Therefore, the utilization of industrial solid waste materials is becoming increasing important in the construction practice for energy, natural resources, and environment conservation considerations [1, 2]. Today, iron and steel slag is used in many fields where its unique characteristics can be put to effective use. briefly described in the following section. This study intended to explore the effectiveness of using fine steel slag aggregate (FSSA) in improving the geotechnical properties of high plastic subgrade soil. Tab 3 lists the relationship between the characteristics and application areas of steelmaking slag. 2.4 Production of Steel Slag 13 2.4.1 BOF Slag from Basic Oxygen Steelmaking 14 2.4.2 EAF Slag 17 2.4.3 Steel Slag Utilization 19 2.5 Properties of Steel Slag 20 2.5.1 Physical and Mechanical Properties 20 2.5.2 Chemical and Mineralogical Properties 23 2.6 Environmental and Health Considerations 27 2.7 Laterite and Lateritic Soils 27 SCMT4 Las Vegas, USA, August 7-11, 2016 Utilization of Steel Slag in Concrete as Coarse Aggregate. The three major steel manufacturing factories in Jordan dump their byproduct, steel slag, randomly in open areas, which causes many environmental hazardous problems. However, the current utilization rate of steel slag in China is only about 21%, which is far behind that of developed countries. option for this byproduct is by recycling. The main by-products produced during iron and crude steel . The deposit volume of steel slag in China exceeds 400 million tons, leading to the occupation of a large area of land and serious environment pollution. Tarek U. Mohammed1a, Md N. Rahman 1b, Aziz H. Mahmood1c, Tanveer Hasan11d, and Shibly M. Apurbo1e . Physical and chemical characterization of steel slag is a deciding factor of steel slag utilization depending on the properties it can be used as road aggregate, cement and concrete admixture, soil stabilizer, construction materials, etc. The use of metallurgical solid wastes such as steel slag, in agricultural activity, has become very important to contribute to reducing the accumulation of such wastes in the environment and to increase crop production. different application and utilization of steel slag are . The steel slag was mixed with other raw materials, such as limestone, clay, sand, and bauxite, in appropriate proportions in order to produce the raw meal to be tested for the production of Portland cement clinker ((PC) S/S).A reference raw meal ((PC) Ref), without steel slag, was also synthesized for reasons of comparison.The chemical analyses of the raw materials used are given in … The beneficiation of steel furnace slag aggregates for use in concrete; The durability of concrete with steel furnace slag … This Special Issue of Applied Sciences, “Utilization of Steel Furnace Slag in Cementitious Composites”, is intended for a wide and interdisciplinary audience and covers recent advances in. Steel slag, a by-product of steel making, is produced during the separation of the molten steel from impurities in steel-making furnaces. This leads to reduction of landfills reserved for As a result of growing environmental awareness, iron and steel slag is highly regarded as a recycled material that can reduce impacts on the environment due … The utilization of the steelmaking slag is closely related to its chemical and physical characteristics. 1Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Islamic University of Technology (IUT), Gazipur 1704, Bangladesh 1aEmail: <.