With my 2006 AC plug book I show plug no 41-985 gaped at .040 for it but double check the latest AC delco plug book. Name: Ac delco spark plug gap chart. Intentionally blank: Intentionally blank: Related Parts. Seems they went away from the big gaps with the switch to iridium although last time I looked at the stock plugs in my VE (AC Delco 41-985 iridiums) they appeared to be gapped at about 1.5mm (did not measure though). Please know the 41-965 and 41-981 spark plugs have been discontinued. Designed to last up to 100,000 Kms # in most applications, ACDelco Double Platinum Finewire Plugs are the ideal replacement for today’s newer vehicles. AC Delco gap should be 0.060 inch. • The new spark plug, P/N 12571164 with AC Delco P/N 41-985, is gapped to 1.01 mm (0.040 in) when the spark plug is made. 41-105 ACDelco 12607280 GM Spark Plug, one spark plug per order (Fits: Saturn LS1) 5 out of 5 stars Well, I swapped out my factory 41-110 iridium plugs this past summer for identical 41-110 iridium plugs. Figure 3. See cross reference chart for AC Delco FR3LS and more than 80.000 other spark plugs. See cross reference chart for AC Delco AC3 and more than 80.000 other spark plugs. Another leading and professional spark plug brand now as ACDelco is a popular choice when it comes to spark plugs, and this plug for your LS1 engine is no exception. Spark Plug Wire Retainer / Clip. But, tell it EXACTLY like it really is, in that the Surface Gap plugs aren't really new, they are many, many decades old, designed for outboard 2 cycle engines that run a battery powered Capacitor Discharge system. Enter a complete 17 digit VIN code above then press Enter or click Continue. Now, with over 100 years of innovation behind each spark plug, you know you’re covered. These platinum spark plugs can provide up to 100,000 miles of service before needing replacement (service life … Get product details, choose a store, and get directions. The premium Pro 50 GB plan gives you the option to download a copy of your binder to your local machine. From the old to the new and even the nonautomotive, ACDelco has spark plugs to fit just about every need. ACDelco Professional platinum spark plugs are perfect for engines that run on conventional plugs, and newer engines that require platinum plugs. We appreciate your e-mail regarding the spark plug for your 2002 Chevrolet TrailBlazer. Come discuss mods, horsepower, engine specs and more! Before installing new spark plugs, use a gap guide to make sure your new spark plugs have the correct gap. OE GTO Iridium spark plugs are ACDELCO Part # 41110 GM Part # 12571164 (.040 Gap… What is the gap of an AcDelco iridium spark plug 41-100 for 2009 impala LS. Characteristics of ACDelco 41-110 Iridium Spark Plug for 5.3L Engine are: As this is the original equipment, it will fit, function, and last for long. Buy ACDelco 41-962 Professional Platinum Spark Plug (8 Pack): ... D585 Ignition Coils 8 Spark Plug Pack For Chevy Silverado LS1 LS3 4.8 5.3L+748UU Spark Plug Wire Set for V8 Chevy Silverado 1500 2500 Tahoe Suburban ... bad for me. Due to the different tip design, the gap of the spark plug has also changed. This will improve conductivity from the wire to the plug. Spark Tester. Buying Guide For Best Spark Plugs For 6.0 Chevy. • The new spark plug, P/N 12571164 with AC Delco P/N 41-985, is gapped to 1.01 mm (0.040 in) when the spark plug is made. Don't put a gapper in a platinum or iridium plug. I expect to get another 100k trouble free miles out of this set as well. my stock ls3 iridiuns were gaped to .9mm Free shipping. !, that's $6.75ea, bargain. Check the gap before installing any plug. Getting random misfires and the mechanics are stumped- have tried everything but new plugs. ACDelco 41-962 Professional Platinum Spark Plug. Best Spark Plugs for LS1 Engines Image Score Link; ACDelco 41-993 Professional Iridium Spark Plug: 4.8: ACDelco 41-962 Professional Platinum Spark Plug: 4.5: Denso PT16TT Platinum TT Spark Plug: 4.6: Bosch 6704 Platinum Spark Plug: 4.1: NGK TR5GP G-Power Spark Plug: 3.7 Visit our site for coupons and promotions. Apply a dab of dielectric grease to the inside of the spark plug boot, then reattach it to the spark plug. Binder ID: 2133472. The little cardboard cylinder keeps then gapped from the factory. Now, Mr. Know It All from Australia, tell us all about "surface gap" spark plugs, they seem to be the new best bogus spark plug design. The guiding factors behind buying spark plugs are listed below. I always used the stock AC delco CR43TS for a 350 or the CR45TS for a 305. 136 replacement spark plugs for AC Delco FR3LS. Shop for ACDelco Spark Plug Part #: FR5LS for your vehicle. Point O-Six was the original spec for the gap on the old plugs. Never attempt to gap an ACDelco Professional Iridium Spark Plug. Link to post Share on other sites. Wiper Blade. Check the gap before installing any plug. Full Forum Listing. AC Delco gap should be 0.060 inch. The book also has a foot note about not re gaping the plugs. Price: Alternate: No parts for vehicles in selected markets. Thank you for writing ACDelco, John. Check the gap on your spark plug. Due to the different tip design, the gap of the spark plug has also changed. While designed in one piece, this particular plug … Use the 41-962s and you'll be fine. A new spark plug has been released for use in the above vehicles. Then repeat these two steps for the other spark plugs. ACDelco Regular Spark Plugs are precisely engineered and manufactured to provide everyday reliability and efficient performance giving up to 100,000 kms# of service in some applications. Found a similar change in the AC Delco plug listings. Find ACDelco 19299585 ACDelco Professional Platinum Spark Plugs and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Choose your spark plug and buy online or in any retail store. Want Answer 1. So I went with the 41-962. You could damage the spark plug. they should be the 41-932 plugs. First I heard they changed to the 41-162 plugs. Refer to your vehicle Owners Manual for more information. Explore Our Forums. The ACDELCO Spark Plug Rebate is on again. spark plug gap with nitrous. For 2000 Saturn LS1 Spark Plug Boot AC Delco 82172JD 2.2L 4 Cyl L61 VIN: F (Fits: Saturn LS1) $50.10. The new spark plug has an Iridium tip instead of the current Platinum tip. The gap is the same for all North American model Chevrolet Cruze models with the 1.4L and 1.8L engines regardless of model year. 1 Quote; Share this post. What should ACDelco 41-110 spark plugs be torqued to? The symptoms. The new spark plug has an Iridium tip instead of the current Platinum tip. The tip can easily be damaged with a gap tool. Dec 6, 2012 #6 Always check the latest AC delco spark plug book before replacing plugs. Featured Video: LS1 Tune Up The new spark plug, ACDelco Part Number 41-110, is gapped to 1.01mm (0.040 inches) when the spark plug is made. This plug btw is a double platinum set at .043". Chevy 6.0L v8 pickup. It was later changed to .040" for all LS engines. Watch. • A new spark plug has been released for use in the above vehicles. Just had to add that I got a set of OEM AC delco iridium plugs for the ls1 from the states for $54.00 (set of 8) inc delivery!!!! And check the gap and tip alignment of the new plugs. Due to the different tip design, the gap of the spark plug has also changed. 31 replacement spark plugs for AC Delco AC3. Anti-sieze and put em in. NOTE: ACDelco Professional Iridium Spark Plugs are pre-gapped during manufacturing. Clicking this will ... they should be the 41-932 plugs. I have used Bosch (Blue) Metal Can Type Leads and had very good starting, idling, on-road performance and reliability. The price comes out to about $2.70 each after the rebate for Iridium plugs. • A new spark plug has been released for use in the above vehicles. Re: spark plug gap... Apr 10 2019, 3:26pm I used the ACDelco 41-110 plugs, checked the gaps prior to installation to be .040" best I could tell and I installed them like they came. Thanks. Plugs in truck are set at .050 as are the new plugs. Appearance/Detailing LS1/LS2 Engine … You never know if they were damaged in shipping before the part store got them, or if some idiot employee at the store attempted to juggle them while … The original set came out at 110K and they were still in great shape. They cost $12.50* -20 for a pack of 8, They last 30k if your engine is in good shape. Spark Plug Wire / Boot Puller. Stock, AC Delco plugs are the only way to go in these engines in my opinion. GP Link to Binder: Link to Current Tab: Email Embed Facebook Twitter Classroom Upgrade to Pro Today! I didn't re-gap the plugs when I bought them I just … Stock sparkplug with a 0.50 gap will get blown out under boost and is too hot of a plug NGK TR6 is one step colder and gap of 0.35 Maybe even need 2 steps colder but I'd try the TR6 first. Specs say .060 gap. ACDelco 9748HH Professional Spark Plug Wire Set 4.7 out of 5 stars 651. $49.78. Posted by Barbara Fry on Jun 30, 2018. Do not take a plug designed for 0.50 - 0.60 and bend then down to 0.35 as the spark shape will be wrong I change both the plugs and leads out at 80,000km (or 5 years regardless) and use the recommended Iridium Plug (Factory Standard AC Delco) on the LS1's. 60,000 miles on the truck. Jump to Latest Follow ... LS1GTO.com is a forum community dedicated to the LS1 Pontiac GTO. The new spark plug has an Iridium tip instead of the current Platinum tip. The 2012 and 2013 North American Cruze Owner’s Manual spark plug gap will remain unchanged at 0.7 mm as they are already printed. Spark Plug; ACDelco Professional Conventional Spark Plugs are … You don't want the spark plug to be loose. The original was 41-985 and it's current replacement is 41-162. LINCOLN > 2000 > LS > 3.0L V6 > Ignition > Spark Plug. # Maintenance needs vary with different uses and conditions. * AC delco spark plug rebate. Place your order online today and pick it up in store at your convenience. The spark plug gap for the Cruze 1.8L engine is the same: 0.6 - 0.7 mm. Be aware the 41-103 Iridium spark plug is the recommended spark plug for your vehicle. They aren't your Grandpa's $0.99 Chevy 350 copper plugs. I never used Rapid fire plugs. It will help to get better fuel efficiency because the spark plug gap will virtually remain the same during life. Spark Plug Wire Cover. Before you go out to buy a new spark plug, you need to check out some of the symptoms that tell you that the existing one needs replacement. ICT Billet USA Made (Compatible with Any) LS Water Pump & Thermostat Bolt Kit LSX ICT LS1 LM7 LR4 LQ4 LS6 L59 LQ9 LM4 L33 LS2 LH6 L92 L76 LY2 LY5 LY6 LC9 LFA LH8 LMG LS3 L98 551434 What is strange is that the TBI Trucks used CR43TS plugs.