4,970,821 to Young discloses a canvas sheet having a plurality of rows of flaps for containing a plurality of removable plastic envelopes for holding fishing lures. The slides 18 (and the channels 20 also) are formed to be wider than the adjacent elongate lure hook opening 16, as shown in the partial cutaway on the right side of FIG. You’ll hardly see advanced bass fishermen using these, but they make a great starting point for beginners. 99. $32.99 $ 32. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. As an improvement over bulky tackle boxes, some devices for storing and organizing fishing tackle comprise wearable devices. But utility boxes are made by many different companies, and come in multiple shapes, depths, and sizes. 3C and the right side of FIG. Each slide 18 has near its top portion a blunt lure hook 22 protruding through the corresponding lure hook opening 16 toward the inside of the booklet, and a coil spring 24 attached to the top extremity of the slide. There are also hard tackle boxes that are designed for worm storage. View All Species Categories; Bass; Flathead; Barramundi; Murray Cod; Sand Whiting; Mackerel; Bream; Reels. It is to be understood that the above-described arrangements are only illustrative of the application of the principles of the present invention. It will be apparent that channels 20 are preferably approximately parallel in orientation, and may be placed very close together. One end of a fishing lure, such as the lure end, is disposed over one of the blunt hooks, then pulled against the biasing force of the spring until the curve of the hook end may be hooked on the lip of the transverse hook channel, causing the barb of the hook to be protected within a cavity behind the lip of the hook channel, and causing the lure to be held in place by the tensile biasing force of the spring. If you’re a very simple fisherman you could probably get away with just one medium sized tackle box. The utility boxes we talked about above are usually integrated within tackle bags and backpacks. Keeping it as simple as possible is the best way to increase efficiency and maintain an organized tackle system. Once you know what you need for lures, you can simply put the utility boxes you need for that day in to the bag. They wrap around your lure as well as the rod where the lure … They come in a good range of sizes, but the most popular ones are considered mid-sized. More Buying Choices $29.19 (11 new offers) Meboyz Fishing Lure Boxes, Bait Storage Case Fishing Tackle Storage Trays Accessory Boxes Thicker Plastic Hooks Organizer Containers for Vest Casting Fly Fishing - Waterproof Seal. Because bass lures come in many different shapes and styles, there are better ways of storing certain lures than others. This box is perfect for storing beads, ice fishing jigs, hooks and other small items that tend to spill from other boxes. With a variety of lure and bait boxes that can also be used within the tackle bag systems. No. You can quickly browse through hundreds of neatly stored worms with the flexibility to sort them in whatever order you want. … And the best way to store them is by separating them by category in to designated boxes. Follow Us. 3A-3C, which provide cross sectional views of the body taken through one of the slides. Whether your rod is on a rack or laying on the deck of your bass boat, one lure is usually always being stored tied to it. Fish Care Landing Nets Scales Unhooking Mats Weigh & Retention Slings Carp Fishing Rods . No. 5,829,185 to Myers discloses a fishing lure holding device comprising a tray having a plurality of spring-loaded lure eye gripping mechanisms disposed along one edge, and a grid of apertures formed from the opposite edge toward the center of the tray. The Big Fish lure pack is designed to help you single out the biggest of the predator species of fish found across all venues in-game. And with the amount of lures most bass fishermen have today it’s certainly warranted. Because the back side 54 of the button is exposed (on the outside of the container, as seen in FIG. These boxes allow you to give each lure its own slot, in whatever size or order you want them to be in. The function of the slides and springs is more clearly evident from FIGS. The Fishing Bucket Lure Holder mounts on any standard 5 gallon bucket and allows you to easily hang your fishing lures and rigs. There are many different ways to store bass lures, so you can really customize just how you want them organized. Moreover, if stored loosely in tackle boxes, or singly in individual cases, they can become rusted due to water which is frequently present in those containers. Hooks and lures tend constantly to become tangled and disorganized, and if not stored properly can be somewhat hazardous. Shop quality Ice Fishing Gear Storage at FishUSA. Whether your rod is on a rack or laying on the deck of your bass boat, one lure is usually always being stored tied to it. For example, the slides and channels may be rectangular or round, as shown on the right side of FIG. 3A hook 22 is not in use, such that slide 18 is fully retracted, with hook 22 disposed near or against the top of opening 16 by the force of spring 24. This is when some anglers like to use lure wraps to protect their lures. The configuration of the inner ply 12 and the base 14 is shown in longitudinal cross section in FIG. DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENT. generation, Tangle-free fishing lure storage container. If you know you are not going to be fishing crankbaits that day then you don’t take the crankbait box with you. 3B the hook is shown in use holding a relatively short lure 40 with its hook end 42 hooked on the top edge 32 of channel 30. It’s also more practical to utilize as much space in the box as possible. FIG. But if you need to store jerkbaits you can make the slots bigger for their longer profiles. Account Wishlist Cart 0. Two units with five super magnets on each one work as a pair to hold lures at any angle - safe, secure, and convenient. This also keeps the lures from banging up against each other and risking paint chipping. No. And if they aren’t, then they are at least usually designed to be able to fit them inside. For example, the best way to store swimbaits will differ from the best way to store spinnerbaits. Numerous modifications and alternative arrangements may be devised by those skilled in the art without departing from the spirit and scope of the present invention and the appended claims are intended to cover such modifications and arrangements. As also shown in FIG. 6. For usually not too much of price increase you can get waterproof utility boxes, which in most cases is well worth the additional cost. Reference will now be made to the drawings in which the various elements of the present invention will be given numeral designations and in which the invention will be discussed so as to enable one skilled in the art to make and use the invention. But you should know what options are available before you start making buying decisions. The fishing industry includes any industry or activity concerned with taking, culturing, processing, preserving, storing, transporting, marketing or selling fish or fish products. U.S. Pat. FIG. They come in wide range of sizes and styles so you can equip yourself with exactly what you need for storage. Dreamweaver Flasher File: The Flasher File is designed to hold 14 flashers (Spin … RUNCL Fishing Tackle Box, Waterproof Storage Box, Fishing Tackle Storage Trays - Solid Structure, Waterproof Seal, One-Handed Operation, Removable Dividers, Sun Protection - Storage Organizer Box. It is another advantage of this invention to provide a convenient fishing lure container in closeable booklet form which allows wet lures to dry out. By using tension springs and slides as shown, the slides are less likely to bind in the channels than prior art devices, and the invention thus functions more smoothly than the prior art. 5, right side). You may also hear anglers refer to them as “Plano Boxes”, because the company Plano is so universally known for making them. But on top of that, it allows you the flexibility to only carry what you need on a given day of fishing. The above and other advantages are realized in a fishing lure container comprising a substantially planar body of material which will not be damaged by water, preferably formed into a closeable booklet form, having a plurality of elongate slides disposed in slide channels formed on the inner sides of the body.