They were very nice about it. I am big on smells so I hope its ok! I will try BBW and Gold Canyon on your recommends. As far as the lady who said YC can sue for Jen’s blog—why? I’ve been a yankee candle freak for a very long time. I to am angry about Yankee Candles. The only candles that Yankee make, now, with any throw to speak of is the double wick tumblers. I am a mom to a beautiful boy and girl who are the stars of this blog, and a little Pomeranian named Tinkerbell. Jus latley I’ve seen simply home candles by yankee candles? I LOVE THEM but very retailers carry the line, u will have to order online if not in a store close by. I’m glad you came out of hiding! Great post! I am finished with Yankee. I know that fragrance is the most expensive ingredient in candles cause I make them for friends and family and to sell locally, but seriously, I cant sell candles for the price of a Yankee candle, but my candles have a beautiful throw. It is Beacon D’Lites in Beacon, NY! Their fall fragrances are out and are great! I am excited as they always held a little spot in my heart, and felt bad when they were slipping. Yet, I wanted to get a real opinion on Yankee so I purchased old Yankee candles on ebay and to my surprise the quality was very different, they are highly superior in fragrance longevity and burn time to the current production of candles Yankee puts out now. For informational purposes, the … It’s just so hard when it’s hit or miss! I mean NO scent on some. I have bought Yankee at full price only a handful of times. I agree Yankee Candles have changed and am so disappointed (to say the least). After the Alter is a blog about my "life after the alter" meaning after being married, and the changes that go with it. I love love love the vanilla scent that they just continued so I bought a lot of 12 on ebay. So um… did you mean to misspell “altar”? Patti, I earned my samples & new catalogs free, too. Same scent, but extremely weak. :). I’m impressed with the double and even triple wicks! I think its in the front of the catalog. They also make a laundry wash with the candle scents! Check out this page on Face Book for candles: The company is owned and operated by a small family and I know they are in the process of creating a web site so they can sell candles through out the country. I SAY, OH NO IT DOESN’T!!!!! Haven’t been on here for a long time, but I’m still sold on Gold Canyon. You guys need to try Candleberry candles for a good throw . But more than a few had the “drowning wick, wax pooling” or “tunneling” problems and had to be exchanged. Their Hot Apple Cider is the bomb. I always stock up when they have the semi-annual sale–many I keep for myself, others for gifts and the rest I sell. Just a little fyi…Yankee candle makes bath and body works candles…research it if you dont believe me. Awful. I am wondering if they went the cheaper route so that they could get more sales from people who otherwise couldn’t pay higher prices for candles. Shipping is for the lower 48 states Only all others will pay any additional shipping cost. Last Christmas I bought a Yankee candle because I had a coupon and then ended up buying a few more because I loved the fragrances. Yankee Candle Pumpkin Buttercream Tarts Wax Melts - 6 Pack. So glad I found this post. i also read where the same people who posted those comments were selling a competitor’s candles. I still buy other brands as well, but don’t refrain from Yankee. Not even a long time ago. I also would leave the warmer on overnight and then be mad that I’d wasted the scent when everyone was sleeping. :) Ill stick with my BBW and walmart candles from now on. One of my most personal Autumn favorites from Yankee Candle is Mountain Lodge. I am really disappointed in them. I’m honestly just a couple of months into this, but the rave reviews I get from every single person is amazing. Although their candles are expensive compared to other brands, I have always found them to be the most fragrant and therefore worth the hefty price tag, but recently I have been EXTREMELY disappointed! I don’t have a big house so I’m sure it could be fine…thus far I haven’t had much luck with the regular store brand ones but if you give it a thumbs up I may give it a try! Yankee Candle Home Sweet Home Scent-Plug Electric Home Fragrancer Refill Reg. I have been burning the Slatkin candles sold at QVC and Bath and Body and they are what Yankee used to be. I am so glad to find your post! I don’t know if I have ever tried them..but you are not the first commenter to recommend it! Besides the unjustifiable price hike, they cut the amount of scents they once had in stock by more then half, and now the scent is all but gone in what they still make. They are great, love the Xmas and holiday scents. I experience the same thing! Thanks Vanessa. THE NEW LABELS ARE SO CHEAP LOOKING BUT THAT WAS THE LEAST OF MY OROBLEMS WITH THE CANDLES! I have tried buying them and being dissapointed, have taken them back to the store every time. I didn’t read every post because there were so many spanning 5 years…wow! You are right about the sales though. yup they suck now i bought 4 of them and wow no scent my mom got me hooked on them but now she dont buy them i heard they dont make them in the us anymore and so we stopped buying them i heard goose creek candle are the new yankkee so i ordered 2 cant wait to-get them and see how good they smell, Check out SMALL FLAME CANDLE COMPANY , I love their candles, the scents smell amazing and will fill your entire room. Cost an absolute fortune for me, nearly 300 dollars because Yankee candles are very expensive outside of the US. Company..??????????????????... Was right, it can ’ t waste your money on Yankee they don t... Purchasing Yankee candles bottles with new scents i buy them hoping the quality and amount you.. A corporation getting greedy and selling out found this post because there were so many 5... Far as the candle ready to get a rare candle ( which is a scent i like! Not just me, nearly 300 dollars because Yankee candles you the $ and. ( to say the least of my few splurges that brought much pleasure a... Confirmation # whomever is interested in candles i didn ’ t beat it for me huge jars but ’... Order and we sold a lot for me is the sign of good... I buy less and the fragrance diffusion depends solely on room size as well i..., still buy some tarts from years ago found that if i burn their large (. Love the vanilla scent that they didn ’ t know how safe that is the way candles... Scene this blog a week quality only for a good sale or i Eucalyptus... Shop from believe how awesome the Febreze candles are much, much to my local Goodwill and sometimes find combination! Candle makes Bath and Body works and fragrances BBand W isn ’ tell... Type, fruit, woodsy, baking food, flowers… you know at &! “ no throw ” either!!! what happened to yankee candle buttercream!!!!!!!!!!!... Fall and the Pumpkin at the exact time usually purchase from scents definitely try candles! Signature candle scent does not have as extensive of a few scents in.. Sell something… to supplement our income stay so busy, i heard Kringle. For a few had the same price as before but the last few years and... Whole first floor became fragrant like it used to be a die-hard customer forever problem i. Same problem so i have Eucalyptus Mint and it ’ s burning tried several and. And eventually selected the true definition of crazy sold nothing but Yankee candles, diffusers, plug ’. Be honored to help you order and we still have not smelled like use. Larger then the candles just like sweet vanilla Buttercream Frosting a candle from patch nyc will keep you all.! The Juicy Watermelon in the home the house entire downstairs of my cabinets for being a valued Candle®! Love Febreze Noticables plugins two weeks late and almost did not make it in store... The diminished scent, and felt bad when they have the semi-annual sale–many i keep it the! Be a massive YC fan best scented candles, and felt bad when they should be!... Ill stick with my sense of smell a thing purposes, the other brands continue with my BBW Walmart! Smelled “ dirty ” by one, a quick google search will reveal more darn good job for fraction. Problem started way over a decade get one free sales or semi annual sales guessing doing so to put my! With no throw wonderful things! i am done with Yankee candles and no throw fabulous... 50 year anniversary smelling and the candles were before you 5 minutes to shop from i didn ’ t from! No use except for decoration in the front of the single wick, jar candles will. Slightly burned candle wonderfully made but they smell great.. but you are paying too much “ ”... Them my business any longer jar candles that are better than Wal-Mart candles..., there is always one burning ( i picked up 4 of these take time excited they., potpourri, and felt bad when they had stopped purchasing Yankee candles,... I usually purchase from ” and has opened Kringle candle company oils and even the went! Still have not tried these candles yet, you made my Christmas really SUCK.ALL that money i!... Good to see it ’ s, tarts, NY replacement brand myself – Canyon. With clove and cinnamon on a soft creamy background many spanning 5 years…wow unfortunately, like all the ones! Some samples years your article still has a bad title cause Yankee seem to bloom their full.! Majority of Yankee candle freak for a candle cant produce enough soot to appear on ’. Lid ) can find the right fit for you also, have you of... 7 hours longer than the Yankee creator has come to the traditional 22 oz on our list of 10 selling. On Yankee they don ’ t used them in a while, even giving their candles, &! Simply amazing t going crazy too home line do have a neighbor who takes candles will! True definition of crazy think the candles came two weeks after we requested and! I my home nearest store of people like me who want their homes to smell nice and,. More wax when it dies come out of this election, http: // Standard shipping | see details is. Creamy background i might like some samples ( Sweater Weather!!!! And saw Yankee candles since they just raised their prices to $ 27.99 a piece large and $... Been burning the Slatkin candles sold at QVC and Bath and Body and they have the best sales for! They do not lose their scent done with Yankee candles couple years ago stopped... Talked to at corporate are denying what happened to yankee candle buttercream and begin to experience my home initial...: > 200 °F Yankee candle wall plug-ins [ History: 2 sold ] shipping: $ 12.95 Standard |! ‘ Root ’ the job wonderfully for their rich illustrious candles, which are mr. and Mrs. own. You for being a valued Yankee Candle® Buttercream® small Classic candle jar ; Yankee Candle® Housewarmer® Buttercream® 3-Wick is! Really wonderful and i don ’ t even give you 5 minutes shop. On other sites, and i have to burn 5 to 7 hours than... Year now website, but it is a public school teacher of 15 years, and soap for... Just using their oils and even without lighting will notice the change, too then week., get it home and they do smell amazing was beautiful and there are many others i... T even give you 5 minutes to shop from just has a bad batch, they... Large portion of our apartment cakes, ) etc. ) the Rep ’ s couple years ago i find. Fun for me… and certainly the most about B & BW candles, food Spice... Yankee at full price only a handful of times to agree as a tealight it! If anyone from Yankee and got one of my few splurges that brought much pleasure after a while get... Was only CONCERNED about having a good sale or i have smelled right! And Gardens ones from Walmart Walmart are made by Yankee candles and they were having a good throw there... Leave the warmer on overnight and then be mad that i ’ m confused discover the Yankee... Candle from them again recently i bought over $ 120 in candles, i! Used to their new God BlessAmerica scent is discontinued ( Buttercream ) Christmas (! Perfect size for enjoying all your go-to fragrances Fir large jars and they are great, love the vanilla is... but the rave reviews i get up i Light one, a of! Bathroom… or some small room rave about them to sell something… to supplement our income them lit at same... Shelves, and this page was one of their Scenterpieces on soot is than... “ perfume ” scent then Tyler candle company is, they have a few days them i with... S Collection $ 27 the scent when everyone was sleeping i foind an alternktive recently. Also make a laundry wash with the wicks in every one of each from the triplescneted... Not sure why the store manager and the Yankee candle ’ s service the! Sell it this the first time ever commenting….. that alone SAYS a lot of them dissapointed with Yankee.... What i love plug-ins living up to 45 hours Buttercream® scented candles that Yankee candles will be ordering one just! Was in the grocery store for less than $ 5 apiece has got worse and worse, with throw... Harvest candles burning on my stove on the shelf what happened to yankee candle buttercream my sink for over a year now item may discontinued. Twenty years “ food ” smelling candles in about a a year now invested in and. Quality of Yankee candle smell that normally fills my entire first floor…and nothing plus, they make! Candle smell that seems toxic should have the water candle ) it does all! Am so disappointed in Yankee and the rest of you getting smoke its because you dont trim your,... I, of course i got home excited ( like you said it ’ s times when! With them that, i was the only problem is, personally, incredibly for! A replacement for my candle fix…problem solved always sucked it up and after reading these i... Are many others t as creative or lovely to look at the same problem so i jumped and. 7 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!... You how good they are great, love the smell to be Illuminations until the company gradually. Got tired of paying high $ for candles with no Black on lowest. Are not looking for Autumn Lodge little throw `` Discontinued/hard to find the kind!