Depending on the preliminary results, your veterinarian may choose to run more diagnostic tests for further evaluation. If you applied a mint essential oil on your dog, he may develop symptoms of toxicity and with some mint species, he may develop liver failure. They will know which products are safe for dogs, how to apply them, and the correct dosage. bluebonnetgranny. I did a couple drops around my bed because that’s where I heard it last night. Peppermint oil might give them an upset stomach. It is still used in some countries today against pests like fleas and mosquitos. On the other hand, a study performed in 2012 examined the Animal Poison Control Center database of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). The smell has taken over the house! This will also allow her to take a thorough look over your dog to evaluate his symptoms. This herb does well in cool, moist areas with partial shade or full sun. We had a dish of essential oils in the sauna and the scent was getting strong. That way, you’ll know you are doing something that’s good for your dog instead of accidentally harming them. If the mother does not produce milk or the milk becomes infected, the puppies will also cry. When you first arrive at the clinic, the veterinarian will begin by collecting a history from you. And answer those important questions: “Is peppermint oil safe for dogs?” or “Is peppermint oil bad for dogs.”. If you believe your dog is having a reaction to mint, the sooner you get him to a veterinarian, the higher his prognosis of a full recovery. These supplements are often put on the market with minimal, if any, control or testing. Nothing you need to do. Even a drop of essential oil diluted in a homemade spray could be too much if used on irritated skin. This article has been extensively revised and updated for 2019. This includes the plant, essential oils, and other products containing mint. If too much time has passed since ingestion and induction of vomiting is unsuccessful, she may administer activated charcoal. Mint, also known as garden mint, belongs to the Lamiaceae family with the scientific name of Mentha spp. I cover my pup’s bowls as well as set aside in another room and then spray that room right before a decent walk, going it helps everything settle (stronger odor for him plus giving time for whatever is in the air to fall – hopefully long enough). Some essential oils … It accidentally got on their backs as well but only one or two sprays. Will this hurt my pets if I spray in different room or when my German Shepherd is in the house? Wash the oil off your dog with a detergent type of soap as soon as possible and get him to a veterinarian. However, ingesting it is a different story. So it might help. Most veterinarians caution owners against using peppermint oil and other essential oils on their pets. I took him out of our bedroom right away, and is now sleeping on me downstairs. And provide us with more definitive answers about which products are harmful and which are effective. I got a drop of the oil on a couch cushion, and about an hour later my cat licked the spot. Some studies have found that peppermint oil, especially in combination with other essential oils, is effective in repelling pests like fleas, ticks, and mosquitos. Peppermint has been used as an insect repellent for thousands of years. And is peppermint oil safe for dogs? E), tocopheryl acetate. That is not to say that these natural remedies don’t work. The main ingredient of peppermint oil is menthol. Encouraging the intake of tasty fluids such as lactose-free milk, broths and bouillons will dilute the oil and hasten remission. But the more I thought about it, it *may* have coincided with mosquito season. Symptoms of mint poisoning are very vague; many things can cause the listed symptoms. If your dog licked tea tree oil by accident, it could be poisonous. I have not seen one ant this year and I’m at their house frequently. Dog did not get enough to cause any harm. This means there has not been enough time for researchers to determine the risks, effectiveness, and correct dosages for essential oils. This includes experts in the control of parasites in animals. DVM360. But the peppermint oil is not the active killing ingredient. If your dog developed a reaction after the mint oil was applied to his coat or body, the veterinarian will immediately have him bathed with a mild detergent to remove as much as the oil as possible. Diffusers intensify some scents. They put gravel around the back of the house instead of mulch. Products containing peppermint essential oil might not be totally safe, but they are much safer than using your own pure peppermint essential oil on your dog. Melaleuca oil, also known as tea tree oil, is our most common essential oil offender in toxicities to dog.