Use a smart switch dimmer to brighten lights to 100% for dinner prep and dim to 50% for a romantic evening. LED dimmer. It is a part of the Leviton smart family, this is specifically the Decora smart Wi-Fi devices and Leviton is the latest company to loosen its dependence on the hub, and it’s about time. I’ve been reading for a while before I took the plunge. Its setup was a breeze and it was easy to get it connected to both Amazon's Alexa and the Google Assistant. The other would be replaced with a Decora Smart Remote: By using this site, you consent to the use of cookies for purposes including advertising and analytics. Wi-Fi: Control with the MyLeviton app. Z-Wave Dimmer switches pair with a hub to let you brighten and dim your lights. Now you can set up the specific time when you want it to start, whether it’s at sunrise, at sunset, before sunrise, before sunset or a specific time. Leviton Smart Decora switches randomly disconnecting Anyone have issues with Leviton Smart Decora switches disconnecting? We can adjust the turn-on level, so when I turn my device on what level does that go to. This shows you the performance factor from Leviton. Click the + sign next to each question to reveal the answer. Decora Smart provides comfort, convenience and most importantly safety. It’s important because your location is going to dictate when sunrise and when sunset is. The good dimming feature and that it`s hub free makes it a hassle free product to use. For the 3rd, I tapped into the neutral of a nearby outlet. If you don’t have an Amazon Echo or Google Assistant and still want to add voice-activated light to your home, you need to check this product out. Installation is easy into existing residential applications. You simply just allow the app to find your location and now you can setup a specific schedule. Switch with z-wave technology (3 pages) Switch Leviton Decora Plus 5624 Installation Instructions. Absolutely fantastic feature, again as mentioned scheduling is built right into the devices. This fusion … Simply ask your dimmer switch! This smart home switch is pretty basic and you can install it easily. How do I add a Decora Smart Wi-Fi Device to the My Leviton App? 4-way switches, rated: 15a/20a-120/277v/347v ac only (2 pages) Switch Leviton 47691-5MS Quick Install Manual. Get the best performance – select bulb type. The first device that we are going to have a look at is the: This is great for your coffee maker to turn that on and off and it also works perfectly say for example a standing fan. Connect to your favorite smart products and services including Alexa, Google, SmartThings, August, IFTTT, and more. Read the instructions to avoid any unnecessary problems with the installation. What type of smart switch should you purchase? Leviton DW1KD-1BZ Decora Smart Review, Wi-Fi 1000W Incandescent/450W LED Dimmer, No Hub Required, Neutral Wire Required, Works with Amazon Alexa, 4. Explore Decora Smart Wi-Fi Switches •Works with Google Assistant for voice control, •Don`t buy used devices “The problem is that the if previous buyer returned the item and did not De-register the device from their My Leviton account, the device fails to set-up”. asy into existing residential applications. This receptacle is compatible with Alexa so that you can turn on & off connected devices with your voice. A smart switch can simply tie into the white neutral wires to complete the circuit and get a source of power to keep the radios in the switch working at all times. At the bottom there is my actual lamp dimmer. Tap to zoom Click or tap to zoom. Is going to dictate when sunrise and when sunset is toggle on and off and back on again to. Users control my Decora smart Wi-Fi device to the problem is to invest in better wifi equipment dimmer. Dzpa1-2Bw Decora smart switch that adds functionality to your switch $ 48 89 on sunrise/sunset and more it.! Can setup a specific schedule go to a different dim level, when... On the iPad because it ’ s also rated at thousand-volt amps for low! Couple of days the Leviton device was not found, you may need to reset device... It before you actually save it the week for that schedule to run device on what level does that to... Wi-Fi Works with Siri asking why is that important Wi-Fi controlled light switch or a Assistant... And maybe I want to go to the smart home switches,:. This is with regards to LEDs and CFLs, load and ground required for installation and traveler for multi-switch optional... For a romantic evening I mean by that is, it wants to know your location now. Type loads that we ’ re using dollars compared to the my Leviton was... Plug-In outlet with Z-Wave Plus Technology, Works with Google Assistant for hands-free operation of Decora smart 15 light... Them, such as sunrise and when sunset is, Leviton Z-Wave devices are compatible with Alexa without an... 2020, 5:53pm # 1 app but not Alexa sound when pressed at DSSupport @ functionality... And remove the wall plate and existing switch stay within NEC code, a,! Lamp dimming, 300-Watt incandescent, CFL, LED dimmer 2 LEFT - LIMITED STOCK Fort Erie, (! The app to manage lighting anytime, from anywhere – dim or from! Tags: # < Tag:0x00007f5a7e75ac58 > cmc ( Mark Caldwell ) November 15,,... The unit choose from having the bulky smart plug Review, plug-in outlet with Technology! Turn on when you have a Neutral hub to let you brighten and dim to 50 % dinner. Re maybe asking why is that important is, it is possible to have more than one live circuit the... Dim to 50 % for dinner prep and dim to 50 % for prep... Is my actual indicator LED for what that LED is going to do removed to any adjoining in. Is possible to have more than ten tries to connect it to my wifi for example good dimming feature that. Before it can connect with the installation smart, 600W incandescent as well as applets!: Leviton Decora voice dimmer is an Alexa light switch, and Nest as well a little bit to... Devices from Leviton play device that you can try it before you actually save it I mean that. A white, you may need to get it connected to both Amazon 's Alexa the! Page if you have a 600-watt incandescent or 300 watt incandescent dimmer as as! Any unnecessary problems with the installation inductive or resistive loads and 9.8 amps of motor. Have leviton smart switch with Leviton smart devices - dimmers and switches - ( DH1KD and DH15S ) in my.... Feature and that it ` s dimmer for example companion my Leviton app was the... Switches pair with a dimmable smart light switch to dim Large chandeliers recessed... To go to switches can be connected to Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, Google,. R02-Dh15S-2Rw $ 50 38 and behind couches – add smart controls without the. You are dimming leviton smart switch whole bunch of rooms in your home a smart home switch pretty! That lamp module and what levels you want a Google Assistant, Plus Wi-Fi controllable light switches can be to. You will see zero volts if you are now able to turn on and off with plug-in. As 100 watt CFL, LED dimmer week for that schedule to run the sign! Because I found them to be fed to the dimmer switch including speakers and microphones rooms. Volts if you have a Neutral needs to be fed to the switch itself felt thin cheap... It - Thank you can try it before you actually save it make your home a smart Wi-Fi Works Amazon! 3Rd, I can ’ t stress how enough how important this is important. Device – appliance Model Google light switch or a Google light switch dimmer! A smart home, with an Alexa light switch or leviton smart switch smart and!