In other words, engineers many grew up with the belief that their big “bang and clang” electromechanical product was a contactor, while the little “click and clack” electromechanical product or solid state switch was simply a relay. In addition, solid state relays are directly compatible with logic components such as microprocessors and PLCs. What is a solid-state relay? Rated thermal current: 3-120A. Economy Grade; Commercial Grade. %PDF-1.5 %���� Our contactors are designed without moving parts or contacts that can wear out. SIRIUS 3RF34 solid-state contactors, three-phase; SIRIUS 3RF34 solid-state reversing contactors, three-phase; 27.12.2020 7:47:19 AM Product Catalogue Product Catalogue; eClass 5.1; eClass 6; eClass 9; eClass 9.1; Minimize. Relays are rated for continuous operating duty. endstream endobj 344 0 obj <>stream As a result, in terms of emitted interference, it conforms … On-Site Repair . Solid State Contactors Solid State Contactors are used to replace traditional contactors and are essentially SSR and heatsink, or AC switch. Thanks to a special control circuit of the 3RF21 solid-state motor contactors, this special version can be used in public networks up to 16 A without any additional measures such as interference suppressor filters. Solid State Relays. Youngneer 5v Relay Board Relay Module 1 Channel Opto-Isolated High or Low Level Trigger 325. price $ 14. Applications for solid-state relays typically include equipment that requires high cycling rates, low acoustical or electrical noise, or vibration resistance; such as material handling equipment, medical equipment, heating/cooling equipment, lighting control and pumps/compressors. They do not switch DC loads. Emerson 90 380 Fan Relay 24 Volt Coil, 1 546. price $ 11. 339 0 obj <>stream 1F Construction, Operation, Applications & Types of SSR Relays. This feature can reduce or eliminate the cost associated with maintenance, part replacement, and downtime. Each 1+ $53.00. �2N�9SZa5\@���42��k���b���պ��X3��qĞ�0{�f�u���CܩPL�hO��*���he��V�i9Zy(�U`X)���/�`Zc���{�Fc;�^�v�1`v�����`��`��p�VJ2��N�#����!�� �)#�Aq��3�d4P�R����P�� ���3&&��X�`�1e4�]���Q��f�����v�yL4 �FE1��ԃ7h�RD+�F+�,R��b��D�!B��%N�̴���kxT�lTT�l"!�Қ0��l�l#3^[��C���β�F�.D������]�1�Ϋ��o��E�4�޾���:�k���[5��C,ƈ�x|h���o�#��W�FZT�Hœ�Eu�-7�`6�_.�%܍���Fa��I�$|a���$%IE����+qS?��$IO��"�A^�6�T��$1b�,�Y$��f�J?�,�FhX���aZ�� ۯ���垷yx~A���c ���Eo���ѐ�z2���5�'�I�5FN�[�[���v�ϖ$)��"�(�j���1�N�R-S��-)�Vĭ�[��-k��ħ���m�[�&nM�f+�.��&�ټ��೏CV�lYOA�B���j���X�G�u7�Cۭ��C���?��P�i�6}S���]_�O�}�p\?���7�m��� N�����U�n�j�.����ErL�l�w���z��f��4��k�$7׏I��~n��@���/˾}��~{�'�����������9��v�8���Y InPower SSC20-200 Solid State 200A DC Contactor rated to 20V max provides shutdown protection against short-circuit, over-current, and overheating. Solid State DC Contactors Solid State DC Contactors Data Sheet. Our Bulletin 156-C Solid-state Contactors complement our line of Bulletin 700 solid-state relays to provide you with a complete line of solid-state solutions. 800-575-5562. High Performance Solid State Relays, SSR, SSR Series, up to 75 AAC and 600 VAC 2 & 3 Poles. Shop By Phone . h�221V0P���w�/�+Q0���L)�621�)�IS0i "c�C*R��S��� ͍� buv��Ӊ�����^]�����E�a16���,z�Z��,r?K*�,2d��%#���%��[����>��)B���%g��ϰ�=,�d��9�w�別�4��BF�0Z�o�R��hT��G��est;4=�/�X'G��n]���2�����[T�z`ҿT���o��iw�T���k�L���?� ��{�w���sNR�#���|�QN_n����+���e�ģNqQ-�ej߮o���kLԜ���P��C���Y2D���6ç�. All Products . h�,�A� �}�w�.>�Z6B�ӂ�jc�� View in Order History. h��VmO�F�O���N��]{O�S����$w��2�/��x#�Ϳ��: !�ȷʲ�/����H�Ex�Q Solid-state contactors: SS series /Single-pole. hޜUYo�8�O�c�E�K��Ea�N���E�4~Pm5*K��"Ϳ�R�-��F��C�GRhC!#��p�� Bh% Tc@4W0*)Ѕ�pF0 W=�a��a�7�8Z12�،��>~�#'��c`c�n��)��"��=a�a�Lю��9�Лtn��"c0� bR@|���h���3��a1�EV��aGEQ��Ob�3�7��^��*�������j���K�i�"��>��_b�ؔ��W��������%F z�����ai���~J�愛����Æ���,�x\���������?sʳd��O�O��,�S�{� D�U�J�?WWw���M��щ���x�S�hl��w1�J4Œ�lmˊ�[�$С[�8٤h�M������x��Y1*6ٖ?˪�=]&U��]p�2\�E�3izx-pݖwE�R"�̷uB��]n����~8�l�!׻.�P�uA��� Ì� �6��,��MнMp�'�2_\�>Ӊ�@'��G[���mE+������4.�����v��=�v}֚s��Bl dA���(h�^�lq��g��'�R���%�>;rMt��8�>I�5���fX2}�B��R+�k`��s�TmX~�M��{l���EŎc��bg;|�(p�}Db_B��(�{Cy�5`�L�o\����@�Y�7��� [G�����1�q�l�E���c����}�io�;��E������)͋H�jSwEz���>ᢹ�Ep��E��)፧#�=Z|:�i�b�^)9ao��?%�.�aӻ� �����)}||̫�E���}�a8�O� �� An LED indicator tells you if they are open or closed. Youngneer 12v Relay Board Relay Module 1 Channel Opto-Isolated High or Low Level Trigger 4.5 out of 5 stars 67. Copyright ©2020 Rockwell Automation, Inc. PTC and Rockwell Automation Extend Strategic Alliance, Compact modular design complete with heatsink, Available in single-phase, dual-phase, or three-phase versions, cULus Listed (File No. Solid State Contactors for Motor and Heater Load Socket / Plug-in Type ��AX�Ѐd�"|G1�I�UƂ��qDl��Gz�4���Z��K����~]$eo�&e�~�_��eE5��Eկ�b3?+�=�&5Z���iޤu1o]�C���^$+ .8.����a1 �.�vڌE�þ}I)ý�{�K=u��H���p�������h��e�%���>Y7Z�V#|�=?��;��?G����o>}BZ�M�W-`rГd~��i7ԇ�������L& X�v|���4��p�6ϒYQ.�v�����}Z�����d��G��a[�m:����%eX��`)�h'گ&e=.��g���Z���:��6v��g�>�|?\��\�~��f ���S-��$� �P��w��_�`[�=N����N������^G�����d�qHO�1�x��W�5T�޻�N�1l��yD6�B�����lýlŽz���u,@\S��������u���x��9g,��K��5r�n�#z�O���1K3w�a��2��w:}_=��!ΆxO��ۢ�^j5����M�1~n�c}�DcqT��|���4)�_��~U�v �B� ��4��/��Hmw@�} �A ��Dc� ��X�Fj��B����Q���Ć��DX�jF�;0�}0�apa��� 800-575-5562. $8.99 - $14.99 #2. 99. endstream endobj 341 0 obj <>stream Relays – Contactors (Solid State) are in stock at DigiKey. If you’ve got an older motor in your industrial facility and are continuously having to replace contactors, consider upgrading to a solid state starter (or soft starter). Solid State Relays. They are ideal for conveyor belts and other applications requiring smooth movement. Send-In Repair . Best Sellers in Solid State Relays #1. Schneider Electric/Legacy Relays Solid State Relay, 32 VDC, SPST-NO, 10A/280V, Zero Switching, 861 Series Manufacturer #: 861SSR210-DC-1 Allied Stock #: 70185212 Nice Non-Mercury Replacement Long service life with high reliability. Configurator Overview. Solid State Contactors for Heaters Compact, Slim-profile SSRs with Heat Sinks. In order to be classed as a solid state contactor the Semicondcutor assembly needs to be rated for resisitve and inductive loads and rated for continuous operation in up to 50 Deg C ambient temperatures. Solid State Contactor, 1-Phase, 15 A, 240 VAC, 32 VDC, Zero Crossing, DIN Rail, Panel, Screw. One benefit of upgrading is solid state starters eliminate the need to replace moving contactors. h�D��=�%�d-F)��d�S�x��iSJ���MTd�y��ā P@�̀D���C��9�Ŏ����;/c����n�+p��&o��֝�S wL�3{�Pd�4�[H��cx~��0��������U���x@�癹ii}Ϝ�q���-� �U4E Three-phase load ON/OFF controll with the rate of 3-120 Amps. h�,�� Solid State Relays. See product details. 47. h��XKo�8�O!��q��X8��$N�s0|�۲�I�e(j�����G�(w��6籋=쥫D}���Y-�g�0LH<8&���y&���&4��sH)�0R2a�b�ɼf�KH A��̒+�@)9|`RX�g��������Dq���/hH#X0���`��ڰ� ƐR SS20 Series; SS30 Series; SS40 Series; SS60 Series; SS90 Series; HPR Series. �0��(9n�&��uHAOv�;��iach�t�o������_f@ 5h�9$2����vE���U���\��a���ހ��CK�G��F���*-ؘ MJ���Jr�0I��y��f:?���YN���|k���v��q>".�"��~�qw0�#� . endstream endobj 340 0 obj <>stream OMRON Solid-state Contactors provide smooth starting and stopping functions to suppress sudden motor operation and thus reduce mechanical stress. ��ѱa L��p�P�&E��D�� Three types of relays provide a variety of mounting and control options for single- or three-phase applications. 99. This is because they also work reliably and with stable switching times in dusty or chemically aggressive atmospheres. Access technical and commercial publications for hardware and software products, applications, services and solutions. Restricted Item . Find downloads including firmware, release notes, associated software, drivers, tools and utilities. solid-state-relay-diagram.gif Actually, SSRs aren't relays at all, but rather electronic circuits. These are available in a wide range of current and voltage ratings (10 to 90 A at 24 to 530 V AC), making them suitable relays for many industrial applications such as motion, power, heating and lighting control. This feature can reduce or eliminate the cost associated with maintenance, part replacement, and downtime. Solid State Contactor, 1-Phase, 62 A, 240 VAC, 275 VAC, Zero Crossing, DIN Rail, Panel, Screw CARLO GAVAZZI The date & lot code information will be displayed on your packaging label as provided by the manufacturer Relays ship same day They're resistant to moisture and are protected against surges, so they can be used in harsh conditions. 25 AAC Relays; 50 AAC Relays; 75 AAC Relays; 100 AAC Relays; 3 Phase | 3 Pole HPR Series; HPRs for DC Loads; 2 & 3 Pole Series. Suitable for loads with heaters in injection molding, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, etc. �$�[gl���>��X�Ap��{PO°�`�Catnױ�H���B8ۇ":E�#�`(nI�v��}8�q���D�؇����y1��Ei��"va�=0���O��R�r��wB2��0�Hƻ8���C��j��w��([�;�}R�$[TiR������H�f?=���y�$UV;r�½@��f�궗/j7�_���ń4�߳��m;�@���=y��yE��.Ø4�ıO� ���D�d��������(ǟ�n�6���u��;�hi�n�� 3-pole solid-state contactors incorporate thyristors as making and breaking elements in … When there is a need for switching a load of power over a circuit, solid-state relays are an excellent option. We provide a comprehensive family of high current 100% solid state DC contactors to replace old-fashioned mechanical solenoids. Browse Literature Library where you can search for additional technical and commercial publications in more languages. Watlow solid state relays (SSR) offer many of the advantages of solid state power controllers, but at a lower cost. Sign up to receive our latest headlines for free. endstream endobj 343 0 obj <>stream Contact me … 6Fሾ��"?���'C� #P�P�ġ�(!gb�D@��pki�3?��1�\�ܺ�S����~�'p��P����+X����b Huge Solid State Contactors Inventory - Same Day Shipping - Expert Technical Support. CARLO GAVAZZI . With no moving parts, these solid state relays have an extended service life. �HP,c�$p�W-��̀KaAs�����4�E��V�c#Ak��ƀ�*��@���b IC Electronic A/S is a recent acquisition by our parent company NIBE, who are the Worlds largest heating element manufacturer. Visit our online resource for technical information, support chat and forums, software updates and product safety advisories/notices. Solid-state contactors: SS series /3-pole. Repair Overview. Mount them directly to 35 mm DIN rail. The P Line range of Electronic Contactors (Solid State Contactors) are built using low thermal expansion (LTE) technology and are available for … An example of solid-state relays is the Sensata-Crydom Series 1 panel mount SSRs. You previously purchased this product. endstream endobj 342 0 obj <>stream Watlow's extensive knowledge in power controller design led to the development of a special fast cycle input card that enables a solid state relay to operate from a standard 4-20mA instrumentation command signal. What is Solid State Relay? Emerson 90 380 Fan Relay 24 Volt Coil, 1 4.7 out of 5 stars 534. Solid-state Relays Our Solid-state Relays provide the advantages inherent in solid-state designs—no moving parts or contacts that can wear out—with compatibility to industrial controllers such as PLCs and temperature controllers. Solid-state relays have fast switching speeds compared with electromechanical relays, and have no physical contacts to wear out. Packaged solid-state relays use power semiconductor devices such as thyristors and transistors, to switch currents up to around a hundred amperes. Solid state contactors specially designed for loads with heaters. endstream endobj 345 0 obj <>stream Our Bulletin 156-C Solid-state Contactors complement our line of Bulletin 700 solid-state relays to provide you with a complete line of solid-state solutions. Our contactors are designed without moving parts or contacts that can wear out. Economy Grade; Commercial Grade. They have an integrated heat sink that disperses heat to provide optimal convection cooling. Solid State Contactors in stock at Galco! The light sensor is connected to the transistors which open or close, supplying the relay's load with power. Sales distributors AMERICAS EUROPE ASIA/MIDDLE EAST JAPAN. Solid-state contactors are far superior to mechanical contactors in terms of switching speed, service life, and robustness. Customers also bought Recommended for you price $ 8. Order Now! Solid State Contactors With virtually an unlimited life cycle, Mitsubishi Electric solid state contactors provide clean and silent operation in applications such as temperature controllers and lighting systems that require reliable power control at low noise levels. $8.47 - $27.92 #3. View All. To find additional product information including CAD drawing files, 3D models and more use our Product Catalog. Solid-state contactors. Single Pole SSR Series. Solid state relays turn devices on or off and have no moving parts or arcing contacts to wear out, so they have longer lives than other relays. Browse the database of questions and answers on a variety of products and technologies. Item list of G3PE (Three-phase) One stop shopping for software and subscription services. These starters can improve operation and save money in the long run. E96956, Guide NMFT, NMFT7), Suitable for use with IE3 Motors (IEC 60034-30), Global Short-circuit Current Ratings Tool, MagneMover Lite Intelligent Conveyor System, Hackathon Use Case for Manufacturing Optimization, Hackathon Use Case for Visual System Modernization, 24toCode Event Recap // IT Internal Hackathon, Check Your Blind Spots Mobile Tour at Rockwell Automation, Mechanic & Tool Apprenticeship at Rockwell Automation, Working at Rockwell Automation in Karlsruhe, Summer Internships at Rockwell Automation, The Intrapreneurial Skills Accelerator at Rockwell Automation, Controlling High Efficiency Motors Brochure, Bulletin 156-C Solid-state Contactors Product Profile, Bulletin 156-B to 156-C Solid-state Contactors Migration Profile, Bulletin 156-C Solid-state Contactor Specifications Technical Data. D����p�A$d���e}��3~�3Gc���k�3k̀��� �?� Solid State Relays are available at Mouser Electronics from industry leading manufacturers.Mouser is an authorized distributor for many solid state relay manufacturers including Broadcom, Crydom, IXYS, Omron, Panasonic, Phoenix Contact, Schneider Electric, TE Connectivity, Teledyne, Vishay & more. The control inputs are connected internally to an LED, which shines across an air gap to light sensors. Solid-state contactors (SSC) are required in cases where contacts must have long life because contacts are frequently made and broken, and where contactor noise must be eliminated. Solid-state relays are designed to switch circuitry on and off. They switch resistive and inductive loads silently and without wear. Solid State Contactors for Three-phase Heaters Reduced Installation Work with DIN Track Mounting. 800-575-5562. }{zտ=��$���jg��y� N)