Also read: Smartphone brands extend warranty period amidst the lockdown. However, payment has to be made in advance. With people unable to get out of their house due to the ongoing lockdown, the demand for medicinal supplies is through the roof. You can place your order through Thulo’s website or app (Android | iOS). The economy of online stores like SastoDeal, Daraz, Muncha, Aliexpress Nepal had almost doubled in the week prior to the lockdown … Online Payment is easy and safe way to perform money transactions while social distancing. By Ronisha Shrestha 04/06/2020. Buy Electronics, Clothes, Furniture, Kitchen, Home Appliances & More. Nepal During Lockdown . So here, we are listing out a bunch of online shopping portals that are still delivering goods in the time of lockdown. You can place your order through Gyapu’s website or call or WhatsApp them on 9801888268. Right now, the company is taking orders for cart values of Rs. CONSUMER PERCEPTION TOWARDS ONLINE SHOPPING DURING LOCKDOWN Manisha Yadav Research Scholar, JC BOSE UST, YMCA, Faridabad, India Dr. Manisha Goel Associate Professor, JC BOSE UST, YMCA Faridabad, India Bindu Sharma Department of Management Studies, Graphic Era (deemed to be University), Dehradun, India These items include but are not limited to: rice, noodles, oil, sanitational utilities, etc. The company is operating from 10 AM to 5 PM and is providing free delivery within 7km from Ringroad, with minimum order amount set at Rs. SalesBerry is a well-established retail store in Nepal. Next up is Kheti. Posted By sangita Posted on May 6, 2020. To prevent corona virus COVID-19 from spreading, Government of Nepal has take serious action by announcing Lockdown. Right now, they’re home delivering inside the Kathmandu valley; namely Kathmandu, Lalitpur, and Bhaktapur. You can place your order through Kathmandu Organic’s website. 2,000, though a minimum order value hasn’t been set. Talking about the delivery, Thulo currently delivers within Ringroad and 2km radius from the Ringroad and Kathmandu valley, on the same or next day. How long will the lockdown in Nepal continue? Also, all of them accept online payment options like eSewa, Khalti, bank payments, etc. In under-developed countries like Nepal people are more accustomed to uncertainty especially in the last years during which we faced earthquakes, blockades, shortages and economic and political crisis. In terms of delivery, Daraz is currently serving all areas inside Ringroad, plus following locations with free delivery on orders above Rs. People have been stuck in their homes. Bhatbhateni is one of Nepal’s largest retail chains with over a dozen stores spread throughout the country. Festival of Light – Tihar (Deepawali) during Covid-19 Pandemic, Nepali coffee; Taste of Nepal: Productivity of coffee in Nepal, The Fact About Why People Keep Dying on Mt. Here is how Nepali companies are tackling Covid-19.. Special permit. Only Online Shopping seems to be the safe option in the Covid-19 pandemic. Everest, The BEST View of Himalayas around Kathmandu from Nagarkot (A Window to the Everest). At least 1,647 people have committed suicide during the lockdown period in Nepal which was imposed first imposed in March due to the COVID-19 pandemic, police said. You can place your order through Kirana’s website or app (Android | iOS). You can order items like edible oil, flour, lentils, rice, masks, dog foods, etc. FataFat Sewa: An e-commerce platform with exciting provisions on mobiles &... We are hiring: Do you have an interest in technology? 1,500: You can place your order through Daraz’s website or app (Android | iOS). 1,000. While the entire world is facing a serious threat, it is our duty as a species, to help out in any way we can. Emotional Message by a Student regarding the difficulties many students are facing due to lock down & Online classes Nepal : “Because of Corona, the college gave me a leave and i came to the village in a hurry. You can place your order through Bhojdeal’s website or app (Android | iOS). Like others, the company is also delivering food and other kitchen essential items during the lockdown. As the biggest e-commerce platform of the country, the company has now teamed up with Bigmart, which is a major player in Nepal’s brick and mortar shopping industry to deliver select essential items. As one of the most prominent farmers’ markets in the country, Le Sherpa is the home to some quality produce from local farmers. 5,000 or more are accepted with free delivery. Are you confused about the safety during online payment? But among them eSewa is the biggest and the most popular online payment platform in Nepal. The minimum amount of order is set at Rs. But Nepali people are unused to online shopping and online payment is still so confusing for many of us. As most of the Nepali people have no idea about the online payment. Though the company has a great selection of medicinal supplies from medicines, fitness supplements, beauty care products, etc. Solid Waste Management & Recycle System in Nepal, World Population Day (Incredible Expansion). Aba lockdown khulepachi pachi churot khaincha hola kinai? 15,000 in Nepal [Updated], Best Mobile Phones Under Rs. That way we can help to stop virus spread. Though its 3 hotlines and 28 psychosocial counselors, Women Rehabilitation Centre (WOREC) has recorded 83 cases from 13 districts 1 since the start of the lockdown 2. Different stores (like Bhatbhateni, Salesberry, Sastodeal, Daraz (with Big Mart, kirana, Foodmandu, etc) have decided to return up and supply home service to the people.Online Shopping helps to promote self quarantine and reduce the flow of people on the streets.Before this lockdown few e-commerce sites carried out home delivery. As money also contain thousands of viruses. Another online shopping platform delivering essential goods during the time of lockdown is Durbar Mart. 50 (inside valley) and Rs. With the permission of the 50 for customers inside Ringroad, Rs. 40,000 in Nepal [Updated], Best Mobile Phones Under Rs. Though many local pharmacies are open for business, at the same time, many of them are not. With the delivery period set within 4 days, Foodmandu is taking orders from 12 noon and has set the minimum order value at Rs. The best men's lifestyle websites for online shopping during lockdown We don't know when non-essential shops will re-open for definite, but the online retail world has upped its game It has been 45 days since lockdown began in Nepal. The entire world is living a difficult time as the covid-19 pandemic changed the life of many and people are very concerned for the future of their families and their communities. Like Daraz, the company is also only dealing with delivering essential goods right now. The company is currently accepting orders valued at Rs. Checkers’ online shopping service Sixty60 is quite new and does not charge for delivery. 2,000, thou… People are also concerned during physical delivery of the items to buy online. Though Cash on Delivery is the biggest loophole but you can use online payment platforms to avoid the exchange of money physically. But is online shopping safe? 20,000 in Nepal [Updated], Best mobile phones Under 30000 in Nepal [Updated], Best Mobile Phones Under Rs. Your email address will not be published. Moreover, Kheti is providing its services within select areas inside Kathmandu valley and Pokhara. Online shopping platforms offering deliveries of essential goods during the COVID-19 lockdown, Smartphone brands extend warranty period amidst the lockdown. For prescription medicines, the user is required to scan and upload the prescription for further processing. Many wards (वडा) throughout different districts of the country have already started distributing rations which include rice, salt, onion, beaten rice, cereal, and potato. Answer 1 of 12: Seeing as plans to go to Nepal seem to be put on hold for this year I thought I’d use some spare time during lockdown to learn the language. The online shopping can do so much during corona virus pandemic. Nepal Government has never felt the need of online shopping site before the corona virus pandemic. Log in sign up. 100 is levied for each order. Everest”? 50,000 in Nepal [Updated], Best Flagship Smartphones To Buy In Nepal [Updated], Dhobighat outside Ringroad (till Sunrise Tower), 15% of total purchase amount made through NMB Bank going to COVID-19 Aid fund, 10 masks on every order using CellPay QR Payment on delivery, Rs. We also provide home delivery services for … Come... NRB finally lays a solid foundation for an international payment system... We tried out Laxmi Bank’s “Cardless Withdraw” feature, and it’s pretty... Galaxy M01 Core buyer wins the grand prize in Samsung’s Dashain... Best Mobile Phones Under Rs. In Nepal, schools and universities are closed and all examinations are halted. Kirana customers can also enjoy discounts by making payments from mobile banking apps, or cards of select banks like Civil, NIC Asia, and Standard Chartered. Increasing Stress And Anxiety During The Lockdown . The minimum cart value of the order has been set to Rs. You can place your order through Le Sherpa’s website or via Viber/WhatsApp message on 9802028777 | or 9801159482. Kathmandu Organics says the delivery could take up to 4 days as they are operating with limited resources. 500. Though it is a local establishment operating at Lazimpat, you can now order items like fruits, vegetables, dairy products, honey, etc. You can place your order through Nimbus Bazar’s website. As we are still in the peak of the pandemic, limited research can be done on the impact of a potential increase in online shopping User account menu. In these pandemic situation supplies of daily essentials has been a major concern of people after lockdown. Here, Bhatbhateni is also serving customers on Pokhara, Chitwan, Bhairahawa, Butwal, Biratnagar, and Nepalgunj. Foodmandu is typically known for its on-demand ready-to-eat food delivery services from a wide selection of hotels and restaurants across the Kathmandu valley. Today, the roads are empty, all factories, schools, colleges, offices are shut, all constructions and domestic and international all flights are halted. Here, Jeevee offers a wide selection of medicines, equipment, wearables, child-care items, and more. Nepal Government has never felt the need of online shopping site before the corona virus pandemic. If possible you should maintain distance from the delivery guy while receiving the goods. With the surge in COVID-19 cases around the world, there is evidence of a global spike in domestic violence as well. from the platform. With demand for essential goods soaring high like never before, a need for effective utilization is at hand. ... How to do online grocery shopping However, we’re talking about home delivery options here. Currently, the system is in its beta stage and only offers its services inside the Kathmandu valley. The online shopping platforms can only do so much during the time of this lockdown. Sastodeal is another reputed online shopping platform in Nepal. 10. 200 for every order below Rs. Such donations should only go to the ones most affected by the lockdown, people and families who depend on daily wage for their livelihood. 1,000 or more. 100 delivery charge levied on every order. EPharmacy says that it’s currently only taking orders for medicines. The company is only delivering inside Kathmandu for orders amounting to at least Rs. The economy of online stores like SastoDeal, Daraz, Muncha, Aliexpress Nepal had almost doubled in the week prior to the lockdown on 24th March. Besides the food essentials, Sastodeal is also providing deliveries on items like sanitizers, induction cookers, personal hygiene essentials, etc. However, most of these services are limited to Kathmandu valley only. Aslo we don’t know if they have taken required safety measures. Thank you for watching. In terms of the delivery charge, the company charges a whopping Rs. Another online shopping platform offering its service during the lockdown is Gyapu. As a result, it is one of the few companies delivering goods outside of Kathmandu valley too. 1,000 with zero delivery charge and 24-hour delivery. In this situation precautions and safety should be the first priority. Online Shopping in Nepal integrate products with people- opening all the doors of probability. You can find items like hand sanitizers, kitchen essentials (induction cooker), etc. Many girls and women became victims due to unstrict checking and unsafe in quarantine in different places of Nepal. Find a way to support web and gadget speed. The delivery charge, on the order hand, is Rs. Press J to jump to the feed. There is no minimum order amount set, but a delivery charge of Rs. 500 when making payments using cards of banks like Nabil, Kumari, Sunrise, Sanima, NIC Asia, and Standard Chartered. The rise in online shopping is illustrative of the UK spending more time online than ever before Nimbus Bazar is a relatively new venture that’s hoping to make a mark on Nepal’s grocery shopping. The company doesn’t have a web portal, so customers have been requested to place an order via text message, Viber, Instagram, or WhatsApp (only one) on the numbers: 9801241449 | 9801234861 | 9801246806 | or 9801118837. However, it isn’t exactly budget-friendly as only orders amounting to Rs. 500 and more with a delivery charge of Rs. The country has been under lockdown, against the novel coronavirus disease, since March 24. The company is only delivering for customers inside Kathmandu valley for now, which may take a couple of days. eSewa, Khalti, IME Pay are easy to use and popular platform to use. You can place your order through Kheti’s website or app (Android). is the hub on Nepali actions from Nepal and the Nepali expatriate. May 5, 2020 admin Trending 1. When we are shopping online, we don’t have to go to the market. 1,000. As of now, Bhojdeals is serving customers on Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Lalitpur for orders amounting to at least Rs. You can place your order through SmartDoko’s website or app (Android | iOS). Moreover, people staying abroad can also have an order delivered to their loved ones in Kathmandu by making pre-payment using their Visa or Mastercard. so you can stay worry-free about the spread of COVID-19 virus through physical currency. In terms of orders, there is no minimum order value set and the company is delivering on Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Lalitpur. Even during this crisis, Clinic One is open from 8:00 am to 11:00 am for Vaccinations and Medicines. Rape cases in Nepal During This COVID-19 Lockdown:- Nepal faced many more problems in the Many sectors.One of these main problems was rape in Nepal during this COVID-19 period. On top of this, Daraz is also offering a bank discount of up to Rs. 0. The online shopping can do so much during corona virus pandemic. 2,000 with Rs. LoCkdown ko time ma Churot khane baani xhuteko ta ma matra hoina hola. The company is currently delivering in select areas inside ring-road and about KM radius outside the ring-road too. Moving on, the next entry on this list is Thulo. We offer best Quality products at the affordable price at Okdam Online Store in Kathmandu, Nepal. Currently, the company is only accepting orders for grocery items like flour, rice, lentils, oil, poultry, etc. Therefore, if your order is not acknowledged on the same day, Bhatbhateni has stated that you should send a message the day after. Posted on : April 6, 2020 by Clinic One on blog . Similarly, the company is providing a limited number of same-day deliveries of orders received between 9 AM and 4 PM. 150 added as the delivery charge. We also recommend customers to receive the goods wearing mask and gloves for their own safety. 1,500. 1,000, with free delivery. The company is currently delivering essential items like food, groceries, personal sanitation, induction cooker, on top of fresh vegetables and dairy products. 70. Last updated: December 23, 2020. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The delivery guy takes cash on delivery which can be risky. The delivery guy might have touched millions of viruses on the way. The Nepal Department of Immigration in Kalikasthan, Kathmandu, is operating normally. Like others on the list, the service is only available inside Kathmandu valley, with a minimum order value of Rs. 1,500 while the delivery charges vary according to the customer’s location. Lockdown triggers rise in consumers shopping online | UPM … Lockdown has directly affected the daily lives of people in Nepal. Especially in Nepal, where we’re dependent upon other countries for most of our basic requirements including foods & medicines, the outbreak of COVID-19 adds to the severity of impending doom. A product of IMS Group, SmartDoko is mostly known for electronic products, though it has been selling a wide variety of products. You can place your order through EPharmacy’s website or app (Android). Kathmandu Organics is another company that deals with fresh vegetables, fruits, eggs, poultry, and other local grocery items. Online shopping is a contributor to the pollution of the planet, and if you thought by not using your car In Nepal there are very few digital wallets and portals to use for the people who can do online payment. You can place your order through Jeevee’s website or app (Android). Firstly you need to check if the delivery guy on the doorstep is wearing mask and gloves or not. 1,000. Next up is Kirana. Rs. 100 (outside valley) is applied. Virtual learning during lockdown; COVID-19 crisis provides an opportunity to redefine education system, if we invest to increase access of computer, internet and other equipment particularly to economically poor families. Like how Daraz partnered up with Bigmart, Bhojdeals (a well-established food delivery platform like Foodmandu) has teamed up with another popular retail chain in the country – KK Super Mart. This one hasn’t set a minimum order value as well. The company is only delivering for customers inside Kathmandu valley for now, which may take a couple of days. So, something for your pet too! The status of Violence against woman and girls during lockdown of COVID-19 23 Apr 2020. The company also facilitates online counseling and setting appointments with NMC (Nepal Medical Council) verified doctors. 250 on every payment made through IMEPay for the corona relief fund. 1,500 or more with Rs. Your email address will not be published. Sunai na plan! Like others on the list, it is also accepting orders of essential products food, beverages, personal sanitation, etc. The minimum amount of order is Rs. Photos: Stunning Kathmandu during lockdown - myRepublica - … The pandemic has kept some of us locked within the four walls, but has made the daily workers walking miles to reach their village. Latest Telecom News, Information and Offers of Nepal - Amid … You can place your order through Foodmandu’s website or app (Android | iOS). However, the company has shifted its service to taking orders for vegetables, poultry, dairy, and bakery items right now under the “Foodmandu Fresh” banner. Using the company’s online portal, customers from Kathmandu and Lalitpur can order essential items like grocery, frozen food, snacks, dairy, etc. Required fields are marked *. Why is ‘Sagarmatha’ called as “Mt. Posted on : May 10, 2020 by Clinic One on COVID-19 . And because of the lockdown, it has closed shop in most of its branches, though a few of them are still open from 10 AM to 2 PM – SalesBerry Satdobato, Sitapaila, and Maharajgunj. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. As of now, Nepal will be in lockdown for at least 23 days, if not more, while international flights will remain grounded for the duration of the month of April. 100 for outside Ringroad and free on orders above Rs. I don’t think I need to introduce Daraz to you guys. As the lockdown has remained in place, more and more travellers have opted to leave Nepal on one of the … You can place your order through Durbar Mart’s website. Child marriages up in Nepal during lockdown | South Asia Monitor In this situation people are facing difficulties finding daily product and groceries. Business Continuity in Nepal during Lockdown — Biruwa Advisors Customers from Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Lalitpur can place their orders, whose delivery could take up to 48 hours (between 1 PM to 4 PM). E-pharmacy is gaining a lot of buzz in Nepal and Jeevee is among the top players in it. Its operational area is within the Kathmandu valley. Nepal Country-Specific Information: For statistics about COVID-19 in Nepal, please refer to . Miss Universe Nepal 2020 to be held virtually for safety of contestants; COVID-19 pandemic. A total of 875 people have committed suicide during the lockdown period in Nepal. and certain electronic items like induction cookers. Don't forget to LIKE & SUB for more videos. 2,000. Five days into the nationwide But remember, these platforms are only keeping their shop open for the most essential goods which include groceries, vegetables, fruits, and medicines. And right now, the company is only dealing with grocery and similar essential products. I appeal to every one of our audience to not exploit the system and thus if you are financially capable of affording commodity purchases this time around, maybe consider imparting your half of the ration to someone needy instead. For the people who don’t know about online payment, there are different online stores which do cash on delivery. (ओके दाम): Nepal’s most trusted best online shopping Portal. Most businesses, stores, restaurants, and hotels have resumed normal operations. If possible, you can make your purchases visiting the open SalesBerry store, or place an order through its website. In terms of payment, though the cash-on-delivery option is still available, Sastodeal has made the online payment more lucrative by introducing policies like: For now, Sastodeal is delivering on the following locations: You can place your order through Sastodeal’s website.