by GE …, Like Alexa, Google Assistant works with almost every major smart light on the market, so again, you've got a lot of options. Of all of the smart lighting platforms available today, Philips Hue's is the most well-connected, and at $15 each (note the link below is a $30 two-pack), the system's Hue White LEDs are a true bargain. See It. C by GE. C by GE bulbs clock in at 800 lumens for the tunable while, with color temps between 2000k and 7000k. Brightness aside, that's the one I'd go with. It isn't quite as bright as I'd like with a max setting of just 650 lumens or so, but it dims well and you can start using all of its features as soon as you turn it on, hubs be damned.