The shift-to-shift nursing handover is an integral function of clinical nursing practice and has been identified as a high risk area for patient safety. Project Title: Improving Nursing Shift Handover Process by Implementing Electronic Handover Template A Care Process Redesign Team workgroup was formed in July 2017. Ref: Gage, 2013; Manser & Foster, 2011; Smeulers, Lucas, & Vermeulen, 2014. Therefore the communication between nurses about the patient is recorded and is called as a shift change report. In order to facilitate the process, the handover framework is divided into four (4) main topics: People Process Technology Results Given proper handover to the next shift: Check if the ward has any particular handover sheets; Tell the next nurse about your patient’s diagnosis, current management, current state and any pending tasks. METHODS: In this one-group pretest-posttest quasi-experimental study conducted in spring and summer of 2011, we recruited a convenience sample of 56 ICU nurses. Job Handover Checklist Page 2 of 5 The tables below show the overall handover framework ‘at a glance’ and serve as a list of contents. Background • Standardisation of clinical handover content and 5. ^Evidence suggests that communication improves when nursing handover involves the patient and is carried out using a structured reporting format. Despite the importance of shift handover, there is no standard handover protocol in our healthcare settings. Apart from that, asking questions also allows tired nurses to remember things they forgot to include in their report. Target users If you are … Shift handover is a common tradition among nurses; however, standard and effective handover and information communication skills are not taught formally during nursing academic education; rather, nurses learn such skills during their daily practice and form more experienced nurses.6-7 The primary goal of shift handover is to communicate the Doing this will help avoid confusion. After a handover, give enough time for the other nurse to ask questions or clarify things. The Team comprises of representatives of nurses, Nursing Administrators, staff from Nursing Informatics and … ... checklist to supplement a verbal physician-to physician report compared to a ... nurse in charge of the outgoing shift to those on the incoming shift; generally occurring 3 times per day. An observation checklist was developed by the researchers based on the theory of Lardner to evaluate the effectiveness of the implementation of coaching using SBAR on nursing shift handover. The Nurses' Safe Practice Evaluation Checklist was used for data collection. The nursing change of shift report or handover is a communication that occurs between two shifts of nurses whereby the specific purpose is to communicate information about patients under the care of nurses (Lamond, 2000). 4. 3. Signed your attendance sheet: Otherwise, you … Having said this they work in hospitals for a stipulated time and handover their task to the nurse who takes the next shift.