For instructions on adding a table of contents to an existing page, refer to the following Atlassian help page: Table of Contents Macro. Contain the confluence table contents of child pages of powerful tools for this example shows how would be imported. Add headings to an existing page. TOC-168 Clicking the browser back button after clicking on a table of content link does not bring the user back to the table of contents Environment Confluence Cloud version 5.9.1-OD … One of the best parts of Confluence is the thorough documentation, where you can find more on Spaces and Pages. confluence table of contents child pages to include app works with your blog roll with the licensed user levels to get content of contents macros. The Table of Contents macro creates a table of contents based on the headings on the page. The Table of Contents macro links do not redirect to the appropriate heading on the page when the Documentation theme is used in the space. The page reloads and shows the content since the beginning like there was no click in the table of contents. Pages are the documents in which your team will create, edit, and discuss work. By that, I do not mean that you apply formatting such as "bold" to them - you actually have to apply a named style. The issue is not affecting Chrome browser. If the page does not already have headings, you can add them. Use familiar table formatting options –resizing columns, coloring cells, rows and columns, and sorting the table by clicking the column headers – to view the information the way you like it. Anywhere in confluence table of child pages and open all. PTWE-287 - Restrict exporting to users or groups using the standard Confluence export permission ; PTWE-277 - Generate Table of Contents that represents Confluence page hierarchy ; PTWE-285 - Do not add title on Cover Pages ; PTWE-352 - Support for section macro ; PTWE-259 - Excellentable support ; Bugfixes . Confluence has a whole lot of tricks to help make your life better. It simply picks up all the heading 2s but one. In this screenshot, the Content Report Table macro (on the left) is configured to display all pages which posses any of the labels displayed underneath “Labels List” (on the right). Any text formatted as a heading is available for inclusion in your table of contents. When doing all of the above on a Confluence installation v4.3.2 (bundled with TOC v2.6.0), all links even with ,()/ & Umlaut characters will work as expected. Word's Table of Contents (ToC) feature lists paragraphs that have specific Paragraph Styles applied to them. You can get the full guide to Confluence here. Hence, if you used the HTML and HTML Include macros to render HTML heading markup in a Confluence page, the Table of Content Zone macro will not create a contents list out of these headings. Using HTML heading markup with the Table of Content Zone macro — The Table of Content Zone macro cannot handle HTML heading markup on its own. Table of contents macro preview doesn't really work until you save or preview a page. The Content Report Table macro will show a list of content in Confluence based on a predefined filter. By default, Word's ToC looks for paragraphs with style names Heading 1, Heading 2 and Heading 3. Confluence tables allow you to present important information and discuss it with your team. The Table of Contents macro scans the headings on the current Confluence page to create a table of contents based on those headings. Table of Contents Glitches-First, won't pick up 1 heading 2 (picks up all the others in the document) 2-won't allow me to manually type it in to the TOC When doing an automatic TOC, it keeps omitting one of my Heading 2 headings. When clicking in one link of a Table of Contents in a Confluence page, using the mobile app for Android, the user is not being redirected to the correct header. I deleted the heading, retyped it and re-marked it as a Heading 2. My favourite of these tricks is macros. This helps readers find their way around lengthy pages, by summarizing the content structure and providing links to headings.