Watch the video below for a guide on this helpful tie down tool. $9.95 $ 9. Afterward, go onto the other side of the bike and take the left-hand-side tie-down and attach it to the back-left truck bed’s ring. Since you’re reading this article, I think that you will most likely decide to go for the soft tie-down straps. Shop Related Products. You can also use the foot pegs as anchor points and most riders typically don't tie down the back of the bike. 1. Using the Canyon Dancer Tie-down Strap Rings allows you to attach tie-downs to the triple clamps or almost anywhere there is a bolt. Tying down a motorcycle properly is an important part of transporting it safely. Start ratcheting, which means raising and lowering handle. You have to pull the tie downs pretty firmly to make sure the bike is steady. I like to hang the inside strap on my rear wiper blade (SUV) so that I can reach it when holding the bike. General Dirt Bike Best way to strap down the bike. The dirt bikes get only those two straps while I will put a few more on the street bikes. Jun 18, 2007 #1. KTM Soft Tie Down Set with Clips. Almost everyone in their life at some point has bought a dirt bike, a scooter, or a normal classic motorcycle, but something happened and at…, Most people will straight think of a helmet, dirt bike boots, or maybe goggles for dirt bike riders when it comes to making a gift…, A loading ramp is a unique piece of equipment that is necessary to have for loading up and unloading your dirt bike. The other option is to use a trailer which I cover later in this article (scroll down to see “How to Haul a Motorcycle with a Trailer”), First you will need to place the bike carrier into the hitch of your vehicle and secure it in place with the pin (or lock pin for security). They help secure your bike, avoiding potential losses and saving you time and headaches. Now that your bike is secured in place I like to place one more strap through the rear wheel to keep the back tire of the motorcycle from shifting left or right while going down the road. How should you tie down a motorcycle properly? If you can’t find anything that you like on Amazon, you can always check your local stores. offers 114 Straps and Cargo Accessories. It usually works well to place the front tire in the corner of the truck bed so that it can’t turn either direction, or place a wheel chock in the center of the truck. 8 To ensure stability, periodically check the strap tightness and the condition of the straps … To keep your bike in place while you travel, start by attaching a wheel chock to your trailer or truck bed. Dirt Bike Tie-Down Straps. Are these strong enough to strap in a dirt bike? 21 Jul. At this point leave the straps just tight enough to keep the motorcycle from falling over. You can also wrap soft loops around the base of the left and right side handle bars. Nonetheless, tie-downs have different size S-hooks, which means that they differ for different weight ratings. It also gives you more space to put your bike. Well, you get the idea where this is going. Canyon Dancer 33 in. Position the front tire into the chock, then attach straps to the front suspension tubes. In my opinion, this isn’t even worth having. Identify critical tension points and use the perfect straps. The option that I’d recommend to you are the LockStraps locking tie-downs on Amazon. The more wraps the strap has around this axle, the better the hold. 4.6 out of 5 stars 85. Touch device users, explore by touch. It is a good idea to have some spot you and be ready to help push the motorcycle if needed. They’re a pretty decent option which totally delivers great value for money. The option that I’d recommend to you are these four pack ratchet tie-down straps on Amazon. When searching on Amazon, you’re going to notice that these type of tie-downs can be purchased separately, or as a part of the tie-down itself. Hauling a motorcycle with a trailer is great, especially if you’re hauling multiple bikes. This is especially important if you have a second bike on board. For your information, you can get them in a variety of lengths and strengths, but the most interesting part is that there are also several options in terms of tie-down strap types. Usually bike carriers won’t compress the front suspension enough to utilize a “seal saver” or wood block in the front end, but if you can it is a good idea to insert one before snugging the straps down. O. ossagp . Jun 18, 2007 #1. Once the carrier is secured to the vehicle you will want to place the two handle bar straps in place and secure the lower hooks to the bike carrier anchor loops.