C • Calculus: The hard deposit of mineralized plaque that forms on the crown and /or root of the tooth. Glossary of Health Coverage and Medical Terms Page 1 of 4 This glossary has many commonly used terms, but isn’t a full list.These glossary terms and definitionsare intended to be educational and may be different from the terms and definitions in your plan. Some firms have combined a portion of these responsibilities usually found in the back office, particularly those related to risk management, into what they term a middle office function. [James A. Bardi] Hotel Front Office Management(BookSee.org) Monika Mihailova. Table 1-1 General Health-Related Words English Spanish Pronunciation blood pressure la presión sanguínea lah preh-seeohn sahn-ghee-neh-ah bowel movement 3.5 Checks Out and Settlement . Doctor-speak: Using basic terminology When you’re in a healthcare situation, whether in a doctor’s office, pharmacy, or emergency room, you’re likely to use many of the terms in Table 1-1. 3.4 Front Office Responsibilities . See also front office. office can be a single department or multiple units (such as documentation, risk management, accounting or settlements). Hence though Housekeeping is a behind the scene activity it is extremely important. 3.6 Front Office accounting 3.7 Night Audit . Medical software program. Complete List of All Hotel Management Glossaries, Hotel Terms Definitions, Jargons, Lingo, Key Hotel Terms, Front Office Key Terms, F&B Service Key Terms, Kitchen and Food Production Key Terms, Housekeeping Key Terms, All Hotel Department A to Z Key Terms and Jargons For most businesses, the front office is the reception and sales area of the business. CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION AND STATEMENT OF THE STUDY The front office has traditionally been thought of as a check-in, check-out point by the guest. 3.10 Front Office up Selling Skills . 3.8 Front Office Yield Management : 3.9 Revenue Management . 6. • Canine tooth: The second tooth from the big front tooth, commonly called the eye tooth. The terms Front Office and Back Office are generally used to describe the parts of the company (or of its information system) that are dedicated, respectively, to the direct relationship with the client and proper management of the company.. Basic medical terminology.Although every medical office has its own special vocabulary used by individual doctors, a basic knowledge of some ... Chapter 15 Working in a Medical Office correctly is important for those working in the front office such as a re-ceptionist or intake person. PDF The glossary, pronunciation guide, and list of abbreviations will be a useful reference document. orientation to medical terminology. Front office is concerned with actual sale of rooms and hence comes in direct contact with the guest. This booklet may be written in and retained by the student for future reference. Secondly it is seen as a source of infinite information, and third, a problem-solving center. 4.1 Housekeeping Management 4.2 Guest Room Cleaning . Front office staffers typically have the most direct contact with clients. Order a copy for £7.99 with free UK p&p from guardianbookshop.co.uk Topics Front Office/Back Office. Also referred to as tartar. Glossary of Commonly Used Dental Terms. … The final goal or terminal learning objective of this subcourse is that you be able to convert a medical term into lay terminology. Introduction to Housekeeping . 4. A Treasury of Unbearable Office Jargon by Steven Poole, to be published by Sceptre at £9.99 on 31 October 2013. Housekeeping is concerned with keeping the guest rooms clean and in a position to be sold. OTC back-to-back