These include cookies that aren't essential for the site to run, however, they will help us improve the quality of the content and service that we offer. For nice pictures look for leading lines, shapes and patterns, or also consider adding someone into your photograph. You’ll find this on the underground walkways that connect St Pancras to Kings Cross station. Advertisements and Affiliate Link Disclosure. Location: Link on Google Maps. Cost: Free In this post, you’ll find the best locations, as well as some tips and techniques to help you capture the best photographs. Probably the most decorated pub in London, this pub makes for an awesome photo (or drink). Of course at the end of the day the last thing one wants to do is to go around creating images especially if it’s winter so Ally and I make special photography trips to London just to shoot. You may also want to see some of our other Instagram and photography guides. You may also be interested in reading some of our travel photography tips, seeing our recommendations of London photographers to follow in Instagram or checking out one of our other Instagram guides. Answer 1 of 10: Hello! There are plenty more wonderful places in London for photography, but hopefully this comprehensive guide will get you started. Both will present you with spectacular 360 views of the city. When taking pictures of Canary Wharf one of the best spots is from Cabot Square seen below. This may be one of my favourite angles to take photographs of Tower Bridge. Location: Euston Rd, Kings Cross, London NW1 2AR. This arcade is pretty lush with beautiful shops lining the sides. Often during the day, there are large crowds of visitors admiring the landmark and taking photographs. When I realized that I hadn’t taken any night shots since I was in Istanbul in November 2016 (shame on me, but read my tips about a one day itinerary here! Resources The Royal Albert Hall is a beautiful concert Hall close to Knightsbridge. Ranging from beautiful and historical landmarks, colourful exteriors, breathtaking views and lots more. Cost: Free If you spot a mistake please let us know. To do this on a phone click on the darkest point on the screen. Privacy and Legal I believe people often go into the store just to take pictures of this staircase. Location: Link on Google Maps. The interior of the waiting hall is also good to photograph as it has an amazing ceiling. You could also consider using traffic in your photo such as local elements including the red double-decker buses, taxis or take a long exposure for light trails. Best time for pics: Anytime This is even free to access. From this lookout, you can enjoy views to the East, North and West. Location: Westminster Bridge. Location: Buckingham Palace, London SW1A 1AA. Some people thought I was being brave when I posted shots like this on Instagram, but this composition is actually taken from an island in the middle of the road (so it’s totally safe). Cost: Free Kanishka 3 user reviews 5. As well as making the picture look cool, the reflections also help frame the picture square or portrait for Instagram. We would like to show you a few techniques we use to shoot London at night. Use a long exposure for day photographs if you wanted to create a sense of motion with traffic and people. Best time for pics: Anytime Location: Natural History Museum, Cromwell Rd, Kensington, London SW7 5BD. Let’s get started with some of our favorite spots to shoot London’s historic and landmark locations. Close to the Queens House is the Painted Gallery in the Old Royal Navy College. Cost: Free Head up to the 28th floor of the Hilton Park Lane where you can snap some gorgeous views of the city, and dine of some stunning plates of food. Red Telephone Booths Here are some of the photos I've taken in London during the dusk, evening, and night. When taking pictures consider using the fountains and even an ND filter for a long exposure such as below. Cost: Free A few years ago I was out photographing by myself (Ally and our daughter India were at the ballet at the Royal opera house). Best time for pics: Day Consider adding a human element or bright clothing to add an interesting element to your image. Even if you don’t get to this exact angle this museum still has lots of other aesthetic architecture you could take photographs of. Located at the northern end of Regent’s Park, Primrose Hill is known for its annual Guy Fawkes fireworks display and is one of London’s protected viewpoints. 17 best spots for night photography in London. Location: Tate Britain, Millbank, Westminster, London SW1P 4RG. We started from Tower Bridge, and then moved onto some other locations around Central London. The thoroughfare's Statue of Eros is another popular selfie hotspot. Location: 1 Sky Garden Walk, London, EC3M 8AF, Recommended for London Cost: Free The hot spots for urban photography in London and best areas of the city to visit for street photographers aren't hard to find, if you know where to start! Cost: Subway fare Cost: Free The person paying respects just happened along as I was taking the image. Best time for pics: Anytime Steady your camera against a solid object and use long exposures to get moving lights. Try to walk as much as possible using maps and not the tube. Content © - Please do not republish our articles. Whether you're a nebula newbie or a seasoned astronomer, here's your celestial guide to the best stargazing spots in London. Dress warmly as the river area can get particularly cold out of summer months. And finally, at the very end there’s a link to a post suggesting some of the best London Instagram photographers, as well as thanks to various people that have helped me find a few of these spots. I quite like ballet but I thought I’d go shooting instead. Location: Canary Wharf. For more on why reflections can make awesome images read this article. Best time for pics: Day Walking around Green Park and St Jame’s Park in the morning is a wonderful experience. Cost: Free Piccadilly Circus is another famous photo spot in London. There are various other nice spots around the city for taking photographs, or just to admire the lights. Best time for pics: Day I’ve seen it a few times and believe the best spot is at the back near the gardens on the left-hand side facing the Palace. 9. Best time for pics: Day Please check official websites for most up to date information. Re: Best spots for night photography London. Location: 21 Duke St Hill, London SE1 2SW. Location: London Eye, Lambeth, London SE1 7PB. This picturesque interior and marketplace is in London’s financial district, hence why it looks a bit posh. Best time for pics: Day Fortnum and Mason – Beautiful decorations to buy as well as a stunningly decorated staircase. The image of Parliament Square with the red bus blur was created by putting the camera on a small wall and using long exposures. As well as Amazon, Travel and Destinations also works with, Google Adsense and other partners. Top 21 Instagram Photo Spots in London – Alternative Visual Guide. Location: British Museum, Great Russell St, London WC1B 3DG. Recommended hotel: Shangri-La At The Shard Hotel – Offering some of the best views of London, and with beautiful rooms and facilities the Shangri-la would be a top choice for anyone visiting London. The ceiling has impressive paintings on the ceiling and the entire room is just stunning. London at night is just a mass of coloured lights and the river Thames (pronounced Tems) is perfect to reflect these lights. Here is one of my favourites at London Bridge. More travel photography tips and techniques. Its round architecture coupled with the distinctive red colour make it a beautiful and easily recognisable landmarks in London. INSTAGRAM: @creative.gains _ In this video I show you some of the best photography spots in London. Cost: Free Like others of the world's great cities, London really sparkles at night and dusk, making for some beautiful photo opportunities. There’s no doubt that Notting Hill is the favorite Instagram place in London for locals and tourists alike. Finally, consider the Autumn when there might be beautiful trees and colours, which are perfect when exploring the parks or some of the streets. Best time for pics: Day Cost: Free Best time for pics: Anytime Along the high street, many of the buildings have unique protruding designs as seen below. Cost: Free The abandoned tube station of Strand/ Aldwych is one of these places. #8 Strand/ Aldwych Station, 171 Strand, London WC2R 1EP. To get here take the Central Line eastbound. Best time for pics: Sunset-night Cost: Free Considering staying at the awesome Sheraton Grand London Park Lane where you’ll find these amazing parks on your doorstep. Location: 369 Eastern Ave, Ilford IG2 6UD. Below is one of the classic St Paul’s Cathedral shots that you may often see on Instagram. Location: Parliament Square, London. Best time for pics: Blue hour/night Location: Queen’s House, Romney Rd, Greenwich, London SE10 9NF. I was also aware of composition rules and used symmetry on the horizon as well as placing the largest buildings on the third. Location: 196 Tottenham Court Rd, Fitzrovia. Here is an ultimate guide to over 30 of the best and must-visit Instagram and photography spots in London. Another great time to take London photographs is during sunrise and sunset, although London’s weather can be somewhat unpredictable so you may not always get great colours. Some places mentioned such as the Shard will be re-opening in August. When taking pictures around Canary Wharf you may have security come up to you and ask what you’re doing. Cost: Free Location:: 1 New Change, London EC4M 9AF. It will be my first time there and I would love some suggestions for locations to shoot. The complementary colour scheme red/yellow and blue also helped. CAMDEN TOWN. Here are some of my favourite places for photography in London; namely Primrose Hill, Hampstead Heath, Greenwich, Canary Wharf, Shoreditch, … Home » Destinations » Europe » UK » Best Instagram and Photography Spots in London (30+ locations). Cost: Free Location: 119 Kensington Church St, Kensington. Leicester Square – Not the easiest to photograph, but there are plenty of lights here and a Christmas market too. Buckingham Palace is potentially the most famous and popular attractions in London. I thank my friend Neil for introducing me to this cool station. Also, use puddles and reflections in your pictures if it’s rained. The view across the Thames to London city from Charing Cross bridge, I hand-held the image above from halfway across Charing Cross bridge. If you are visiting London from other areas there are lots of Airbnb places near the centre but even if you are further out, you can still get late night tubes (24 hours Friday and Saturday) or a night bus home when you’re ready. Best time for pics: Sunset-blue hour Pictures used are either created and owned by, are creative commons, provided by an author, or purchased via stock sites. London has its fill of awesome spots for Instagram and photography. Best time for pics: Anytime I got very lucky – Katrina from “ Near Canary Wharf is a patch of water called Blackwall Basin which is one of the best places to take photographs of Canary Wharf such as this. I will be shooting both during the day and night. Then when the guards leave they should then be marching directly towards you. Best time for pics: All times Below are some of the best secret places in London.Just don’t tell anyone about them. Wax figures at Madame Tussauds Location: Google maps link. If you want to have detail in the wheel and pods, then use a faster shutter speed, increase your ISO or wait for it to pause (or close). Cookies for basic non-personalised ads will be set for frequency capping, aggregated ad reporting, and to combat fraud and abuse, but not for personalisation. The London Underground has so many good spots and stations for taking Instagram worthy photographs. Kings Cross has this awesome multicoloured light tunnel and is very Instagrammable. Location: Neal’s Yard, London WC2H. Location: The View from The Shard, Railway Approach, London SE1 9SG. Towards the back of the store is this staircase which is one of the prettiest interior photo spots in London. Big Ben/ Elizabeth Tower is seen in countless photographs, and from Westminster Bridge you’ll find some great spots to capture pictures. If you would like to write a guest article so as to raise your profile then. Location: Leadenhall Market, Gracechurch St, London EC3V 1LT. Location: Burlington Arcade, Mayfair, London W1J. Answer 1 of 10: Hello! For some of the best spots go directly opposite and take pictures in this little archway and also the steps above that lead from Westminster Bridge down to the walkway. Below are a few ideas to get you started, or check out our article London: 15 Best Tours and Activities for heaps more ideas. Another great place for photography at this location is to take the elevator (which is behind in the image below) to the top where you’ll get some high views. If you don't consent to this (using the toggle) then you won't see personalised ads. The best bet for good photographs is to get here around sunset for the golden hour as the sun often sets behind the building. If you look up these spots, and see what existing photos look like (90% of them look the same), you can approach the location at your own angle and truly make your photo your own. Waterloo Bridge provides a great photography spot allowing you to capture postcard-perfect pictures towards the Houses of Parliament and the London Eye. Popular London Photography Spots. When taking photographs inside then you might not always be allowed, which is probably as they could be deemed a trip hazard. Cost: Free Ally tripped the shutter just as the bus entered the scene with a 5 second exposure. Piccadilly Circus is awesome at night, but also quite hard to photograph due to the bright screens against the dark surroundings. Best time for pics: Morning or evening Cost: Subway fare For more about long water exposures read our ND Filter article. In London you should be fine to use a tripod throughout the city and especially outside. Location: Portobello Road and Hillgate Place. It might be the colorful streets, the flower-adorned mews in the area or the pretty shop corners, or maybe a combination of all these three. The most beautiful places to see in London, to raise your London sightseeing game. Cost: Free We use cookies and various third-party services to analyse our website to understand its performance, identify bugs and problems, as well as to create new features and functionality. You have to book a ticket in advance to visit but it’s free. Location: St James Park. Location: Link on Google Maps. No list of London’s vistas would be complete without mentioning this idyllic spot, popular with celebrities and London’s elite. These include cookies that allow our website to run properly. It is now also home to a top observation deck located on the 10th floor. Introduced to me by Neil who is an awesome London based photographer. Cost: Free Try using a wide-angle lens or a GoPro to get a picture like below. This angle in Tate Britain is taken from a members lounge, but if you ask nicely they may let you up. Cost: Free Neal’s Yard is easily one of the most photogenic hidden gems of London’s Zone one. There are lots of colourful streets around Notting Hill which make for wonderful pictures. Best time for pics: Blue hour/night Doing night photography in London during summer is an absolute joy and you may find yourself photographing into the small hours, but the lack of sleep is far outweighed by the incredible images you create. Most of the museums in London are free to visit including the British Museum seen below. In London you’ll find lots of tours and other activities available allowing you to learn more about the city, go on cruises, have fun cultural experience and more. One of the most picture perfect restaurants in London, this gorgeous Mayfair spot is the ultimate destination for Instagrammers. Try coming to this location at sunset for much better light. Famous for its neon-lit advertising hoardings, Insta-worthy Piccadilly Circus is one of the most photographed areas of London. This cute little museum in Greenwich is perfect for those that love architecture and spiral staircases. The tunnels of Embankment station are very picturesque and have this wonderful tiled pattern. I actually used a GoPro for this particular shot. The famous concert hall is one of the most underrated Instagram photo spots in London. So how can you do unique night photography in London? Best time for pics: Anytime Cost: Subway fare Try waiting for people to go and set your shutter speed a bit slow for some motion. There are millions of images of London at night from the main tourist areas to dimly lit backstreets of East London where Jack the Ripper once stalked. During the main opening hours it can be quite busy, but if you are patient or go at night you should be able to get a clean shot. Technically you should be a guest to enter so maybe ask for permission first. Location: Painted Gallery, King William Walk, London, Greenwich SE10 9NN. What Are the Top and Must-Visit Photo Spots in London? Note that many of these Instagram and photography spots are outside and free to visit, therefore won’t be affected by Coronavirus (Covid-19). This stunning hotel has one of the most impressive staircases I’ve ever seen. Discover the most amazing places for photography on! It gets very busy so make sure you come early before the crowds, or when taking photos at night with a tripod try increasing your ISO, as this will hopefully reduce the chance of camera shake from the flow of people on the bridge. This is quite normal so don’t worry too much. Another technique that may work is to increase your ISO slightly when taking photographs at night as a long exposure doesn’t really work very well on the screens as they constantly change. Long exposure of water in Trafalgar Square, London. London at night is an awesome city. 15 Best Tours and Activities to Do When Visiting London. Not only will you warm up but you might see interesting scenes that you would otherwise have missed. Location: Bankside, London SE1 9TG. A night the London Eye is great to photograph and from the angle below you may run into other Instagram photographers. Best time for pics: Anytime Secret Spots In London. We're sorry to interrupt but before you continue we need your consent. Cost: Subway fare We also use Google Analytics cookies (with IP anonymization) so as to understand our site traffic, ensure compatibility, find bugs and errors and improve user experience. Definitely my favourite viewpoint in London. Also if you are shooting across water (such as the River Thames) then this will also help as the light will cause reflections. Lights, music, noise and a feeling of culture mixed with bohemian lifestyle. It will be my first time there and I would love some suggestions for locations to shoot. We rarely carry a large tripod at night, preferring to hold a mini tripod on a wall or other solid surface for long exposures. Such as ensuring basic functionality, for our shop to work, as well as for security. Try using a tripod, long exposure and taking pictures at night for a similar result to below. All the Essential Techniques for Silhouette Photography to Create Unique Images, Best techniques to photograph the Jurassic coast, What is aperture – why it is important to travel photography, What is Bokeh – why it is important for travel photography, Shooting Contre-jour : Photograph into the sun, Tips for photographers travelling to South Africa, Best camera bag as presents for photographers, Phone camera tips – 6 tips to quickly improve your photography. Travel light – You will walk a lot so remember, the weight of your equipment is inversely proportionate to how far you can explore. If you are short on time then here are some of our favourite photography spots in London which we would recommend you add to the top of your list: A special thanks to @mumhad1ofthose – @meletispix – @jstaffordphotos – @oliverzcohen – @peppyhere for helping me discover some of these locations during my many visits to London over the years. I came across this  memorial outside the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square. latest contributors. For an image such as below it’s best to visit in the warmer months when it has all the plants and flowers seen below. Fancy escaping the crowds for a bit? The London Eye is often moving (but slowly), so if you want an image showing motion then use a long exposure. The Natural History Museum has incredible architecture, in particular in the main hall. For photography you should also visit the markets: Portobllo inNotting Hill for antiques and further on the general market, north end of Brick Lane at weekends, Petticoat Lane on Sunday (starts near Liverpool Sreet). Best time for pics: Morning This allows us to provide content to you and run the site. The classic London shot with the red telephone boxes. Best time for pics: Anytime Ally actually hand-held the fountain one, just balancing it carefully on the edge of the fountain. Night Photography in London. The Changing of the Guard performance is extremely enjoyable and a top thing to experience while in London. We are fortunate to live within an hour’s train ride away from the centre of the city and I, Tim, spend a lot of my life around there running Adobe training courses for business. Explore night photography and learn to capture stunning night time photos by mastering some of the most creative elements of photography. Here many people like to take photos of the entrance of the underground, with the beautiful old buildings and red buses in the background. Enjoy your winter photography by stopping every so often at the numerous late night cafes around central London. It can get very busy here so take a long exposure (so people disappear), or get here early morning. Check the official website for opening times when planning where you want to go. Some secret spots in London are so well hidden that they are rarely in use. Lights, music, noise and a feeling of culture mixed with bohemian lifestyle. You should head here early before it gets too busy. Try using a wide-angle or a fisheye lens for some cool effects, or put a model in the photo to add a human element. Best time for pics: Day To discover some of the other wonderful places in England head to our article on day trips you could take from London. Best time for pics: Day London is relatively safe but don’t flaunt your equipment in deserted areas. Also note this location can be very busy and you should aim to book your tickets well in advance (weeks) to guarantee you’ll get in. Cost: Ticketed The Shard is also a good spot for sunset and blue hour pics. Another aesthetic place in London is on the other side of the city around Hillgate Place and Campden Hill Road. It is also common to see wedding photographers here doing a photoshoot with brides and grooms. We are the same, in the 20 years we have lived here we can honestly say that we have hardly visited the major attractions, preferring to see the hidden gems that London has to offer. Try isolating subjects and get interesting out-of-focus light details. I am a photographer traveling to London for 4 days next month. We’ve pored over the Instagram accounts of London’s best photographers to find the most unusual views in the city. With over a decade experience shooting the capital, here are my favourite places for street photography in London, in no particular order, all selected after thousands hours walking this city's streets. The best time to take photographs in London can vary. This particular location is also great to take night photographs of London with light trails from buses going past. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Authors Whether you are starting off, a hobbyist or an experienced photographer we will have superb photographic opportunities for all kinds of interests. Location: Waterloo Rd, Lambeth, London SE1 8SW. If you come here when there’s no wind you may get perfect reflections. Cost: Free Report inappropriate content. I used f2 on a very old leica 40mm lens on my Sony A7R to get the interesting bokeh donut highlights when I photographed this scene in a night market in Greenwich, London. You will discover more this way. The majority of these Instagrammable locations are free to access and you’ll find the best times for taking pictures, whether it’s free or not and the address with each suggestion. Best time for pics: Night in the winter. Best time for pics: Anytime Best time for pics: Day Neal’s Yard is perfect for those that like lots of colours in their photos and is almost a secret photography spot in London. Best time for pics: Anytime Cost: Free This is a great location to capture a cool bridge shot leading you across the River Thames to the Elizabeth Tower. Hotels. Cost: Ticketed It was just after the terrorist attack in Paris at the magazine Charlie Hebdo. Location: Same as above. At the Sky Garden you’ll get panoramic views of the city and you can also stop for food and drink. If you are short on time then here are some of our favourite photography spots in London which we would recommend you add to the top of your list: Tower Bridge; London Eye; Buckingham Palace; Neal’s Yard; View from the Shard; St Paul’s from Millennium Bridge Slightly out of London is this fantastic station which is great for photography due to the patterns and shapes. Tate Modern is a great museum to visit for those interested in art. #1 The Elizabeth Tower (Big Ben) from the South Bank As mentioned above, we are working west to east and the first stop of my top 10 photography spots in London is Westminster and the Houses of Parliament. Cost: Free These kind of shots are often popular on Instagram. Content, facts and prices on this page are believed to be correct at time of writing. I am a photographer traveling to London for 4 days next month. Location: Google maps link. Long exposures of water at night are really effective especially if there are coloured lights in the scene. Best time for pics: Sunrise The Houses of Parliament (Palace of Westminster) is, of course, one of the most popular buildings to photograph for Instagram. London at night is an awesome city. Location: Albert Hall, Kensington Gore, Kensington, London SW7 2AP. Also at Camden Market is amazing street food so this place is great for lunch. Thanks for your support. One of the cities coolest neighbourhoods. Accessible via only two little cobbled lanes, wander inside this secret spot and you’ll be rewarded with colourfully painted houses, speciality restaurants and the flagship store of iconic Beauty Shop Brand, Neal’s Yard. Including places such as Brighton, Bath, Cambridge, Cotswolds, as well as how long it would take to get there. For more details about composition rules see our article on How to photograph like Arnold Newman. For a good square Instagram worthy photo try zooming in to compress the different elements together. This is also a popular photo spot for night photography. Visit Top Picture Spots Around London at Christmas for festive locations. Lights in Greenwich using narrow depth of field with aperture wide open. Location: Villiers St, London WC2N 6NS. When taking photographs try using a wide-angle lens so that you capture as much as possible. Try going out early to avoid the crowds and potentially get amazing light. Explore the best places for photography at London, United Kingdom . Mayfair , Mayfair Fine Dining Restaurant , Restaurant , Restaurant Bar Tell me more . Best time for pics: Blue hour/night 10 Day Trips to Take From London I will be shooting both during the day and night. Try over-exposing your image slightly for a brighter photograph. Scout out your sunset spot. Best time for pics: Anytime They also allow personalised ads through our partner Adsense, the income of which we use to invest in this website, pay writers, hosting and other services. For other luxury hotels visit 10 Beautiful Luxury Hotels in London. They’re so forgotten that hundreds, if not thousands of people pass by each day, without even realising they even exist. Find great places to eat, drink, shop and chill out with our guide to the best secret London spots. On the north side of the River Thames close to The Tower Hotel is where you will find this stunning statue created by artist David Wynne. Location: Camden Town, London NW1. Top Picture Spots Around London at Christmas, 25 Best Things to See and Do in London (UK), Lightroom Presets for Landscape and Travel Photography, London Skyline and Attractions – Self-guided Photo Walk, 15 Best Tours and Activities to Do When Visiting London, Travelling on a Budget: How to Visit London, London photographers to follow in Instagram, Best Destinations in Europe to Visit This Summer 2021, Multi Destination Trip – London, Paris, Amsterdam, 10 Best and Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Wales, 7 Best Places to Book Tours, Activities and Experiences Online, 10 Best and Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Myanmar, How to Edit Travel Photos Using Photoshop and Photoshop Filters, Travel Guide to visiting Cappadocia, Turkey, Learn and see more presets for travel photography, Advertisements and Affiliate Link Disclosure.