The control desk acts as the nerve centre for coordination with the other departments in the hotel. Then in Core HR operations as well, HR needs to connect with the other departments for payroll, leaves,confirmation,rewards and recognition etc. It coordinates with engineering department for repairs, maintenance, and installation of various equipment and physical features required during operation hours and special functions. Firstly people of various departments are recruited by HR and hence it starts with finding out what the department is all about, how it functions, what are the kind of resources needed etc. Therefore, the marketing department must have its strong relationship with the other departments. Security department It coordinates with security department to create a safer environment for the guests, hotel personnel and the assets to control them properly. In an organization, all the departments must operate in an integrated manner so that the organizational goals are duly achieved. Coordination with House Keeping and Other Department. The Marketing Department the success of any organization on earth begins with the success of the marketing team. FRONT OFFICE . How can you coordinate with all other departments as an Administrator ? The Secretary shall submit the report annually in sufficient time to allow it to inform the preparation of my Administration’s budget. Every department or section staff is a team player-hence everyone should work together with mutual understanding and trust for smooth functioning in other words co-ordination means to bring into harmonious relation in-between the departments and sections to get the job done at right time. Coordinate with other departments for special occasion; In some hotels during the summer period, room service staff will be required in the poolside bar and food service area also serve at special dinner parties or functions with the functions staff. These departments view the front office as a communication liaison in … ADVERTISEMENTS: Importance of Proper Coordination to Achieve Organizational Objectives! In other words, coordinating function is the orderly arrangement of individual and group efforts to provide unity of action in the pursuit of a common goal. From time to time, suspected improprieties are identified by employees, management, Public … A. My main role is to coordinate all projects that involve our in-house Localization team. The front office staff interacts with all departments of the hotel, including marketing and sales, housekeeping, food and beverage, banquet, controller, maintenance, security, and human resources. the control desk attendants receives the night report, the arrivals and departures list, VIP list , and the list of crews and groups in the house from the front office. In order to achieve organisational objectives efficiently and effectively, the managers have to give a common direction to group efforts and the working of different departments. ADVERTISEMENTS: The process by which a manager integrates their activities is known as coordination. The Secretary shall coordinate this effort with other executive departments and agencies and consult with State, local, tribal, and territorial governments, the private and nonprofit sectors, and the public. Organizational Development Coordination Administration Human Resources Management Question added by AHMED IMRUL KAYES , Senior Consultant , HR Bangladesh Ltd. In addition, Internal Audit will coordinate efforts, as needed, with Finance, Legal Counsel, IS&T Security, Public Safety, Human Resources, and any other compliance function, such as Research. we have three departments The HR Department The Finance Department Project coordination involves the understanding and organization of many moving parts working together towards the success of the project.