Skamania summer­run steelhead: This strain was developed at the Skamania hatchery in the state of Washington. The salmon also are triggered to make their run based on amount of daylight hours as well. Casting for fall king salmon is the best opportunity we Midwesterners have to catching a 15- to 25-pound fish, and the king salmon makes for a delicious dinner that is healthy as well! The anadromous (lake-run) fish have already begun to enter some area rivers, namely Wisconsin's Bois Brule. The Pike River in Kenosha County is the southernmost of Wisconsin's Lake Michigan steelhead streams. August: Salmon are getting to there biggest sizes of the year. Wisconsin originally obtained eggs from Indiana, but we now take eggs from adults returning to our streams. The clock is ticking with these fish. In some years, natural water flow in the creek is too low and slow to allow fish to swim upstream. During the spawning run, a pump system draws water from the canal and sends it bubbling through a quarter-mile pipe to maintain adequate depth and flow in the creek. And regardless of temps, 4yr olds have to spawn it's in their nature to do so. Usually starting around Labor Day, the mature king salmon begin to stage at the North and Main Harbor Gaps in Milwaukee. September and October. The following is this week’s report on the fall salmon run, with streams graded on a scale of one to 10, with 10 being the best score. SALMON RIVER. The calendar is reminding shoreline fishermen at Lake Michigan that the fall chinook king salmon run is just around the corner, and they are busy getting their heavy poles ready for the tugging. July: Salmon are in full swing. This is the one time of the year when anglers are able to cast lures on light tackle for big fall king salmon. Returning salmon work their way upstream to a collection pond. These fish we are target very much the same way that we do in open water using downriggers, dipsy’s and short segments of lead core. A king’s life July – August: Chinook, Steelhead and Brown Trout are in force! and other area tributaries for the spring spawning run. September: Salmon are peaked out in size and are starting to run up the river to spawn with many 15 to 25 pound fish being caught. May – July: Anglers find bountiful Salmon and Trout, including the prized King Salmon. Salmon fishing is good throughout June. Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources 101 S. Webster Street PO Box 7921 Madison, WI 53707-7921 Fishing Reports and Discussions for Kewaunee River Salmon Run, Kewaunee County - Wisconsin I believe this is just as important as water temps and often gets over looked. The Root River supports a large run of steelhead because it is one of … The North Shore rivers will also host three kinds of salmon and a few trout by the end of September. There is good access near the mouth in Alford Park and upstream at bridge crossings on county highways A and E. Contact: Kenosha Area Chamber of Commerce, (262) 654-1234 or Smelt can sometimes be found by dip netters and seiners off the piers after a warm spring rain. Beginning in late July, lake-run brown trout and chinook salmon-the largest salmon-ascend the Brule River to spawn in its spring-fed water.