The goal should be to minimize the amount of glycol in the fluid mixture, while maintaining the needed freeze protection and corrosion inhibitor content. Chemtex's Propylene Glycol Corrosion Inhibitor is a specially formulated chemical additive designed to prevent corrosion in multi-ways. Read more... ProFrost-100%-Inhib & Color Option.pdf (35.36 KB), ProFrost Chiller Detail Flyer0001.pdf (564.58 KB). It is not intended to be used as an additive to food or pharmaceuticals. Home » Products and Solutions » Heat Transfer Fluids » Glycol based Antifreeze » Propylene Glycol Corrosion Inhibitor. Kolkata - 700046, © 2020 Chemtex Speciality Limited   ∙   Privacy Policy   ∙  FAQs   ∙  Shipping & Returns  ∙  Terms & Conditions. ComStar International Inc. manufactures the most comprehensive product line of environmentally safe, industrial strength chemical products for the trade professional in the world. It treats the surfaces of the metal making them less susceptible to corrosion. 1 This advisory bulletin references the research of Dr. Walter Rossiter and his team of the National Bureau of Standards, now named the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST). The inhibitors in CoolFlow NTP are formulated to give the best possible performance and fluid lifetime at Propylene Glycol levels between 25 and 60% v/v. ChemWorld SR1 Glycol Corrosion Inhibitor. The corrosion inhibitors cover a wide range of uses including the typical metals such as carbon steel and copper as well as aluminum at higher temperatures. It is well compatible with seals, o-rings, rubber hoses and other radiator engine components, improved closed loop system longevity and performance. 1 gallon converts 28 gallons of pure 99.9% Propylene Glycol into a 95% solution of Inhibited Propylene Glycol. 55 gallons of ChemWorld SR1 will protect 7600 gallons of 20% glycol solution from corrosion. We supply Food Grade propylene glycol with or without a corrosion inhibitor package. The Glycol, Inc.™ Advantage the best protection and temperature stability for your equipment ChillerGlycol™ DF1 and BoilerGlycol™ DF1 are high purity inhibited propylene glycol heat transfer fluids. Because glycols without a corrosion package are more corrosive than water it is strongly recommended to order glycols with the corrosion inhibitor package. Polypropylene glycol (PPG) was investigated as a corrosion inhibitor for typical × 60 pipeline steel in 15% HCl solution using weight loss, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS), electrochemical frequency modulation (EFM), linear polarization resistance (LPR) and potentiodynamic polarization (PDP) techniques. If you have not already done so, please check out Part I for detailed information on some of water’s unique physical, thermal and chemical properties and the various types of water available for use in PC water-cooling systems.. It modifies the metal surface by absorption, making it less susceptible to corrosion. WO2010008951A1 - Corrosion-inhibited propyleneglycol/glycerin compositions - Google Patents. Unlike our competitors who may specialize in just one product line, ComStar has been a leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing over 300 specialty products designed specifically for the trade professional for over 44 years. A mixture of 5.0% sodium benzoate + 0.3% sodium nitrite in 25% ethylene glycol has been shown to be effective in preventing the corrosion of cast iron and other metals both at room temperature and in conditions of intermittent heating. It buffers the organic acids formed as … It is compatible and fully functional in glycol-water & glycol-ethanol (rectified spirit) mixtures and improves heat transferability. For example, if the freeze protection needed is -20°F then the minimum amount of propylene glycol needed is 46% by volume (47% by wt. Ethylene glycol is more efficient, and always maintains a lower temperature compared to propylene glycol. Potentiodynamic polarization tests were carried out to study the effect of each chemical. Corroban 50 is a synergised molybdate / organic corrosion inhibitor which is ideal for MTHW, ... Corroban 90 and 99 are food-grade inhibited propylene glycol antifreeze’s that can also be used as bacteriostats to safely control microbial growth in food production applications. Description: coolants are preferred over the traditional ethylene glycol coolants.Corrosion inhibitor formulations are well developed for ethylene glycol coolants, but there is concern that the inhibitor suite for propylene glycol systems may not be as mature.