They found a slightly shorter stride length associated with faster times in the 100 meters. And remember the one stride-altering technique that has shaped the biomechanics of virtually all elite runners: years and years of daily running. The discussion of stride length and stride cadence requires an analysis of the phases of a running stride. On the other hand, women competing in the 800 had an average stride length of 6 feet 8 inches. For example, a woman who is 5’9” would have a stride length of about 28” (71 cm) on average, while a man of the same height would have a stride length of about 29” (73.7 cm). 26.019 inches/12 inches per foot = 2.16825 feet per stride.) Height played a strong role in the stride length of top level runners and therefore a runner’s height is also included in our ideal stride length calculation within Runficiency Score™. The height of the competitors ranged from 160 to 164 cm in height, or 5 feet, 3 inches to 5 feet, 5 inches tall. It’s very hard to study, but it seems to work. There aren’t any large population studies that measured runners’ preferred stride frequency, but a 1995 paper by three researchers in Boston reported the height, weight, leg length, and natural stride frequency of the ten runners in their study.3 The leg length of an athlete determines their optimal stride length during maximum velocity and can be measured from the crest of the greater trochanter to the floor while barefoot. Find Your Average Stride Length. And that's why trying to compare is really going to be useless for your figures. Each running stride can be divided into two components: a stance phase and a flight phase. Stride length is also associated with height and the work of Robert Chapman 2 confirms that fact. Then convert your stride length back to feet for the next step. Difference in Stride Length, exhaustion after having walked or ran a long distance, Sickness, Old age and Gender are a few of the reasons for the differences in the length of strides. When you overstride, you’ll tend to lock your knees and slam your heel hard on the ground on every foot strike. The average man’s stride length is 0.415 times his height in inches. Factors that determine your running cadence include height, weight, fitness level, leg, and stride length. The competitors measured right around 2 meters -- 80 inches or so -- or longer in terms of stride length. Average Running Stride Lengths. (63 inches x 0.413 = 26.019 inches per stride. Once you have measured your leg length, you multiply that number by 2.3-2.5 for female athletes, and 2.5-2.7 for male athletes . 3. This is why you can take a person's step length and divide it by about 0.43 to roughly estimate their height—the estimated height will likely be … It’s much easier and you’ll move much faster. For example, in the 1984 Olympics women running the marathon had a stride length average of 4 feet 10 inches. Cadence as a Sign of Good Form. This is a predetermined number that figures out average stride length. The average woman’s stride length is 0.413 times her height in inches. There are separate Stride Length Calculators for men and women; both types calculate the stride length and distance for walking, jogging and running. 2. Multiply your height in inches by 0.413. HEIGHT. One of the most common running form mistakes I see in many runners is the overstriding. The added resistance from the incline helps to work and strengthen your stride power. 3' 9.1" stride running. Try running on flat ground after a grueling hill. Did you know that the length of a stride in elite athletes often varies based on the race being run? But I do midfoot strike, aka minimalist or barefoot running style. These phases are outlined in figure 1.1. 5' 10" height. As you fight your way up, your legs grow accustomed to the added resistance.