Check out our adonidia palm selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our craft supplies & tools shops. Order food in Bangalore, Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, Bhubaneswar, Coimbatore and other cities of India. For example, if your plant is 42” tall the first 10” are the planter, followed by 38” of plant height. Light Requirements. It is native to Philippines and Malaysia. Name Email Required. Deer-Resistant. Red berries in winter. Sell Food Online India, Best Food Selling and Home Delivery, Website and App India, Free Home Delivery in all cities of India. Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, DC, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia and Wisconsin. Sometimes referred to as the Dwarf Royal Palm, the Adonidia will never dwarf a home like a true Royal palm would. Fragrant. Adonidia Palms 15Gal. Also cultivated in quad and multi formations these classic palms can be used to decorate well lit interior scapes as well outdoor landscapes. Deer-Resistant. These both will be different from a palm produced in more acidic or sandy soils. Early Gold Ginger Plant (zingiber sp), Lg. click here. DESCRIPTION. In the spring, palms are often smaller than palms shipped in the fall. Yes. Full sun (6+ hours direct sun) Moisture Requirements. I suspect they are really hybrids. Local UPS Ground Shipping to: Florida and Georgia. Shipping information can only be changed if you email our customer service immediately after your order has been submitted. The Adonidia will occasionally reach max heights of 25’ OA and always fit into the landscape of a small yard. Visit us today for the widest range of Plants products. Western shipments are not guaranteed in the months of July-August. Widespread in the lowlands of the Philippine Islands this vibrant palm can grow to heights of 50 feet with age. The Christmas Palm Tree is one of the most popular palms. Originally the Christmas Palm hailed from small islands around the Philippines and soon after was shipped throughout the world! It is mostly... starting at $34.95. During the winter months when we are no longer shipping plants, our growers spend their time researching new species and new growing techniques to provide you with the most unique and superior species of plants available anywhere. Home; Contact Us; Nursery; Landscaping; Installation; Delivery; Palms; Estimate Request; Shop; Give us a "Like" and "Share". Your new plant is bagged to keep the soil moist and to ensure that the soil stays in the pot not loose in the box. Chamaerops humilis: JS08 ! Botanical Name. Galangal Asian Cooking Ginger Plant (alpinia galanga), Cuban Cigar Flower Plant (calathea lueta), Zerumbet Darcyi Ginger Plant (zingiber sp), Collinsii Silver Streak Ginger Plant (zingiber sp), Spectabile Hilo Giant Ginger Plant (zingiber sp), Calathea Orbifolia House Plant in 2x2x7″ Pot, Tropical Blue Ginger (dichorisandra thyrsiflora), Lg. It looks like a miniature royal palm, with its green crown shaft, gray trunk and long full fronds. Short fronds and a slender trunk. Add to Wish List. Adonidia sounds like "I don't need ya", but indeed I am growing a few seedlings both green and yellow kind in the Azores. more info . Unfertilized they will tend to grow at a slower pace. We hope you are as excited as we are about getting a fresh start in 2021. If your shipment arrives and the box is severely crushed or damaged, you can either refuse the shipment or place a "Claim" directly with UPS Ground for loss or damage at Palmco has a wide selection of foxtails, royals, adonidias, arecas, and maypans that are suitable for any sized landscaping project. Christmas Palm Tree Adonidia Palm Tree Plant Live Planter/pot Size: 7 Gallon Overall Height*: 62” to 70” *Overall height is inclusive of the planter height. To be on the safe side, plant in a location that isn't subject to cold winds or frost. The showy Christmas palm is a compact beauty whose small stature makes it perfect for use in courtyards, atriums and other small scale plantings. WaterWise. PLEASE TRACK YOUR PACKAGE! Larger plants, generally those that ship in 8″ pots, will be topped to 36″ or 48″ overall, depending on the variety, if necessary, to facilitate shipping. Palmco offers a wide variety of quick-growing, beautiful Bamboo... Common Name: Christmas PalmScientific Name: Adonidia merrilliiZone: 10B-11Growth Rate: ModerateOrigin: PhilippinesSalt Tolerance: ModerateDrought Tol. Zone 10 (40 to 30 degrees F) Growth Rate. Bamboo Palm is a great house plant as it requires little to no maintenance. Sorry, no we don't. Cold Hardiness. Size Price Quantity; 140mm $19.50 Special price: $0.00. We do not guarantee plants due to extreme temperatures during shipping. Palm Trees for Sale SW Florida. 14401 Harbor Drive, Bokeelia, FL 33922 WILL ALL OF MY PACKAGES BE SHIPPED BY UPS? Adonidia merrillii. Thanks! Alexander Palm. Christmas Palm Category: Palm. (561) 556-7673. HOW CAN I ESTIMATE THE ARRIVAL DATE? The Adonidia is an easy care palm, it's self-cleaning, meaning the spent fronds just fall off by themselves, a big low-maintenance plus. CAN I CANCEL MY ORDER? Adonidia sounds like "I don't need ya", but indeed I am growing a few seedlings both green and yellow kind in the Azores. CAN ORDERS BE SHIPPED OUTSIDE THE US? HOW ARE PLANTS PACKAGED FOR SHIPMENT? In these regions you are accepting full responsibility for the shipment and understand the risks involved due to distance and temperatures. WHAT DO I DO IF I DO NOT RECEIVE MY ENTIRE ORDER? Top Notch Landscaping & Tree Service was founded over 34 years ago to bring the highest standards of artistic landscape design to the greater Palm Beach County. Rating Required. Before leaving, Christmas Palms are inspected, watered, and pruned.