You’re definitely seeing adansonii for sale everywhere, not obliqua. Commonly called Fruit Salad Plant or Swiss Cheese Plant because of the edible fruit it bears or the look of the leaves. Click & Collect . £14.99 £ 14. We hate to break it to you, but you won’t find this one at Home Depot, or anywhere, really. Latin Name: Monstera obliqua; Common Name: Monkey Leaf; Characteristics: Monstera 'Monkey Leaf' Plants have a very unique leaves when it comes to houseplants. FREE Delivery. You are purchasing the rooted plantlet shown. Laniata rooted cuttings. More Info. Prevent dehydration, but don’t overwater and place your plant in an area with a … £14.99. This exotic indoor plant grows large leathery leaves and cream flowers. CAPPL aerifying Monstera Obliqua Green Color Plant (Pot Included) With Fertilizer & Plate Free More items to explore. But for diehard, highly experienced monstera enthusiasts, this unicorn plant can become the crown jewel of their collections. Monstera sp. Right before Christmas … You will find it mainly in tropical rain forests, here it crawls across the ground looking for trees. When Monstera Obliqua has found one it will climb upwards to the sunlight. Monstera is an adaptable plant, growing happily in average room temperatures of 18C (65F) - 24C (75F), away from cold draughts and radiators. $599.99. Tauerii is a beautiful tropical evergreen that makes a large and attractive indoor specimen plant. How to propagate and what the most common problems are. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. 40-50cm Potted Monstera Deliciosa Best Indoor Plants for Sale. Click on image to enlarge. B. Back. £14.99. Monstera Obliqua. These plants grow as bushy and tall as you will let them as long as they have something to climb! Update your shipping location . 2 If you have pets, train them to avoid houseplants and never eat plant parts. Monstera deliciosa and monstera borsigiana are almost identical. Young plants have leaves that are smaller with no lobes or holes but as it matures it develops lobed and fenestrate leaves. Like other Monstera, it’s easy to grow in and indoor situation. 4.2 out of 5 stars 91. Only commercially available since around 2016, this climbing or trailing plant is becoming a must-have for indoor plant enthusiasts. Click & Collect. Customer Service; Home; Indoor Plants; Air-purifying Plants; Swiss cheese plant - Monstera; Filter Close filters. Click & Collect. Because the plant tells you when something is wrong it makes this plant perfect for beginning plant owners. Leathery foliage. Swiss cheese plant - Monstera. And how to fix them! Monstera Obliqua (Swiss Cheese Plants) is a real showstopper prized for its glossy green leaves with a series of unique, irregular holes. The Monstera deliciosa is native to southern Mexico. or Best Offer. Tropical plant monstera peru fully rooted. Specifications . The best thing to do right now is stop any watering, drain the excess water from the soil and then let the soil dry out before watering again. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 . Due to the aerial roots on the Monstera, propagation is easy and therefore this relatively more easily accessible plant is very popular. Link to image: Monstera xanthospatha Family: Araceae Holly Molly Origin: Central America. Monstera adansonii is the latest and greatest in indoor plants. If you look above, the obliqua’s leaves are crazy thin and tissue-like while the adansonii has sturdy, fatter leaves. The harder-to-find Monstera obliqua, which is becoming more popular, produces smaller green leaves with holes and perforations on a fast-growing climbing or trailing vine. House Plant Sale - up to 30% off. Monstera obliqua is a rare plant seldom found for sale — though mislabeled plants are common. Growing it will certainly make your garden stand out from others. If you don't see the price - the plant is not for sale. Description: You are purchasing an extremely rare Monstera obliqua 'Guianas/Suriname' plantlet. Ending Sunday at 9:00PM GMT 1d 23h. Can climb or trail making it perfect as an indoor hanging basket plant if … Sort by. Due to the extreme popularity of this plant, we are placing a LIMIT OF 1 per household/customer/address so others may enjoy as well.