Another video — one taken months ago and quickly removed from social media soon after — began circulating again among Fort Collins teens in recent weeks because someone had recorded the original post. Amber Wright, a rising junior at Palmer Ridge High School and the co-editor of The Bear Truth, the school’s news magazine and website, wrote an article about the Clawson post. Don’t let them get away with this.”. The district also announced it would begin diversity and inclusion training for staff in August, and that it will enhance its curriculum to incorporate more history of Black and Indigenous communities and people of color. Valley Re-1 Superintendent Jo Barbie will command $143,678in salary for 2008-09, an amount that should keep her among the state’s highest-paid school chiefs in small-sized districts.Meanwhile… Students reached out to the school district on social media and by emailing the school board. Updates. ... Disney World workers petition to delay reopening of theme park. • Superintendent Smyser introduced the book “Influencer”, stated the book coincides with work being done by PSD leadership and offered the book for loan. The district, which is 84% white, does keep tabs on students’ social media posts to monitor potential bullying issues and check in on students’ mental health, Stephen said. In an open letter to the community earlier this month, Smyser outlined a list of changes the district would make, including creating a “student equity coalition” that would receive training in anti-bias practices and restorative justice. Join The People's Front of FRHS and 12 supporters today. 4 years ago. “This type of act is not tolerated.”. Now, in the wake of the Supreme Court decision, the district has announced that it will issue the general obligations bonds as soon as possible to fund several projects, including the … Susan Gutowsky, Rob Petterson, and Carolyn Reed; Superintendent Sandra Smyser; Assistant Superintendents Edie Eckles, Jinger Haberer, and Todd Lambert; Executive Directors Don Begin, Danielle Clark, Pete Hall, Dave ... An e‐mail regarding the petition results will be sent to Board members. District officials said they cannot say, because of student privacy, whether any of the students involved in the posts were disciplined. Tired of "men" acting like women. There are … Those laws remain in effect, including a right to petition the Colorado Department of Labor for intervention and a right to strike if the issues are not resolved. Students also should have “more ownership in policies that impact them,” she said, noting that a core principle in fighting oppression is that people who are impacted have a stake in the conversation. • Most recent count indicates 1,100 out of 1,800 teachers plan to take Friday off. “I don’t even know if I believe the video circulating that caused the riots. About 115 miles south, in Monument, a Facebook vacation photo posted on the school board president’s page showing young people giving a Nazi salute has caused an uproar in the small, conservative town. For anti-racism to actually happen, people have to have a sustained effort for a long time. “You start realizing stuff is broken and not working and that adults pretend they know what they’re doing and they don’t. The People's Front of FRHS needs your help with “Sandra Smyser: Fire Will Allen”. A petition with about 2,000 signatures asks for the resignation of Poudre Schools Superintendent Sandra Smyser, accusing her of supporting a culture where “students of color are not welcome or valued.” Other posts and emails to the district asked for the expulsion of the student in the calf photo. Updates. But while Byrd said she has been impressed by white students who have acted as anti-racist allies, she is “reserving judgment” on whether recent protests against police brutality and racism will have long-lasting impact, even among young people. Now Frank DeAngelis is applying the coping lessons he learned to coronavirus. “If you are neutral in this, if you don’t take a stand, … overall it can have a waterfall impact.”, MORE: Training white people in Colorado to be “anti-racist” (not just “not racist”) is one step in the fight to correct historic wrongs. FACT: Avon's January 2015 (Special Election) is being held because of a "grass roots" Referendum/Petition organized by a few patriotic Avon (property … Many of those approached by the protesters would not sign the petition, but numerous accepted the flyers.