Let not the dragon be my guide. Nunquam suade mihi vana! This Home Blessing of St. Benedict is a decorative way to display the St. Benedict medal with knotted nylon cords and beads that can hang from a doorknob or from another convenient place in the home or car. 2 X FREE PRAYER CARDS 2 X San BENEDICT Medal. of $75 or more after discount has been applied. Approved Blessing of the Medal of St. Benedict. Almighty God, lavish dispenser of every good, we humbly ask that by the prayers of St. Benedict you pour out your blessing   on these sacred medals, impressed with letters and signs ascribed to you. St. Benedict Medals are the only medals that have their own special blessing in the Roman Ritual. I cast out the demon from you, creature medals, by God the Father almighty, who made the heavens and the earth and the seas and all that they contain. There is indeed no medal that possesses such wonderful power and none so highly esteemed by the holy Church as the Medal of St. Benedict. The medal is a powerful means: 1. P: The Lord will give strength to His people. Finally, in an old manuscript, written in 1415, was found a picture representing St. Benedict holding in one hand a staff which ends in a cross, and a scroll in the other. However, I was on a quest, and I … Please see shipping page for more All Rights Reserved. Take a moment to get to know us. The Medal of St. Benedict as we know it today is the Jubilee medal that was first struck in 1880 by the Archabbey of Monte Cassino to commemorate the fourteenth centenary anniversary of St. Benedict’s birth. The reverse side of the medal carries the Vade retro satana (“Step back, Satan”) formula, which has been used by Catholics to ward off evil since the 15th century. Priest: In the name of God the Father + Almighty, Who made heaven and earth, the sea and all that is in them, I exorcise these medals against the power and attacks of the evil one. information. Free standard The advertisement said that the exorcism blessing was performed by the Benedictines after the medals were procured. Priest: Let us pray. There is no medal that has such wonderful power, conferred by Christ himself, and none so highly esteemed by the holy Church as the Cross and Medal of St. Benedict. God bless P: I exorcise (this medal / these medals) in the name of God, the The other pedestal is topped by the raven, who is about to carry away the poisoned bread. restrictions may apply. 1880 Jubilee Medal of St. Benedict Originally designed and commissioned in 1880 by the Monks of Monte Cassino Abbey, to mark the 1400th anniversary of the birth of St. Benedict, the medal is cast in Italy. All Rights reserved.Designed by Orange Themes, Exorcism & Blessing of the Medal of St. Benedict, 54 Day Three Hearts Novena for Protection & Provision, My Battle Plan, Going into Novena for Our Nation. ST. BENEDICT ON THE FRONT OF THE MEDAL. A St. Benedict medal may be blessed by any bishop, abbot, priest or deacon, not necessarily a Benedictine (Instr., 26 Sept. 1964; Can. The reverse side of the medal carries the Vade retro satana Sometimes carried as part of a rosary, it is also worn separately. automatically applied at checkout for subtotals Only 6 left in stock - order soon. Please see shipping page for more Join Tens of Thousands Praying for Our Nation for 54 Days! This we ask through Christ our Lord. Excludes gift cards and R. Who made heaven and earth. Upon investigation, a number of painted crosses, surrounded by the letters which are now found on Benedictine medals, were found on the walls of the abbey, but their meaning had been forgotten. The priest sprinkles the medals with holy water. The circles by the four corners of the cross: (Step back, Satan, do not suggest to me thy vanities — Evil are the things thou profferest, drink thou thy own poison). Sept. 26, 1964). Medals of St. Benedict may be blessed by any priest (Instr. May all who use these medals devoutly be blessed with health of soul and body. © 2020 Copyright Multimag theme. FREE SHIPPING WITHIN THE USA About Saint Benedict Medals. Medals of Saint Benedict are sacramentals that may be blessed legitimately by any priest or deacon -- not necessarily a Benedictine (Instr., 26 Sept. 1964; Can. On the staff and scroll were written in full the words of which the mysterious letters were the initials. In the name of God the Father + almighty, who made heaven and earth, the seas and all that is in them, I exorcise these medals against the power and attacks of the evil one. 12/15/20. Other Good Catholic digital subscriptions. As such St. Benedict medals have become favorites among Catholic faithful. The Benedictine medal is an amazing sacramental. Behind him is the cup of poison Wear one. Catholics should seek the traditional catholic priest who will humbly pray to God for all the blessings . Sunt mala quae libas. The very wearing and use of such Medal is considered a continues silent prayer to God to grant us, through the merits of St. Benedict, peace, protection, and the favors we request. Because of the structure and discipline he brought to the monastic life, Benedict is heralded as the founder of Western Monasticism. FREE Shipping. 01/01/21. 1168). © 2021 Trinity Road, LLC. So this will involve at least eight medals if the property is expansive. Christ, have mercy. He is the patron saint of many causes, especially known for his intercession against evil, including poison, temptations, and witchcraft. Surrounding the entire face of the medal are the words: Eius in obitu nostro praesentia muniamur (May we at our death be fortified by his presence.). And may they escape by your merciful help all attacks and wiles of the devil, and finally appear in your presence sinless and holy; through Christ our Lord. The following English form may be used. FREE EXCHANGE. _____ Priest: Our help is in … Free standard On the front of the medal, we see St. Benedict holding the Rule of St. Benedict in his left hand and the cross of St. Benedict. Expires 11:59 p.m. PST on orders over $35. In addition to a St. Benedict crucifix are two St. Benedict medals of various sizes. Devotion to the Cross of Christ also gave rise to the striking of medals that bore the image of St. Benedict holding a cross aloft in his right hand and his Rul… Below is a guide to the meaning of the symbols on the front and back of the Jubilee Medal of St. Benedict. okay so i talk toa Priest about blessing my St. Benedict Medal and he blessed it doing the sign of the cross over it, but i seen on the internet theres supposively a diff way of blessing it :confused: my question is, is my Medal blessed or should i get it re blessed? Blessing of a St Benedict Medal. Good Catholic digital subscriptions. All: The Lord will bless His people with His peace. At each burial point for the medal, bless the property with the sign of Cannot be used with other coupon codes or on shipping (Contiguous U.S. only) will be Do not suggest to me thy vanities! no. Lord, have mercy. With the help of … R. Who made heaven and earth. Second Precept: You Shall Confess Your Sins, Fourth Precept: Observe the Days of Fasting, Fifth Precept: Provide for the Needs of the Church. be automatically applied on orders $75 or more. St. Benedict is also invoked during the rite of exorcism because of his power over the devil.