Jeff had a varied career in law and banking. Clean it after each use and it still looks and works perfectly! ストレートの支柱がビスで取付けられているのが特徴です。, 1960s (pre-1966) - ラッチカバーに "Pflueger Medalist, Made in USA"の刻印があります。 Hardy Bros. Reels from Angler's Habitat Uniqua Fly Reel This is a very nice classic Hardy Uniqua fly reel. The reel is 5" in circumference, the drag works very well! A forum community dedicated to Small Skiff owners and enthusiasts. I still remember Grandpa saying, "That's really all the trout reel you will ever need." This reel was made for Orvis by Pflueger in their Fayettville. Suite 500, Troy, Michigan 48084 USA. アイボリープラスチックのラッチカバー、 If you could come up with a fiberglass rod, fish it and the reel, catch a few and retire the whole setup. Co. Seattle, Washington. I would seek out a fresh water lake and target bass, bream, or other species. Ask me how I know that. He loved history and music. Like Joe, my first fly outfit featured a Pflueger Medalist. I will check the reel out tonight. I'm not in trout territory, but have been known to frequent the creeks and streams. モデルナンバー1492を除きストレートの支柱がビスで取付けられているのが特徴です。 For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. (1964年には "Trademark"の刻印は無くなりました。) The Those modifications made it an ideal choice for a few of the 6-7 ft, 2thru4 wts I've made. Personally, I don't think you can go wrong with the logic you're using! ラッチカバーに "Pflueger Medalist by Shakespeare"の刻印があります。 Pflueger Medalist 1492(フルーガー メダリスト)のオリジナルです。 フルーガーの名作、メダリストのモデル1492スカルプテッドピラーが特長のビンテージリールです。 1492は日本の渓流サイズ(#3〜#4ライン)に合う右巻き仕様の小径モデルです。 The most common small to medium sized fly reels being used by everybody I knew were either the Pflueger Medalist or the first generation Scientific Anglers reels (those were actually re-badged Hardy Marquis reels...). The reel states it was made for Von Lengerke& Antoine in Chicago. フロントプレートのリールフット部にモデルナンバーと "Made in Akron O USA"の刻印があります。 It is in pretty good condition- but has had some use. Good luck on your choice. 長方形のダイアモライト ラインガード、 $24.95 One-Pfoot Here's the product that started it all - the Pflueger Medalist replacement ラッチカバーの周りに6個のリベット、 (1959年より "Made in Akron O USA"の刻印がされています。) 7'6" 6 weight 1 piece on a Yellow Glass Master Blank, 1495 Pflueger Medalist Reel with a well used DT # 6 line. それは長方形のラインガードを除き30年代のモデルを識別する全ての特徴を持っています。, 1950s - ラッチカバーに "Trademark, Pflueger Medalist, Made in USA"の刻印があります。 PFLUEGER MEDALIST 1492 w/Sculptured Pillars FLY REEL w/BOX! モデルナンバー1492を除きラインガードのサイズが大きくなり、 PFLUEGER MEDALIST 1492 w/Sculptured Pillars FLY REEL w/BOX! スチール製の軸、 2) Do not tie the body any further back than above the hook point. Circa 1968 to 1976. I forget the website but if you go to the Fiberglass Flyrodders forum they’ll direct you where to go. I have for sale 1 Able Super 2 size.5 full arbor spare spool for sale. Still take it out for a spin once and a while. The reel is designed for 5/6 weight lines. 1926 - フルーガー メダリストリールの生産が開始されました。そして昔ながらのデザインを継承しながら、2012年まで生産されました。, この1494は非常にめずらしいリールです。 LowHydrogen, do you trout fish N Ga waters regularly? This is the start of hopefully a loooong career of entertaining make videos. Side note: picking up a well cared for pflueger medalist reel on ebay is a much better investment than 50 bucks on a new plastic reel at walmart. Arkansas plant in the early 1970's. When I first saw the rod in 2008, it had a black screwlock cork seat with holes drilled in side of butt cap (holes were made by Paul Cardell for attachment of a handmade device to help hold a Pflueger Medalist reel in place). リールフットには、それぞれ中国(China)、香港(Hong Kong)、日本(Japan)の刻印があります。, 1990s - ラッチカバーに "Pflueger Medalist"の刻印があります。 At … アイボリープラスチックハンドル、 Pflueger Medalist Spool Latch Cover Hat Pin Proclaim your love of Pflueger Medalists to the world with this unique and distinctive hat pin! It is a Pflueger Medalist 1494 with some modifications. PFLUEGER MEDALIST 1492です。 某オークションで5000円程で手に入りました。 格好いいです! 渓流ミノーイングではカーディナルを使っている僕にピッタリのフライリールですね。 かなり使い込んであるようですが歪みも無く モデルナンバーの後のAKは香港・中国、CJは日本製を表しています。 Originally released with a round steel line guard and sculpted "bowling pin" frame pillars, the model 1492 features a dual click-pawl gear and pin over-run check. Over the next few months folks will be posting photos and designs for click drags and I've been working on a Pflueger Medalist-like adjustable disk and shoe drag, as well as raised pillar designs (there is a build thread now on the, Outdoor Hub, LLC (d/b/a Carbon Media Group), 3290 W. Big Beaver Rd. It will make a great wall hanger. Pflueger Medalist Questions Post by jacbethke » 09/22/17 04:55 Hello folks, I've recently been enthused by fly reels, and particularly, Pflueger Medalists. 支柱はビスで取付けられています。. フロントプレートのリールフット部に "Pflueger"の名前とモデルナンバーの後にAK、"Medalist"の刻印があります。 アイボリープラスチックハンドル、 I have several smaller rods (7 & 8wts) that are set up exactly that way with addition of a #19 butt cap since they never came with butt extensions.. That butt cap works really well. Back then there were almost no good quality fly reels (the only high end stuff was either Fin Nor or Seamaster - and yes you'll still pay for one of them -even if it's almost fifty years old now...). All of us that used those old reels quickly learned to palm them when you wanted a drag - and if you were able to find what you needed we generally used a reel that was one size bigger than the line size we were actually using (the bigger reels had a bigger diameter so the line retrieve was a bit better..). 長方形のダイアモライト ラインガード、 I call these type reels "click" reels. A few years ago, my grand father passed. "My experience with Fiberglass started with a hand-me-down Shakespeare with a Pflueger Medalist reel that I used for Atlantic Salmon fishing on the East Coast. I'd save it for freshwater use only. The beat-up Pflueger Medalist is still sitting in the basement tackle room of the house in Hunt Valley, Maryland, where Kreh lived with his wife Evelyn for … ドラッグのシステムは、メダリストリールと同じタイプのもの以外に、レバーで偏心したディスクを回して、ドラッグを調整するタイプがあります。, 1980s - 生産が1979年に中国、香港、日本に移されて、リールフットはますます分厚く粗悪なものになりました。  I have a SA system one, 456. Use a quarter as counter balance. This is an online estate auction for the Jeff Voiles estate of Amarillo, Texas. See more ideas about fish, fly fishing, fishing tips. Nov 28, 2018 - Explore Matthew Lundgren's board "Fishing" on Pinterest. 1950s - ラッチカバーに "Trademark, Pflueger Medalist, Made in USA"の刻印があります。 フロントプレートのリールフット部にモデルナンバーと "Patented"の刻印があります。 (1959年より "Made in Akron O USA"の刻印がされています。 Good luck on your choice. Hi Internet stranger! スチール製の軸、 Come join the discussion about engines, modifications, classifieds, troubleshooting, fishing, boating, poles, maintenance, and more! メダリストリールの生産は1969年にアーカンソー州 フェイエットビルに移されました。 Now with all the money you saved on the setup schedule some time with a fly I first got interested in fly fishing the salt way back in 1976 (and of course to get started, I built my first fly rod before I ever knew how to use it properly - but that's another story...). I was given an old medalist he had- not the biggest reel- No size on it, but I would guess 5 wt. This was my first reel. The Medalists had light drag capability - the Scientific Angler reels were simple clicker style reels with no built in drag at all (they did have two clickers though and if you engaged both of them you had a minimal drag). An avid sportsman, Jeff enjoyed playing golf, hunting, fly-fishing and trap shooting. Thank you all for the wealth of information. I guess if you didnt want to splurge for a Fin Nor or Pate reel back in the day you just got out a metal saw and improvised. - Pflueger Medalist - Quality since 1881 - Champions Welcome Birthday gift from NN when she was in the States :-D Something you don't see much of in Malaysia. ラッチカバーの周りに3個のリベット、 6 "Indiana Style" Fly Fishing Reel Ravenna Metal Prod. If you can find a used Pflueger Medalist on that scale, it will probably cost $25 and hold up better than anything else you can find under about 90 bucks. Once corrosion gets under the paint from any salt, it'll be like a cancer and will eat it up. If the reel has sentimental value, I wouldn't risk damage from a large fish or saltwater. Sep 22, 2020 - Explore Chrispy Miller's board "Tackle box" on Pinterest. No drag just a clicker. There’s also a guy out there who machines replacement parts for those old Pflueger reels. I'd have to guess that at least 50 people have learned how to … This allows small fish to inhale a size 8 hook and increases your hookup Selling due to illness. I fish salt water for reds and trout primarily and am mixed about using it. 円形のラインガードから長方形のものに変えられるまでの少しの間(1940年代の後期)に生産されたように思われます。 Jared D what is the # printed on the reel?Some models have the # on the reel frame and others on the spool. JavaScript is disabled. Stops high speed wobble! Vintage Keen Kaster No. Randy's modifications to the basic recipe: 1) Use double round legs instead of single. アイボリープラスチックのドラッグノブ、 アイボリープラスチックのドラッグノブ、 Quality and built wise, it may not match a Stella or Saltiga. It has sink tip on it. アイボリープラスチックのラッチカバー、 A few years ago, my grand father passed. この時期にワイドスプールタイプの1492 1/2が作られました。, 1966 - フルーガー社はシェークスピア社にその権利を吸収されましたが、メダリストの生産は1969年までアクロンで続けられました。, 1970s - フルーガー社はオービス社のマジソンモデル(Orvis Madison 4/5, 6/7, 8, 9)を生産しました。 They were based on the Pflueger Medalist frame but with some modifications, had an anti-reverse feature that could be flipped on or off, a one piece spool, hefty drag and came in two sizes - 577 for large freshwater and inshore salt, and the 578 for bigger fish. A good full page is devoted to talking about the modifications to the Medalist. ナイロン製のドラッグプレート、 I was given an old medalist he had- not the biggest reel- No size on it, but I would guess 5 wt. フロントプレートのリールフット部にモデルナンバーと "Patented"の刻印があります。 See more ideas about fishing tips, fishing lures, fly fishing. Welcome to my Channel! Les meilleures offres pour Pflueger Medalist 1392 Fly Reel sont sur eBay Comparez les prix et les spécificités des produits neufs et d'occasion Pleins d'articles en livraison gratuite! I know the consensus here is no dunking and I'm eyeing the Spheros 6000 Icarus mentioned, but even setting the rod down w/reel handle facing the sand, on a … I can't tell you the last time i used it. Pflueger Medalist 1492 and 1492½ The 1492 has been in the line-up since the beginning and is only available in right-hand-wind.