GHARIAL DISTRIBUTION. Contextual translation of "gharial" into Spanish. The gharial is the second-longest of all living crocodilians: a large male can be nearly six meters in … The gharial (Gavialis gangeticus), sometimes called the Indian gharial, common gharial or gavial, is one of two surviving members of the family Gavialidae.They are a group of crocodile-like reptiles with long, narrow jaws.. There are four important names for gharial in India from Dravidian, all of them referring to its unique snout and its shape is often compared to the male organ (lingam) in Indian languages. Note, that this round structure is peculiar to male gharials only, females lack it altogether. 1992, John B. Thorbjarnarson, Harry Messel, F. Wayne King, James Perran Ross (editors), Crocodiles: An Action Plan for Their Conservation, page 112, Placed in a family by itself, the Gavialidae, the gharial has long been separated from the rest of the crocodilian stock, with the possible exception of Tomistoma … ... meaning the adult males and … It was created on 1 April 1937 as the United Provinces of Agra and Oudh during British rule, and was renamed Uttar Pradesh … 0 rating rating ratings GA This article has been rated as GA-Class … Gharials, sometimes called gavials, are a type of Asian crocodilian distinguished by their long, thin snouts. Mauris non tempor quam, et lacinia sapien. Uttar Pradesh (Hindi: [ˈʊtːəɾ pɾəˈdeːʃ] (); translation: "Northern Province") is a state in northern India.With roughly 200 million inhabitants, it is the most-populous state in India as well as the most-populous country subdivision in the world. A. Parpola has derived both (1) ghariyal and (2) kumbhlra, the names of Gharial crocodile in Sanskrit and then Hindi from … males and females can be distinguished on sight. Meaning of Gharam. Human translations with examples: gavial, gaviales, gavial del ganges, falso gavial malayo, gavialis gangeticus. Tomistoma schlegelii, family Crocodylidae Definition of Gharam in the dictionary. A gavial. Etiam elit elit, elementum sed varius at, adipiscing vitae lorem ipsum esttiam elit elit, elementum sed varius at, adipiscing vitae est.Mauris accumsan eros eget libero. Information and translations of Gharam in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Gharial is part of WikiProject Amphibians and Reptiles, an effort to make Wikipedia a standardized, informative, comprehensive and easy-to-use resource for amphibians and reptiles.If you would like to participate, you can choose to edit this article, or visit the project page for more information. What does Gharam mean? Meanings for gharial The gharial, also known as the gavial, and the fish-eating crocodile, is a crocodilian of the family Gavialidae, native to the northern part of the Indian Subcontinent. The gavial inhabits the rivers of northern India and Nepal.Like other crocodilians, it reproduces by means of hard-shelled eggs laid in nests built … In fact, the “gharial” derives its very name from the word “ghada” meaning a round water-pot. That makes gharials the only crocodile to exhibit sexual dimorphism i.e. Mauris accumsan eros eget libero posuere vulputate. Gavial, also called gharial, (Gavialis gangeticus), an exceptionally long and narrow-snouted crocodilian classified as the sole species in the separate family Gavialidae (order Crocodilia). A rare narrow-snouted crocodile that resembles the gharial, native to Indonesia and Malaysia.