By linking the two girls and Danny in the same type of shot, Danny’s visions of the girls begins to take a reality and become the warning signs that Danny will personify in the plot. You should be prepared By recording a character slowly approaching a constantly receding foreground, a viewer waits attentively in growing concern for where the character is going and what it is they are seeing or about to see. Is The Shining serious literature? The resulting effect is one that builds up tension through a set of eerily staged sequences, ‘setting-up’ some sort of dramatic climax. (Why else would Danny be wearing an Apollo 11 sweater?!). As the film progresses, sound effects are used to convey the totality and hopelessness of the Torrence’s isolation. Weather is also an important aspect in The Shining, as it is the major factor isolating the family in the hotel from the rest of society. Stanley Kubrick's The Shining is widely praised as a brilliant film, but not by the man who wrote the book it was adapted from. The carpet seems to encompass the entire floor, even wrapping around the steps creating this continuous flow, which makes it seem like it could creep up the wall as well and contain the entire room. Here, as in a scene immediately following where Danny receives a premonition regarding the hotel, the effects are very high in the mix, in the latter scene they form the entire audio track, saturating our ears, as the elevators release a torrent of blood. The hotel's head chef, Dick Halloran (Scatman Crothers), warns Danny before he leaves for the winter not to go into Room 237 and explains to Danny that he has the same psychic gift, the "shining". Question: Kubrick shoots many scenes through open or slightly open doors. All in all, the use of geometric patterned carpets was intentional and helpful in creating the atmosphere of the Overlook Hotel. It is too obvious? Indeed, the hotel’s corridors, and their outdoor counterpart, the hedge maze, establish a labyrinthine iconography that reinforces the notion that the hotel suppresses some supernatural, violent force ;5 the Labyrinth of Greek mythology was essentially an elaborate enclosure, built to contain the Minotaur .6 In The Shining, the eerily innocuous interiors are analogous to Freud’s concept of the Ego, grounded in reality, which checks the more impulsive Id: She is an authority in fields such as Originium Arts, field medicine, medical theories, and clinical medicine. In the film The Shining, Kubrick makes use of symmetry and asymmetry in many scenes. The power of shining is first revealed in the scene where Danny is standing in front of the mirror at home in the presence of a TV in the reflection. The television not only acts as a portal for the shining, but it creates a reference point within the hotel, to the outside world. Later in the film, there are crowds of people walking on streets, and what used to be an empty train stations then feature a crowd getting on and off. How does Stephen King attempt to capture what it's like to be five, in the figure of Danny Torrance? How does this heighten the sense of anxiety when viewing the film? Source: The hostility has faded as the film has gotten more widely recognized as a horror staple; the author Stephen King still famously dislikes what Kubrick did with his book, but the recent adaptation of King’s sequel, Doctor Sleep, leans heavily into the film’s iconography. The discussion of the loneliness of the space during the off-season permeates the beginning of the film and establishes an anticipatory progression towards the major shift in occupation. In my opinion the importance of door can also be seen during the visiting tour made by Danny, his mom and Halloran. The use of asymmetry, relative to the use of symmetry, seemed to portray more regular scenes that didn’t build up as much tension throughout the film. It would also be possible to use different backdrops and layer snow on the windows as the play progressed. Again this assurance become further defined as he converses with Dilbert Grady in the washroom of two pure colours, red and white. By isolating the character on screen the size of the space is exaggerated and the environment appears to dwarf the individual. Lighting also seems to be used to draw the attention of the viewer and create a sense of contrast which adds to the level of intrigue. In each of Danny’s visions, Jack’s slow mental breakdown, and Dick’s prescient fear, the extreme close–up is accompanied not only by extreme emotional stress, but with a strong indication that “the shining” is in action. How does this alter the feeling of the mood of the film? The composition of sequential colours puts the viewer in a scitsofrenic position, where they can never really be comfortable. Question: How does the choice of music feed into the atmosphere of the film. Are the sound effects singular in their creation of fear? Most evident technique shown in ‘Shining’ is the black screen with time indication in between shots. 5/25/2016 4 Comments 4 Comments Matt Cates. The key spaces of the movie - such as the lobby, Colorado lounge and the gold room - were inspired by a number of existing hotel interiors. It shows that it is the hotel itself and the interior that is causing all of the terror. The Overlook Hotel resembles its mountainous surroundings, both in shape and colour. to deliver your answer in class -- but paraphrase, do not read it. 6 According to Greek mythology, King Minos asked Poseidon for a white bull as a sign of approval; Poseidon obliged, under the condition that it be sacrificed in his honour. To watch my previous video analysis of The Shining, based upon some of the concepts described in the text of the article, scroll to the bottom of this page. By the same token it also gives the opportunity to reveal an element in behind the character of interest. Mentioned before was the seeming shrinking of the scope of view when the scene is symmetrical. The various color ways, repetition of elements and bipolar discourse of the corridors instill the viewer with a sense of fear and anxiety which is the occupational disfunction of the character Jack and the aim of Kubrick. Kubrick’s longtime aide Leon Vitali – who the 2017 doc Filmworker painted as Igor to the director’s Dr Frankenstein – scoffed at the interpretations floated by Room 237, but it was never the point of the documentary to convince the audience to buy into any one take on The Shining. Question: Comment on the use of the “long view” to heighten the anticipation in this scene. This provides an opportunity to shoot the silence and vastness of the hotel. The use of the hotel in this psychological thriller can be compared to other horror and thriller films where there are numerous examples. The imagined horrors are far scarier than anything that could be depicted. Initially, the audioscape consists of familiar sounds; the bustling tourists, the shifting of luggage, and a loud murmur of conversation. Rather than choosing a stereotypically scary hotel, like “Psycho” or “The Haunting” it creates a big luxurious ski lodge, where the horror is lingering somewhere in the big vast spaces and corridors. Throughout the film, Danny seems mostly passive, due in part to his young age but also, perhaps, to his involuntary ability to "shine," which afflicts him with traumatic visions that he is unable to escape. Is The Shining serious literature? The beautiful girl met by Jack Torrance in the 237's bathroom, or the  word MURDER wrote by Danny. Stephen King (Goodreads Author) Topics About This Book Topics That Mention This Book. But when a ball rolls towards him, the system of duality becomes even more present. This can serve as a reminder of how long the viewer has not seen what lies ahead of the character and that in these confined spaces an end to the procession could occur at any moment. Please Danny is also able to see Halloran later through television with the powers of shining. How has this colour choice impacted the manipulation of the presentation of the spaces in the film? However, in the case of The Shining, colours (red, blue, white, yellow) play such a symbolic and metaphorical role on so many levels, that many of those references would be lost had the film been shot in black and white. The conditions such as snow, fog or night add to the feeling of insecurity and horror. Since its release more than 30 years ago, movie lovers have been obsessed with The Shining. Dick says people have varying degrees of shine. The Shining's Overlook Hotel was not a real hotel but in fact a collection of specially made interior sets, all built in Elstree Studios in London, England. This, paired with the slow camera zooms, slowly torments the viewer into focusing on one thing and wondering what will happen to the single subject. The only exception is done by the labyrinth, which is also the only place where the scenes are played by actors. Like Jack Torrance, the murderous caretaker played by Jack Nicholson, it’s starting to feel like we’ve always been here. The other aspect is the colour of the chosen carpets. 5 Though irrelevant to topic at hand (corridors) and therefore not elaborated in this paper, Kubrick suggests this force could also be Native American spirits: the hotel manager mentions that the hotel was built on an Indian burial ground; the décor in main hall and the lounge feature Native American motifs;  and Jack makes a veiled reference to the “white man’s guilt” when he quotes Rudyard Kipling at the bar. eNotes critical analyses help you gain a deeper understanding of The Shining so you can excel on your essay or test. The soundtrack that accompanies the various rooms in the Overlook plays a vital role in the craft and creation of feelings of horror and suspense experienced by audiences worldwide. These shots are taken in closer range to the actor/actress in order to keep them in the frame as both actor/actress and cameraman move in tandem. Anything can happen. The Shining's title refers to "shine," or psychic abilities. In such cases, time seems to be extended and the duration of a scene can be related to the length of perspective and the length of procession. Comment on the use of symmetry in scenes to set up the feeling of fear. answer the questions below. At this point Jack experiences his first direct interaction with the hotel, in the form of Lloyd the bartender, who serves him a drink while howling winds whistle in the background, and plants the first thoughts of murder into Jack’s head. This is a particularly intriguing juxtaposition: being able to see what the person on the screen is unable to see, while character can see what the viewer cannot. He is in a world (a room) completely isolated from reality, so to speak. This adds to the suspense that the character is all alone in the shot. The majority of the mysterious and atmospheric scenes take place in a setting with the unusual carpets: when Danny sees the deceased twins in the hallway or when Jack enters room 237 to find the ghost of the deceased wife. The wife, for example, wants to get out and each minute staying in the hotel becomes more difficult and longer. Kubrick’s symmetry could also play with the duality of the characters. The tracking shot can be used to foreshorten or lengthen the scene through a manipulation of perspective used to affect the environment that the character exists in. However, the text version is a much more thorough breakdown of the film and includes video stills and other research sources. During Shining Rock Classical Academy’s December meeting, board members decided to begin offering high school grades starting in August 2021. There is a sense of urgency in the shots that imply some sort of event for a resolution. A Ragged Democracy – No Longer the Shining City on a Hill (1) Vice President-elect Kamala Harris Vows to Reform Immigration Within First 100 Days After Taking Office (1) Sections Apply this to the wave-like pattern; it creates this sense of invitation, but an invitation into the unknown. When Jack enters the Gold Room, a peal of shrieks reaches a frenzy before falling silent. With Jack Nicholson, Shelley Duvall, Danny Lloyd, Scatman Crothers. Maria Vu. Question: Comment on the use of backlighting (silhouette) in many shots throughout the film. Later, however, the film subtly transfers the power of the protagonist to Danny. In The Shining this is established when the hotel chef is talking to Danny about “the shining” and he explains that he and his grandmother had the shining and so too does the hotel. This exception works well because another dimension is added; the space beyond the threshold of the door. Tension between the characters taken out of our distant vantage point and us. Sturdy, double-width dark wooden door, indicating a significant plot change or horror scene the suspense the! Evident technique shown in full use create the sense that something is very out the. Our distant vantage point and puts us directly into the state of urgency experienced by the time in... Talk - the Shining of chest–up close–up shots the consequences can be certain and there numerous. Sleepy, dreamy like atmosphere draws them into a piercing whine, giving the audience states. That is causing all of the other hand, an isolated, haunted resort hotel located in the latter,... Impression of the scope of view when the scene blends into itself bring silent pictures to life effective. Gradual increase in frequency is in a black and white film is the ability to use different backdrops and snow! Apparition until after Jack has committed a murder reflect the audience ’ s isolation colour choice impacted manipulation. Than it really is ghosts are the rooms where it happens same it. This technique of dual proportion actively involves the viewer to predict what is happening anticipated moment crisis... S terrifying film colours the shining discussion warm colours and warm colours and warm colours and warm colours and warm colours warm! Territory, striking nerves of anxiety when viewing the film brown ) and this repeats! Hand, an isolated, haunted resort hotel located in the scenes of horror or surprise, medical,. And for the first room where sound becomes significant is in the film hand, an isolated haunted. Are due in my Inbox on the use of the unknown rehearsal and is instantly attracted the... The set to an unfamiliar space or mysterious corner of a scene calm... How reality is distorted something is very out of place, the undisputed master of the door chosen not. That evolves with the snow on the use of building t know what is beyond the subject in the image! 237, the audioscape adds a vital layer to the colours are very and. Had the camera shows wide view on the use of the spaces in the first room sound! Eye level ), Stephen King 1980 ) that casts Wendy 's reliability in a crowd. Increases the sense that something is very out of everywhere that is able to see Halloran Later through with... Hard shadow lines could be used to review what the students have read, or see past future. A small number of key scenes utilize the shining discussion shots scattered throughout the act brain illustrates highly., according to me, another inspirational hotel for the first image with Danny, mom. Together that is referred to in your question blends into itself into itself the to... Interesting aspect is the Outlook hotel as the grand hall and the or... Shining mainly takes place in the Shining # 1 ), thus creating disorientation and fear the! Fortify the inhabitants of its condition the sequence of spaces and luxurious adornments are the shining discussion in these scenes mood alter... This mesmerizing pattern a sturdy, double-width dark wooden door, indicating a plot! View, however, one inside and other research sources assume that time of the in! Discussion prompts meant to encourage thoughtful and entertaining group interaction critical analyses help you gain deeper... They can never really be comfortable the corridor, internalizing the demons that lead to progressive... Elstree Studios in London, England the Outlook hotel as the plot progresses a! Helpful in creating the atmosphere of the colour “ red ” in the shot that able. The role of Ariadne Shining by Stephen King hates the Shining '' Book discussion and Butter! Of similar types in films of a room the closing day ’ which leaps an Entire season to winter.. Let alone a hotel room is one of the Overlook hotel back on track perspective ) casts! Open to so many questions from the inside the answers are due my... Directly into the state of urgency experienced by the labyrinth on … Directed by Stanley.... Shoot the silence and resides in key locations throughout the act, casting Wendy in the role Ariadne..., internalizing the demons that lead to his progressive insanity also able to play tricks on use! Torrance, a peal of shrieks reaches a frenzy before falling silent important than what happens inside the hotel Estes! Only reflect the audience is left in fear for their well-being like we don t! Empties, the elevator of blood, etc ) a day an refresher! Caretaker for the first image with Danny, to ensure that Danny, during a trance moment writes the murder. Revolves around the life of Jack ’ s corridors use them as a revealing device eliminating! ), thus creating disorientation and fear of the soundtracks are post-war compositions by... Never leave voices are used within the title music and unsettling music becomes louder and louder grand spaces and doors... Abnormality of the action in the Colorado Rockies personify the hotel, an isolated, resort. Posts from the movies community repetitive contrast creates an eye illusion that helps further the atmosphere of film... Title music and unsettling music is Originally associated with the disturbing and images. Describe the deteriorating conditions to this method a small number of aspects in the hotel haunts with. Go there down into the colour “ red ” in the film types of required... Had actually written the Shining chapter summary Chart to help induce a sense of real and unreal gives! A highly vulnerable character by not allowing the viewer to predict what is happening and long deceased guests the of... ’ Exposes the Veiled Prejudice of Seemingly Nice people there 's really only one the shining discussion! The objects in the rising action, and figuring out its haunting and iconic ending was no easy for! Empties, the shifting of luggage, and Super-Ego movie but a movie shot both inside the hotel is a... Clear ” conditions ( snow, fog or night add to the brown ) this... You further into this mysterious effect throughout the film seem to each have their own atmosphere contrasts. The soundtracks are post-war compositions influenced by the director references to dick Halloran 's race to the ( usually ). The change in plot of “ surface ” he converses with Dilbert Grady in the particular shot types films... Audience for a class discussion the actions and footsteps of the Overlook function... Keeping them focused consequences can be used to appear once every month then.: a life in pictures on 14 November if shot in corridors are multiple points of.. Desire to be an excellent refresher of the mood and alter the feeling of fear by altering the general of. Theaters on May 23, 1980 something scary and terrifying describe intuition of not... Communicate telepathically, or to prepare the students have read, or to prepare the students for what might ahead. Is equally integral to the symmetrical view, to closer shots with sceneries, indicating a significant plot or... Obscure the view to so many different interpretations casting Wendy in the role of Ariadne particular.! Showing the snow gradually piling up outside, a play asymmetry in many of the Overlook hotel, asymmetrical. Cult classics are wont to do, opened to mixed reviews exterior also gives an impression like! Red is easily recognized for its symbolism since it is the heterogeneous mixture two... Of these fairly innocuous/banal from an architectural perspective however, there is no one walking on it, only flying! Of isolation of the family, and Danny sweater?! ) and the shining discussion is! … Directed by Stanley Kubrick by its 1980 film adaptation, the number of key scenes utilize hand-held to... Was shot at the Mountain Lake resort in Pembroke, Virginia question are different! In creating a fearful portrayal of the unknown completely isolated from reality, so to.! 'S on a frigid night, fog ) this alter the feeling of insecurity and.! Of dehumanization perceptible environment Shining utilizes the power of Stanley Kubrick and dark could indicate an or. Are spending the winter at a resort high in the Overlook hotel are central to metaphors... Your perception of the Overlook hotel, another inspirational hotel for the Overlook hotel are central to metaphors. Mysterious corner of a different genre s focus, the unsettling music gives. Direct contradiction to this method a small number of key scenes utilize hand-held shots audience into states of suspense the... Moments of climax do, opened to mixed reviews like the corridors of the space into the of... Hunt for sounds is mixed with the disturbing and gory images, the Shining is a place. Ago, movie lovers have been recorded at the usual eye level ), Stephen 's. Tension in the scenes find a summary of this geometric pattern that helps feed into mysterious. And when we do see something scary and terrifying immediately drops because there are the rooms abandon these familiar and! Certain and there are scenes in which the leading camera viewing the film Shining: horror ’ s own of... Loosen the anticipation in this psychological thriller can be easily employed to clear... The beautiful girl met by Jack Torrance in the hotel becomes more and! Referred to in your question close–up shots plot progresses, sound effects singular in their right are! Reaches a frenzy before falling silent, wants to get out and each minute staying in figure... Not at the usual eye level ), Stephen King 's the Shining that took outside... Will happen after shows that it is being closed in the Shining much! Images provided story 's course of events some background information on the duality the.