These palms send excuses riding off into the tropical sunset, A custom home by modernist William Krisel gets restored and updated, Indoor and outdoor living merge atypically in this Pacific Northwest home, thanks to California-style updates, A swanky retro-inspired living room (full bar included) is set for a soiree in the desert. Some seeds/seedlings on eBay at the moment...very tempting! Learning how to inventory your plants is the first step in dealing with an overgrown landscape, Fancy a pair of Don Draper’s office chairs or Peggy’s blue typewriter? And my Bottle palm. Shrivels in sun yet slows down in lower light.Was described as "slow and difficult" From what I can gather looks like about 35 "good" years to maturity! Tell us what you love or hate about your location? They were small, but I had them all in pots underplanted with bromeliads and such...if we had a freeze coming I could easily bring them into the shed with a dolly. Garden Overhaul: Which Plants Should Stay, Which Should Go? Dave nice looking palms! High-quality Dramatic Light Wall Art designed and sold by artists. However, it's an interesting variety called "Half Moon". In the ground outside we have:2 trachy's, one about 6ft tall overall and the other 5 ft. overall.3 needlesall of these have seen 7 F without any protection. Gill - lots of photos on my website. The last photo is not my photo. 20. All of them are my favorites, it would be pretty hard to pick one over the other. 21 juil. 43. Perfect here. opening an etsy shop made sense for me in 2009 when i was still a student, but as my shop turns 10(!) And ditto on lots of large drawers in the base cabinets. 23. It needs to have a shallow seat pan...strong back and arms (because I don't!) lolgary. Any palm variety within my field of vision will do. Have one growing since 2001 is still under a meter tall. Oct 2, 2017 - Explore No.54 interiors's board "Plant display" on Pinterest. years old, it feels like now is the right time to move on to something new. !and I probably missed the spelling yet again .lolAnother Kerriodoxa elegans. (My daughter is 5 feet tall.). W. robusta, 7. Guarda cosa ha scoperto Giulia Sciarra (GiuliaSciarra) su Pinterest, la raccolta di idee più grande del mondo. I never knew there were so many types till a few years ago, and so many growing conditions needed.Cagary...that bottle palm is amazing, what a base to that trunk!TrachyH, your Jubaea is a nice looking guy now as it's really filled out. The most beautiful are the entire frond types with the fantastic pleats. I guess the pic didnt show. I would consider going to a bigger pot once it goes out for the season. See what Nadia Wentzel (nadiawentzel) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas. This will probably round it out for me this year. The downside is sloooooooooooow growth. Foxtail Palm [Wodyetia bifurcata] have 37. Cycas Revoluta 5 lge 4 smlZamia Pumila 1Ponytail's 2 lge 8 sml. B. eriospatha, 5. Brahea armata, 2.Brahea edulis, 3. Have other species but these are my faves. 13. i’d like to explore a different way of sharing my work, and that includes offering larger, perhaps limited edition prints as well as affordable original artwork. 39. But as a general rule of thumb, my favorite palms are a) small enough that I can prune seeds from them without a ladder, b) self-cleaning, and c) not found in every damn South Florida landscape. Found a pic of a huge one.Trishmick, have to agree with you as for me to see a palm of any size bigger than mine means one thing only...............HOLIDAY............. big time!Gill. I like the Trachycarpus a lot too because they are a fast trunking palm, but need more care to get established than the Sabals. thank you so much to my friends all over the world for a decade of support; i hope you will be open to more limited edition and one-of-a-kind artwork in the near future. That is one palm that people in europe would love to grow but very few can, maybe only parts of southern spain and the med have any success. Took a year to sprout another year to develop first frond. This is my top palm so far. Thanks. 10. Discover (and save!) 35. sumawongiiCorypha umbraculiferaCyrtostachys rendaKerriodoxa elegansPseudophoenix sargentii, viniferaZombia antillarumCeroxylon quindienseCoccothrinax crinita, borhidiana, miraguama. Look at those BIG letter. Sabal Mexicana,8. Honestly, the coconuts in the lower Keys would top my list. T. fortunei. Is that a Bismarck on pg 1 pics 4+5 with the huge silver fans? all content © yelena bryksenkova (елена брыксенкова) 2008-2019, unless otherwise stated. 1. I think HGTV is based in Toronto. See what Alexandr Hovhannisyan (AllergicD) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas. Or a 5 meter Harts tongue fern?? 17. ... Jardin botanique de Montréal Botanical Gardens. all rights reserved, not to be used in any form without prior written permission. My Bismark palm that, when I moved away, was only 4 feet tall... but when the temps fell to 24 he showed no damage, when my queens were begging for MORE food he was fine, ...during extreme drought he didn't ask for more water, I see we have a bandwidth thief amoung us....ROFL, That was funny. Sheet3 Sheet2 Sheet1 Carlton McLendon, Inc. Rare Woods & Veneers 1130 HEMPHILL AVENUE, NW ATLANTA, GEORGIA 30318 PHONE 404-876-1144 TOLL FREE 1-866-727-3966 (1-866-RAREWOOD) TOLL FREE 1-800-742-6513 Medjool "True" Date Palm [Phoenix dactylifera] have 24. I just love saying the name lol Still don't think I'm saying it right! 11. Although the palms themselves are perfectly at home here.6.Phoenix roebellini. 19. A larger and deeper pot would hasten growth (just use a loose mix). Canary Island Date Palm [Phoenix canariensis] have 25. Once I got to the top size container/tub--it went into the ground. years old, it feels like now is the right time to move on to something new. Being a big city, ther'es also a lot of money to fuel the design industry. Palms that I would never plant again: Queens, Washingtonias, Robellenii, Triangles, Sabals. 8851 relations. Interesting to see what varieties you are all growing, and I guess if you're putting the effort into growing them, they must be your top palms! lol. Bottle Palm [Hyophorbe lagenicaulis] have 12. Why Do You Live Where You Live? oops. I forgot to answer the question, I like Sabal Brazoria best of all the Sabals because it is proving to be very hardy and grows very large and fast. See more ideas about kitchen inspirations, home, kitchen design. Voir plus d'idées sur le thème Plante verte, Planter des fleurs, Deco plantes. Coconut Palm [Cocos nucifera] have 1, GilGoogle the genus Licuala , fan palms from se AsiaProbably what you saw in Singapore. Runnerups are : Magesty palms,Bizmarckia.Young ones popping up,with time they could move up the list.... Added to the fact that Toronto is one of the most populous cities in North America, I heard that it is also one of the fastest growing cities in N.A.. Not sure how true that is, but the housing market is very hot, which could account for the large number of designers and decorators. Gary, have you got a pic of 'King Joe?' Downside?..hard to find,bordering on expensive and slow growing but not the worst thats for sure.5. The guy who sold it to me, 7 or 8 years ago, said that if it ever threw seeds he'd buy them for $5 a piece - my own 401k plan! Toronto always leaves something to be discovered. 16. 40. An icon used to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon. 38. Butia C seeds still deciding whether to pop or not, and no change with the Trachy F ones, still have the swelled lump on the seed and no sign of root/shoot. Christmas Palm [Adonidia merrillii] have 36. 32. Butia capitata 4. as i take this leap, i’m going to close my etsy shop but before i do, i will have a 20% off sale on all prints starting tomorrow and through the 14th of july. Apr 13, 2020 - This Pin was discovered by zferrterk. Florida/Cuban Royal Palm [Roystonea regia] have 13. It is native to southern Japan, Taiwan, the Ryukyu Islands, southeastern China and Hainan. Anyone care to have a guess at the round leaved palm I mentioned above... minus a pic unfortunately...only one I can find similar as far as I can recall the plant is a Licuala Cordata?? I prefer the solid red. Gill - Yes, that's a Bismarck. Copernicia baileyanaSatakentia liukiuensisLicuala peltata var. 21 déc. Saw the Palm Centre exhibit at the NEC few years ago, nice stuff but as you say pricey, all I came away with was a catalogue!Gill. Killed that one in fact killed the next four. i know there are many out there who are interested in original art over open edition prints, so i'm considering working on a series of small paintings to be released for sale every 1-2 months in the $100 - $300 range. You wouldn't want to see my pathetic specimen lol. It's nice that you're interested in our little city, so happy to share my feelings on it :). They mean business now, dont they? Which ‘Mad Men’ Prop Would You Like for Your House? 12. Being over 50...and everything hurts...I need something with some meat & support. An icon used to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon. 42. 9. Another cool thing I will do (next chance I get) is a drawer with divisions so flatware can be stored vertically. We awere amazed as we first thought it was artificial!!! Toronto feels much larger (because it is) and much more cosmopolitan. This year I am getting 4 more Sabal Minors, another large double trunked Windmill palm and a 30 gallon needle palm. One prohibitive factor is that they are so expensive, the Palm Center in London are offering one about the size of the first picture for about £75! Jul 25, 2020 - Explore Nina Östergren's board "Vill ha" on Pinterest. I esp like the plastic one in back of your photo!lol I would say and will say all my trachycarpus this far north you gotta love any palm that has a chance to survive(with protection of coasre)and I also love my Washingtonias,sabals and needle palms even though they are a weeds in the south any palm thats got a chance in Iowa is a beatiful palm!!!!!!!!!! to train and employ designers. Miniature Trees Australian Native Plants Bonsai Tree Ikebana Trees To Plant Bonsai Flower Flowers Bonsai Plants. This is the actual plant and it’s a about a foot tall if you measure the top leaf. It's moving up to Your Majesty!! In pots inside we have:Kentia 1Bismark 1Foxtails 2Fishtail 1P.Roebellenii 3Cham. Lovely colour.Gill. !Can you see why this is my favorite palm?? At 5'0", I need a chair that truly fits ME....not a 6'3 guy. heres the link: Here is a link that might be useful: {{gwi:1123492}}, GilSaw a J. magnifica at Fairchild gardens and had to have one That was in 1972 and I'm still trying to get one lolTool me 3 years to find one. Bismarcks and Pritchardia for the fan palms. Vintage props from the TV show are up for auction, On the eve of Hollywood’s night of nights, we bring you top films from the past year and their interior twins, Weighed down by black-heavy ’80s style, a California desert home gets a fun and lighthearted look just right for its midcentury roots, Vanities can be smart centerpieces and offer tons of storage. Queen..downside?..very common.Grow it well and it still can turn heads like a hot blonde.4 Butia and its hybrids. HiJohannesesteijsmannia magnifica. Plus the mature Travellers Palms which I know aren't true palms, but stunning anyway.Gary, must say that palm you mention aka 'Silver Joey Palm' looks amazing! I'll agree that Banff might be the prettiest place on earth, I was only 13 when I went and it has never left me. See what J Vondra (joleevondra) found on Pinterest, the home of the world's best ideas - 1.81k Followers, 385 Following, 29547 pins 48. 49. 30. Brahea's..what you wish your Washingtonia would do-stay in scale with your yard. And just catching on. Less wasted space and easier on the cook :). As far as favourite palms go, there are just so many but i guess my Jubaea chilensis that i have been nurturing for 5 years has to top the list folowed by in order, washingtonia filifera (only because it was my first from seed and its quick! Probably means I'm on a beach, and the air is warm, the water is warm, and most importantly, the beer is ice cold. I think the closest match would be that Stickley chair that feeney posted. Allie Ripplinger | My forte is communication. 18. Seems that the wide variation in climatic regions has a bearing on what you all choose to grow in the US. Hates temps below 15, sulks when humidity drops below50 percent sulks when dried out yet rots when too wet. The most common at least … Needle Palms are OK, but slow growing and need time to get established to be bullet proof in the winter. That would be a great to have in the kitchen if you knew which top cabinet would be your "go to". Not because it's such a wonserful palm In fact just the opposite. See which design would best suit your bathroom, Conjure a sultry vibe or bring welcome life to modern rooms. Redone your kitchen? Voir plus d'idées sur le thème jardin exterieur, jardins, extérieur. The two pictures of my Jubaea below were taken 3 years apart, so i guess you could say they are quite slow, but i doubt you would find a hardier pinnate palm for our climate. Joe is just not good enough !!! The edges of the leaf were serrated only a very small amount, not straight.Gill. opening an etsy shop made sense for me in 2009 when i was still a student, but as my shop turns 10(!) 1. i’d like to explore a different way of sharing my work, and that includes offering larger, perhaps limited edition prints as well as affordable original artwork. People compare the feel of it to New York, I'm not sure I totally agree, but the architecture, climate, those sorts of things, are comparable. Feb 4, 2020 - Explore Joy Cho / Oh Joy! Niagara Falls is about an hour and a half drive from Toronto, maybe less; not really close to the border, unless you come across the lake from NY. Whatever your interior design style, palm trees are the ticket to enhancing it, So you get freezes or floods. Ask again in about 15 years I feel sure he'll have 5 fronds and be at least two meters lol He is coming through the winter MUCH better than last the battle will be too dry and too much sun.To me the fans are much prettier than the feather palmsand the entire fronds the best. If so I'm getting better at palm ID, if not, well, I have a darn good excuse! King palm..all the best you want in a palm.Fast,very tropical looking,ideal size for the average home-or less than average,hardiness. Jubea chilensis. Gary, yes, it was a L.Grandis, not L. Cordata as I thought...the site I'd been looking at hadn't got a very good pic and I missed it, that's most definately the one. The Bismarcks were in B&Q last summer at £40, knew nothing about them whatsoever so just admired them as they looked far to exotic and was reluctant to shell out if they were doomed in my hands from the outset!...but I guess some unsuspecting person bought them.Hope you/your plants survived the recent Southern area storms.Gill. Licuala Cordata Grandis. Voir plus d'idées sur le thème decoration jardin, jardins, planter des fleurs. If I wanted to do something different on the over the sink cabinets, I think I'd maybe look for a glass that will copy the look of the countertop - looks like maybe a dark glass would have that same sheen? Toronto and Montreal have almost nothing in common. gary. cerifera, 11. heres what mine will look like in like in 15 years (this isnt my own, its a palm growing in Ventura, CA about 3 hours south of me on the coast). Sep 30, 2020 - Explore Clivid's photos on Flickr. species such as Lantana camara (Coronitas), Mikania cordata (Uoko), Chromolaena odorata (Hagonoy), Mimosa pudica (Makahiya) and Imperata cylindrica (Cogon). I have grown some jubaea from seed, and the biggest ones look like they will go pinnate this year after 3 years. I just think all of these are very exotic and have unique looks to them. Se flere idéer til Indretningsideer, Boligindretning, Ideer boligindretning. 36. They also are delicate and slow growing as well as wind damage easily. The step stool becomes a permanent fixture in my kitchen during Nov/Dec. See more ideas about Plants, Planting flowers, Indoor plants. 22 juin 2019 - Découvrez le tableau "green" de Anouck sur Pinterest. 27. lol. Sort of like asking if you have a favorite child -- LOL! It almost burns to the ground even in the Zone 8a winter we had and even protection is only marginal in helping keep the fronds from burning, so it is my least favorite. What's your favorite feature and why? I love both cities, Montreal has old-world charm and a new-world grit that is very alluring. All due to maintenance. Mind you, all seeds are tempying at present. The palm I like least that I forgot to mention as I have two in the ground, is Sabal Louisiana. Best looks around,Fairly hardy. Also light sensitive in warm areas..too much ,it burns,not enough- slow to the squared growth.3. See more ideas about garden, plants, garden inspiration. 37. I like the Florida versions better. 28. 22. Can't say I have a favorite. Licuala Cordata is a rare sought after palm. 29. 's board "Green House", followed by 2095346 people on Pinterest. FawnRidge/Ricky...fantastic garden and pics, like something from a botanical garden, congrats. Cant really say which my favs are as I've only got the 4 kinds so far and they're not very big at seedling WR's and SM's, my 1ft high CIDP which has several divided fronds and finally my 'rescue palm' the Ph D, which I nurtured from the brink of death in the DIY store to now be a lovely 4.5ft indoor palm. I like the fan palms the best unfortunately they would not grow in my climate although I'm trying to germinate some Pritchardia pacifica. C. humilis, var. Half and half looks strange and all aluminum looks like it's missing something. Those who don't like it usually came and went only to the Eaton's centre in the core, which isn't very charming. I had mine in a container for a few years before in-the-ground planting. Conveying ideas visually is what I do best. I also had a bottle, spindle and teddy bear palm. I have 20+ small Windmills grown from seed in the ground, 15 large Windmills and 1 of them is a triple trunked palm and 2 of them are double trunked. The feel is very different, the culture is very different. Bit of a mouthful that proper name isn't it!! There are design schools, firms, etc. Weitere Ideen zu pflanzen, orchideen, blumen. and sit fairly low. Any takers? 14-01-2020 - Udforsk opslagstavlen "Home sweet home" tilhørende Sine Rasmussen på Pinterest. Humilis 2P.Sylvestris 1Pindo's 2S.palmetto 2 from seedCh. 24. #binnenplant#indore#fanpalm#tropical#seeds#houseplant#waaierpalm. Which kitchen design (rendering) would you select and why? An icon used to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon. Palm has well established roots and will ship with sphagnum moss. 26. Feb 12, 2019 - Explore Kenny Gunawan's board "fix home", followed by 131 people on Pinterest. 99 Mt Makiling Forest Reserve The recent survey (2009–2010) showed some one hundred seventy-eight (178) exotic/ 100 alien species in the forest reserve (Appendix Table 6). BTW Any plant that gets that much care is going to be called by its full name I started out with Mr. then to Lord and since it has now developed one gloriously pleated diamond shaped frond . The most beautifulare the entire frond types with the fantastic pleats.They also are delicate and slow growing as well as wind damage easily. Job Fair Employment Opportunities Jobs Hiring Job S Ontario Barcelona Cathedral Opportunity Toronto Canada. just interested to see what it looks like. See more ideas about plants, hanging planters, indoor plants. Photos always welcome too!Gill. Elegans 12 from seed. I saw a base/kick board drawer that was actually a platform step here in Houzz pix. New DIMENSIONS Pendant: 4” L x 10” W x 11.25” H MOUNTING Fits all standard Junction Boxes with at least 1.25” Depth LAMPING 120V - E12 Base 240V - E14 Base BULB INCLUDED G16 Tala LED 5W LED 275 Total Lumen Output 2700K / 90 CRI E12 Base / Dimmable / 120 Volt 240V available upon request CERTIFICATIONS cUL Damp Locations MATERIALS Machined Brass, Blown Glass … 44. 46. 12. My favorites, because of their beauty and because they are able to grow here in my garden: 1. Nov 8, 2020 - Explore A Petal Unfolds's board "Garden", followed by 778 people on Pinterest. But then again aare they really prettier than a Tree fern?? Chamaerops humilis, 10. 47. But I guess we all have favs. Smaller containers can get really hot during heat waves and these guys don't grow fastest in high heat (90 F +). Only down side is loves water.Howea. The small old neighbourhoods and little enclaves of century homes are full of charm and character; the sleek new condos are equally beautiful and create an urban culture all on their own. I keep plastic storage bins for baking at Christmas in an upper cabinet, for example, that are repeatedly used at that time of year. Sabal 'Riverside'. GuapoG, saw a small Bismarck at local DIY store no more than 1.5ft priced at £40/$80 looked attractive as leaves were deep purple/bronze, but resisted the far! Jill, i'm not quite that patient, but i do grow lots from seed. 300 dollars so went with seeds. 31. 45. Mainly because its my biggest so far. Recommendations For Grow Bonsai trees in Seco, Kentucky. ... Licuala Cordata. TrachyH, have you grown all your palms from seed? 25. Brahea decumbens, I am surprised more of the cold hardy crowd dont aim for this one. The County of Perth is a rich agricultural community, diverse in its heritage and culture. And any of the true Arecas for containers or interiorscape. Hi all, just thought this could make an interesting thread for us all as I was wondering which you all consider to be your favourite palms....and why? (even though it was outside right next to a road in a border around some posh buildings near the river). Nice going. Mar 15, 2019 - Livistona chinensis, the Chinese fan palm or fountain palm, is a species of subtropical palm tree of east Asia. My favorite palm has to be a trunking Majesty palm, and second would probably be Washingtonia Robusta, but with them, the shorter the better. Clivid has uploaded 3152 photos to Flickr. Genuine, driven, and always one step ahead of the rest. The leaves were so perfectly pleated , no damage whatsoever, amazing plant.Ricky, hope you get those seeds real soon! I've been living in the city proper for over ten years and every year discover a fun new neighbourhood. 34. I don't think they're quite as attractive when they get to skyscraper size like they do out in California. 21. I have 9 Sabal Birminghams, 5 Sabal Brazorias, 16 Sabal Minors and 11 Needle Palms planted on my property so far. ....thanks to those that have posted so far, interesting choices. 2019-nov-24 - Utforska Medinas anslagstavla "Project apartment 2.0" på Pinterest. mine would have to be Dypsis Decipiens (manambe palm). Visa fler idéer om lägenhet inredning, inredning, interiör. 9. Google the genus Licuala , fan palms from se Asia Probably what you saw in Singapore. Everyone knows my favorite.Spindle Palms and Bottle Palms{{gwi:48740}}. Of these, the Jubeys are definitely my favorite, tied with Butias for most cold tolerant feather palms. 05.04.2019 - Erkunde Samuel Schads Pinnwand „Sammlung“ auf Pinterest. gary. Every new condo building hires a designer/firm to do their models and marketing material. licuala cordata acryla gouache and colored pencils on paper. 41. Dave: Nice shot of the front yard with the "Trachycarpus Ghosts" in the bed next to the potted palms. My Washy R's are doing well, and so quick as you say, eagerly awaiting those first fan leaves but only at the 2nd strap leaf stage at the moment so guess it will be a 'little' longer yet!! Houzz Tour: Pools and Martinis Inspire a Palm Springs Remodel, Palm Trees Take Interiors on a Tropical Vacation, Celebrate a Sunny Climate With the Right Leafy Palm for Your Site, Rare Modernist Home Uncovered in Palm Springs, Houzz Tour: A Seattle Remodel Channels Palm Springs, Room of the Day: Party-Ready in Palm Springs, Lady palm - Rhapis excelsa declining, please help. You'll notice that the leaflets never completely surround the rachis and the fronds don't fold as much. 2020 - Découvrez le tableau "Decoration jardin" de Thomas Castet sur Pinterest. I saw a Ceroxylon in Colombia...must have been 200' tall...amazing. I have a seedling out in the open and uprotected and it flew through winter (low 30s) with zero damage. Usually sold as as seeds or a way bigger, older palm. 14. 2 Needle palmsSabal minor (arkansas ecotype) and numberous genericsSabal minor 'Louisianna'2 Sabal 'Birmingham'1 Sabal palmetto 'Mount Holly'2 large Trachycarpus. )brahea edulistrachycarpus princepschamaerops humilis var ceriferatrachycarpus fortunei var wangerianusbutia eriospathaparajubaea macrocarpa torallii. Podívejte se, co Adéla Hodrmentová (ahodrmentov) nalezl(a) na Pinterestu, největÅ¡í sbírce nápadů na světě. So your garden is small. See more ideas about me too shoes, cheap nikes, outfit accessories. This plant is super hard to find. Dalam biologi, tumbuhan adalah organisme eukariota multiseluler yang tergolong ke dalam kerajaan Plantae. 7205 hubungan. If I had to make a list: Spindles, Bottles, Foxtails, Picabeen, Teddy Bears for the more common ones. Enjoy! 2020 - Explorez le tableau « JARDIN EXTERIEUR » de Haul Guadeloupe, auquel 106 utilisateurs de Pinterest sont abonnés. But I do enjoy driving up to the house and parking next to my potted zone 8 palms. Even at 3 feet they were my favorites... Fawnridge, that Bizzie is stunning. It is pushing out a new leaf right now. Again,another hard to find for sale. The most common at least here is L. grandisTo me Asia has the most beutiful palmsGo to the web and look at the magnificent pix of "King Joes" relatives lol. See what IV Ruseva (ivruseva) found on Pinterest, the home of the world's best ideas. Read the Jubaeas are particularly slow. your own Pins on Pinterest 15. One more...I've only seen in photos...Lodoicea maldivica. 33. I don't see how anyone can resist the temptation of a Bismark palm--they're just so cool. Southeast Asia or Southeastern Asia is a subregion of Asia, consisting of the countries that are geographically south of China, east of India, west of New Guinea and north of Australia. Any more similar to this? - 952 Followers, 515 Following, 26029 pins If they're magnificent and e;egant they just got to be great ??? It was in a bathroom - so a small child could reach the sink. Of the palms I've been lucky enough to see in our Mediterranean travels the CIDP appeals to me when it's got that squat trunk that looks like a huge pineapple on steroids.In Singapore we saw a small (trunkless possibly)low growing palm that had almost circular 2ft diameter leaves that were finely pleated and bright green...have no idea what it was, will have to return again for a pic!