If you yourself wanted to MvP on a Warlock, would you … 0 Replies 61 Views Last post by Lalita 07 Dec 2020, 09:03; All the ratings are from 1 - 10 (10 being the highest) Controls : 9 / 10 Controls such as @ commands are really easy to use and if you are still new to the server, at the first spawn point it … Dreamer RO- Hero Ranking up at Monster Arena. Haze is a great admin but of course you need money thats why you make a server IMO. Almost 600 to 800 players online daily, and even more in WoE. Best solo MVP class? Some are true but most are false dreamer-RO is a great server hehe! Been playing on that server for many years already, so I don't rly go hunt MVPs for years. Rates reaching 8000/8000/3000, players can cap within a day or two maybe 3 hours a day (if you know what your doing). I am big on soloing. Mvp rares are also dropping at a whopping … New in the server? haha! Its really a server that has constantly improved and has made it a point to make this server as unique and different as possible, while still maintaining the essence of RO. As a whole, the community can be defined as relatively friendly. 0 Replies 57 Views Last post by Lalita 08 Dec 2020, 04:59; Scotland's health chiefs warn of no-deal Brexit risk. I dont like busting out 1000 consumables. Whats the best class/spec for this? I might be wrong though. Could comet be spammed, like a Geneticist spamming AB, on boss monsters? Music is from Sum 41 Covid forces Davos forum to move to Singapore. Dreamer RO - Ragnarok online Private Server, Play Ragnarok for Free Home Join their discord or forums, im sure you will find some answer ~ abysmal knight card or whatever is called should be a good start... extra damage on MVP. About the server's economy lol. Dreamer Ragnarok Online is a free to play gaming server that caters to the needs of social and thrill seeking pvp players alike. Warlocks in MvP - posted in Mage Class: Hi, I'm a level 115 Warlock, I have a good idea of how my class plays now and am thinking about the future. A consumable here and there is fine. My method of ranking up at Dreamer RO. Active Forums; Resourceful Wiki; I know this was too long to read, but there is still so much more I can write about DreamerRO. The community of DRO is a great spectacle. There are MVP Rooms in DreamerRO accessible by the main NPC in Caspen I think. Dreamer started to take a whole new different look at how RO should feel to the players. by Lalita » 07 Dec 2020, 09:03. WTT>MY ACCOUNT IN DREAMER RO 01/02/2011 - Ragnarok Online - 0 Replies my character is Sin,Royal guard full with vote points items, i want to trade it to account in gamezAION with my account in Elite gunz.. LEAVE a reply here if your interested and add me on facebook angel[email protected] Dreamer RO Help me to find server info I think these players that post bad comments about dreamer-ro were got owned in pvp. by Lalita » 08 Dec 2020, 04:59. Players on DreamerRO are a sight to behold. - posted in Community Chat: Title says it all. A great bustling forum that holds thousands of topics updated each day by players. I once read on these forums that comet could be spammed by alternating between release and casting it manually. Self sufficiency with MVP soloability? It will not peak 700+ players now if it isn't great.