106). Spike was worried that Shane might inadvertently hurt Emma. At home he and his parents don't get along too well, especially since he started grade eight. • Bartholomew • Caitlin • Christine • Raditch • Wheels • Erica • Heather • Joey • Karen • Kathleen • L.D. Christine “Spike” Nelson (born September 1974) is a hair stylist in Toronto, Canada. Although this was Shane McKay's last appearance in the Degrassi franchise, it is implied that he and Emma still keep in touch somehow. Degrassi Junior High: Shane by Susin Nielsen Shane has never been the kind of guy who stood out in a crowd. Bill Parrott (DJH, DH)Jonathan Torrens (DTNG) Video made by: ana1aura On www.youtube.com NOT MY VIDEO They hated her food, but they saw a spark in her writing. Sometimes moving, sometimes shocking, but always believable, Degrassi Junior High is a classic for teens of all ages. More of Degrassi Junior High. So therefore, he may have be an unplanned for, or a surprise child making him much younger than both of his brothers. For seasons 1 and 2 the opening begins with a close up shot of four books. Emma arrived home to discover Shane trashing the house, and she calmed Shane with an ultimatum ("She's my mom, and if you hurt her, I will never speak to you again") and his knitting—which she had seen earlier at his home calmed him after his outbursts. Spike, who is only 14 and suspects she is pregnant, turns to … The other two being. Degrassi Junior High gifs added by australia-101 added by Seddie4Ever. He's just a normal kid, struggling to survive in a messed-up world, just like we all are. Degrassi High: School's Out 1 Episode. Photo of Degrassi High Gang for fans of Degrassi Junior High 4747785. Daddy's here." ... Degrassi junior high was the best though. Shane McKay is Degrassi's most tragic character. Dwayne becomes increasingly withdrawn as he awaits the results of his HIV test. Shane slept with his girlfriend, Christine Nelson (Spike), who got pregnant with Emma. He finally came clean to them about the situation, and the McKays were terribly embarrassed over the situation and wanted him to have nothing to do with the baby, believing it would be put up for adoption as soon as it was born. ; Degrassi High – The high school the cast attends for the final two seasons of the series. Video of Wheels/Stephanie - Takin' Back My Liebe for Fans of Degrassi Junior High. Video of Melanie asks out Snake for fan of Degrassi Junior High. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Information Steven McKay (Father)Mary McKay (Mother)Carl McKay (Brother)Emma Nelson (Daughter)Spinner Mason (Son-in-Law)Another unnamed brother Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Shane (Degrassi Junior High) by Susin Nielsen (1989-01-01) at Amazon.com. Degrassi Junior High. Flammable things blow up at the graduation dance and everyone stands outside to watch it burn. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Shane (Degrassi Junior High) at Amazon.com. Shane is the first character in Degrassi history to become both mentally and physically disabled. Shane is a loner at Degrassi. Shane, the character in this book, is Emma's dad. When Spike's period is late, she can hardly believe it - she never meant to go as far as she did with Shane. At Christmas time, Spike's baby-sitter dropped baby Emma off with Spike at school, having had to leave due to a personal emergency. Degrassi High 28 Episodes. He was the first boyfriend of Christine “Spike” Nelson and the biological father of her daughter, Emma Nelson. In case you forgot, the first season of "Degrassi Junior High" came out a long time ago. Shane McKay Shane McKay was a student at Degrassi Junior High School. She mentions the same thing to Sean at the beginning of season 6. pregnant. Degrassi Junior High 316 - Bye-Bye Junior High | HD | Full EpisodeThe third term at Degrassi Junior High ends with a bang. Degrassi - Joey and Caitlin. However, Shane has only interacted with her in three episodes: Season's Greetings, Father Figure (1) and Father Figure (2). 7 8 9. GenreTeen drama Created by Linda Schuyler Kit Hood Starring Cathy Keenan Dayo Ade Amanda Stepto Nicole Stoffman Pat Mastroianni Stacie Mistysyn Stefan Brogren Siluck Saysanasy Duncan Waugh and others Country of originCanada No. On Degrassi: The Next Generation, he is portrayed as an adult by actor Jonathan Torrens. Degrassi Junior High Season 3 Ep 12 Taking ... More of Degrassi Junior High. Written by Kenneth Chisholm Plot Summary | Add Synopsis Degrassi Junior High, Shane auf Abwegen She is initially afraid that he is only dating her because, as an unwed teen mother, he would believe Spike to be "easy;" but Patrick proves to be a gentleman ("Nobody's Perfect", DH ep. ; Lucy's house – The location of many parties throughout the series. Rev. Daddy (by Kathleen)Shaney Boy (by Snake) Date of Birth Degrassi Panthers was the soccer team at Degrassi Junior High School. ... shane. Gender Shane McKay was a student at Degrassi Junior High and made a minor appearanceon Degrassi High, originally portrayed by Bill Parrott. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Prime. May 2, 2016 - Explore Tiffini's board "Degrassi Junior High", followed by 588 people on Pinterest. " Degrassi Junior High & Degrassi High " Shane began dating Spike when they were both 14 years old and in the eighth grade. You should get kicked in the head!" Life gets better when Shane starts seeing Spike, and he becomes more popular at school. ... Degrassi Junior High. Degrassi Junior High Club Join New Post. Spike allowed everyone in the cafeteria to hold Emma before reluctantly letting Shane to hold his daughter for the first time. overall No. Relationships How much do you remember about the classic '80s television show "Degrassi Junior High". ... Degrassi Junior High. See more ideas about degrassi junior high, degrassi, junior high. He was furious and called Spike names loudly until she offered to still be his friend. Meanwhile Wheels, still sensitive over the death of his parents, gets into a fight at school. Sometimes moving, sometimes shocking, but always believable, Degrassi Junior High is a classic for teens of all ages. ... Shane spends his monthly child-support money on a concert ticket. c. 1974 Degrassi Junior High SchoolBorden High School (Part-time classes in Grade 9)Degrassi High School First Episode Network When Emma comes back from Stouffville, Spike is seen knitting, also to calm herself. Books Hello, Sign in. Nielsen went on to pen sixteen episodes of the hit TV show. Nickname(s) “Arthur, don’t push your luck.” - Stephanie Kaye. At the concert, Shane's friend Luke got LSD for them to take, and Shane decided to try the hallucinogenic drug. Shane slept with his girlfriend, Christine Nelson (Spike), who got pregnant with Emma. Degrassi Junior High is a Canadian teenage TV drama series that was produced from 1986–1988, and aired in the winters of 1987, 1988 and 1989. Pat Mastroianni as Joey Jeremiah: Pat Mastroianni today: View this photo on Instagram. vilma meloche says: April 7, 2015 at 6:52 PM For Life 13 Episodes. Almost 30 years ago, to be exact, and our beloved stars have grown up a lot since then. in season Title Directed by Written by Original air date ... Shane's parents are upset and embarrassed that he is the father of Spike's baby. The camera zooms out on the books and shows an animated hand on top of them. The hand picks up the books and walks away. broke up with her. Joey reluctantly tells her, and she goes to the hotel to take him home. Melanie takes twenty dollars from her mother's purse to buy tickets to a rock concert. Spike video Video by: 2JacksonMay99 Song: "I ain't going down" bởi Shania Twain His conservative parents did not like this at all and made supporting Spike and Emma difficult. Degrassi Junior High is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. Saved by Amanda Smiley. Based on the groundbreaking Degrassi Junior High television series, this book offers a sensitive and engaging look at the challenges of teenage life. Degrassi High‏‎ is a Canadian teen drama created by Linda Schuyler and Kit Hood for CBC Television. Christine "Spike" Nelson is a hair dresser and owner of a salon she took over from her mother, as well as the mother of Emma Nelson, and wife of old school friend Archie "Snake" Simpson. He was one of the cool kids in junior high; taller and older looking and played sports. Blonde Almost 30 years ago, to be exact, and our beloved stars have grown up a lot since then. The police found a badly injured Shane the following day underneath a bridge due to the intake of LSD at the concert. Explore Fanpop. Shane Kippel returned to 'Degrassi' as Spinner on a Season 14 episode. On Degrassi: The Next Generation, he is portrayed as an adult by actor Jonathan Torrens. Now 14 and with her mother expecting a new baby any day now, Emma became even more curious about the father she had never known, and was determined to find him. Shane was the first teen father in the Degrassi franchise. With the help of her friend Craig Manning, she skipped school to track him down. It aired from November 6, 1989 to January 28, 1991 for two seasons. Instagram: … Shane paid a visit to Spike the following year, while she and the rest of his former classmates were attending Degrassi High. Close. Emma's half-brother, Jack, was born happy and healthy, and Emma shared a moment with her father before the nursing home arrived to pick him up. At the end of season 5, Emma states that after fighting anorexia, she likes to knit because it calms her down. Video of Spike - I Ain't Going Down for những người hâm mộ of Degrassi Junior High. Insert details here. Hailed as "groundbreaking," "powerful," and "totally authentic," Degrassi Junior High confronts it all-friendship, puberty, rumors, sports, studies, and more-with a refreshing ensemble cast and a unique teen's-eye-view of life. Shane's father, Reverend Steven McKay, an Anglican minister, was played by Peter Brierley, and his mother Mary was played by Jane Carnwath. They have both been involved with Emma's life. Lincoln Rhyme: Hunt for the Bone Collector 10 Episodes. The kids of Degrassi street have now grown to be teenagers attending Degrassi Jr. High where they face the facts and problems that are typical for people their age. Posted by 17 days ago. Account & Lists Account Returns & Orders. The next says Geography 7/8. Meanwhile, Spike discovers Shane is reneging on child support so he can attend the rock concert. Video by: deziMelon On www.youtube.com Song: "Takin' Back My Love" Von Enrique Iglesias (with Ciara) NOT MY VIDEO The first was. Meanwhile, the police find Shane, who has disappeared after taking drugs at a rock concert. He was the first boyfriend of Christine “Spike” Nelson and the biological father of her daughter, Emma Nelson. Spike gave birth to their daughter, Emma, over the summer while Shane was away at camp. Eye Color As of Dec 10 20. “Mom, dad…there’s something I gotta tell you.” - Shane McKay. ; Good Girls Avoid Abortion: Averted.She never tells Joey she was pregnant. s02e04 - "Dinner and a Show" - (Part 1 of 2)Original Air Date: Monday January 25, 1988Shane tells Spike that his parents want to meet her and her mother to discuss the baby. Shane McKay was a student at Degrassi Junior High and made a minor appearanceon Degrassi High, originally portrayed by Bill Parrott. Family Production You can also watch Degrassi Junior High on … School(s) They date for some time until Spike decides that she does not have time for a commitment while raising Emma (portrayed b… Try. Shane initially does not believe Emma is his daughter, still thinking that Emma is a toddler as in the picture he keeps by his bedside, but he realizes that she is in fact his child and the two tearfully embrace. He always seemed to have a bit of a quiet loner side but. Directed by John Bertram. From Degrassi Junior High (Season 01: Episode 13) - Production Code 113. • Liz • Lucy • Maya • Melanie • Michelle • Rick • Scooter • Shane • Simon • Stephanie • Susie • Voula • Yick, Went back to Stouffville to his Assisted Living Residence. With Amanda Stepto, Billy Parrott, Maureen Deiseach, Angela Deiseach. Members Alex Yankou, B.L.T., Jason Cox, Shane McKay, Wai Lee, Wheels When the five meet, Shane's Dad announces that his son will attend a private school. Shane is a loner at Degrassi. Shane was pleased to have a new picture of Emma (one Craig had taken in his hospital room the day before), and bid his daughter goodbye. Shane holding Emma for the very first time. That's why he was so surprised when he started dating Spike.