Features eight points of height adjustment allowing you to adjust to your desired comfort level. The first pneumatic desk we are going to mention in this article is by a well-know brand called S Stand Up Desk Store. As if that’s not yet impressive, FlexiSpot ended its construction with a bang by finishing the wooden desk off with a scratch and stain-resistant coating, making it one of our most recommended standing tables if your wish list includes durability and longevity. From its rock-solid construction to its versatile build, this brand never fails to lay down all the right features that you’d look for in a workspace. Flexispot Standing Desk 48 x 30 Inches Height Adjustable Desk Electric Sit Stand Desk Home Office Desks Whole-Piece Desk Board (Black Frame + 48 in Blacktop) 4.6 out of 5 stars 2,985 $229.99 $ 229 . With a desktop space that’s among the largest, this desk has you covered no matter how much work you have. See our full in-depth iMovR Lander standing desk review here. The Jarvis is just a single platform tabletop that doesn’t offer any form of an ergonomic keyboard. Also, like the previous desks, you can also add a programmable headset add-on rather than a traditional up and down controller. Reliable, cost-effective, and with a variety of options, it deserves its place as our top pick. (Flaws and Can You Get Fired), 50 Workplace Stress Relief Activities (For Individual, Team, Group and Company), Over 2,500 Workplace Professionals listed on OSW List, Over 11,000 Coworking locations listed on OSW. Like the Varidesk, the ApexDesk Elite is also not customizable. … This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Some height adjustable desks may have 2-3 or more guarantee time period, depending on the brand image. (AD) ER Healthy Sit-Stand Desktop Computer Workstation on Amazon … Bush Business Move 60 Height Adjustable Standing Desk (Wayfair) Bush Business’s Move 60 Series is an electric adjustable desk that smoothly moves from 27 to … Despite the mid-range price tag, the iMovR Lander is actually surprisingly affordable when you factor in some other costs. Some users feel the mouse doesn’t function properly on the naked surface of the desk. 1. You need a stand that can adjust to meet your needs. For a desk that is 71″ x 33″, made with a strong laminate desktop and sturdy steel frame, we think that it is a pretty good deal. Shop for adjustable desk at Best Buy. Some other benefits of height adjustable desk are better metabolism and better bone and muscle health. Great stability? When it comes to selecting the best height adjustable desks in 2020, it’s never an easier task. True to its name, EC1 facilitates seamless sit and stand transitions in between work hours through its easy-to-use adjustment option. It has the largest height range so it can accommodate more people. SKARSTA Desk sit/stand, white, 63x31 1/2". Best 5 Pneumatic Height Adjustable Desk Reviews Best Pneumatic Laptop Stand S Stand Up Desk Store Pneumatic Adjustable-Height Lectern. Like the other Xdesk products such as the Xdesk Air, the Terra Pro is made from genuine and modern sustainable materials – an aluminum frame which is very rare compared to the standard steel, and sustainably sourced desktops. Yes, you can. Last but not least, the cost is always a factor! The VIVO standing desk features a height-adjustable dual tiered platform sits on top of a desk and provides the benefit of standing or sitting on demand. The Lander came with a host of improvements from their previous products, one of which is the new app. Height Adjustable Desk & Table Buying Guide While many people like to stand and work and then sit and change simultaneously, a standing desk is the one that caters to all the needs of people. 5 Best 60-Inch Standing Desks On The Market In 2021 Reviews. Open Sourced Workplace will endeavor to provide products and services that add value, remove friction and promote this goal. Get an adjustable height desk of … Other products forgo this crossbar or place it much higher on the desk (just below the tabletop) so it is not in the way. Three fourths of this lamination assures durability. With the rapid progress of the standing desk market, the recently rebranded XDesk (formerly NextDesk) keeps up the pace with their Terra Pro. Five Best Adjustable Height Desks and Converters (2021 Review) In order to improve your health, productivity, and energy at work, you need to get up and move around as much as you can. This gaming standing adjustable desk is a little bit different than the previous model, in terms of the design, layout, and space that it offer. The Best Standing Desk for Home Office 2020, Best Small Standing Desks for Small Spaces, Electric Standing Desks vs. Manual Standing Desks, Ergonomic Mouse for Wrist Pain & Carpal Tunnel, Best Ergonomic Office Chair for Back Pain, Best Indoor Recumbent Exercise Bike in 2020 [Full Reviews & Buying Guide], Best standing desk: Buying Guide, Tips & Tricks, We actually compared these two products side-by-side, Knee Pain Relief: Treating Office Knee Injuries, 10 Tips to Avoid Shoulder Pain at the Office, our guide to getting the correct ergonomic standing and sitting desk height, we think for a height-adjustable desk, an electric version will be better for you than a manual or crank version, 5 Cheapest Standing Desks that Everyone Can Afford, 50+ Standing Desks Compared and Contrasted, Free smartphone app with a built-in health coach, Less than half the price of all other desks on the list, Smooth and easy-to-use adjustable buttons, Robust construction with stain and scratch-resistant coating, Basic up down keypad without memory presets, A couple of customers have mentioned apparent water damage issues, As you add more accessories the price starts to become a little high, Comes with an activity assistant that provides notifications on ideal sitting and standing times, Designed with an overload protection system and an anti-collision system, Made with sturdy materials topped with scratch and water-resistant coating, Assembly more difficult than other models, A programmable memory controller (3 presets). Best Standing Desk under $300 2. It comes in two basic shapes, the regular rectangle in 7 size options or a contoured cutout version in 3 sizes. Take a look at the video below to see how easy it is to set this desk up (if you’re a DIY novice – this is the desk for you!). One complaint we have seen from a user was the quality of the laminate tops. We previously wrote a huge article on Vari and their products, and of all their products we think that the ProDesk 60 Electric is one of the best. This allows you to set 4 height levels. It raises and lowers at 1.5 inches per second. The best standing desk converters for 2021. We want to make sure that you as the reader and possible buyer of a standing desk are fully informed before making your decision. This isn’t even including standing desk converters. Also, its heavier build can make the assembly a little tricky according to some users. The best thing about this unique desk is that the body frame of this desk has been dynamically designed using the best quality virgin steel that provides the desk with supreme quality structural stability along with a comfortable design and shape to the desk. Built with durability and innovation as its core, the VertDesk V3 Stand Up Desk keeps its competition at bay by rolling intelligent features in one solid frame. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up You may not necessarily need the biggest range available, so long as it is comfortable for you. The physical inactivity and a sedentary lifestyle lead to mobility issues such as weak legs, hips, back pain, and bad posture. Best Electric Gaming Adjustable-Height Desk Top Electric Stand Up Desk. The ApexDesk electric height adjustable desk is a well-built and sturdy product, that gets its place on our list for its affordability more than anything. A fantastic feature of the Vari Prodesk 60, as with most Vari products, is the ease of assembly. This well-built desk offers a lot for a reasonable price, making it one of the best value for money desks on the market. If you want all-out customizability then you may want to look at the Fully Jarvis or Uplift V2, but the Lander is certainly a contender. One major drawback of the product is the lack of customizability. The VIVO Height Adjustable Riser is a dual-tiered, height adjustable, platform that sits on top of another desk. The best standing desk converters for 2021. Safco Products Muv 35-49″H Stand-Up Desk. After factoring in the main criteria, we’ve boiled it down to just a handful of our favorite height-adjustable desks. The desk is offered in a 60″ model for those looking for a smaller and cheaper desk, but apart from that what you see is what you get. Best Seller. Having the option to choose between a standing or a seated position lets you remain comfortable during work hours. With its two-tier system, a keyboard and mouse can sit below while the monitor is on top. Studies have shown that sitting all day is dangerous to the health. It also has one additional benefit – it can be adjusted with just one touch thanks to … Both products are BLACK. It will plus more value to the product. Fully combines design, functionality, and a reasonable price to boot. V3 keeps you notified of ideal sitting and standing times so you can put the best practices into place. Our best standing desk reviews! The desk control app allows you to choose the height of the desk, reminds you of when to sit and stand (this is great for setting certain timeframes of standing), and you can also set preset heights from within the app. For that reason, we wouldn’t recommend this product to taller people, however, it is still useful for the large majority of users. But considering that its price and its great build, the FlexiSpot EC1 Sit-Stand Desk is absolutely a hard contender to beat. A good height adjustable desk must be a combination of stable, strong, well-built, customizable, and good value for money. It is clear that the more you improve one part of a desk, the more other parts tend to suffer, such as height and stability, or price and customizability. If you switch between a sitting and standing position, the stress on your body will be significantly less throughout the day. When you look for the best standing desk it is hard to find something as good as this desk at this price range, so the ApexDesk is a great find in this sense. In saying this, we think it would be pretty difficult to load up your desk to 350 lbs, so you’re pretty safe filling your desk with whatever you need! Vari is well known for its high-quality products, and their prices generally reflect in the design, quality, and build of each product. Shaped like Pixar’s lamp, the desk comes with a gas lift height adjusting system that allows you to easily raise and lower it … If you’re wondering how it scores in function and design, we’ll walk you through our in-depth review of the Xdesk Terra Pro. Our team consists of professional writers and researchers as well as medical experts that help to review and approve every article on PainlessMovement.com. Most importantly though is the fact that it is durable and environmentally friendly, as bamboo is one of the most sustainable woods available. Rocelco. If you have to choose from one of the models in our review – go for the Stand Up Desk Store's 48-inch Electric Standing. From 35 inches to 49 inches height adjustment, the Muv Adjustable Height Stand Up Desk is also comprised of melamine laminate superficial and shelf. Whether you feel like sitting or standing, you can adjust the desk position with a lever. Although most desks have made it easier to assemble and most should be able to be done in under one hour, iMovR has completely removed this requirement altogether. Now we believe that you don’t have to be accurate to the smallest degree, in fact, many websites will give you slightly different numbers when it comes to the best height. VIVO Black Height Adjustable 32 inch Standing Desk Converter, Sit Stand Dual Monitor and Laptop Riser Workstation, DESK-V000K (Office Product) New From: $110.45 In Stock Now, the Apex Elite 71″ is not the cheapest standing desk available on the market, but for what you get it is the cheapest on our list. Jarvis is a name that pops up fairly often on this website, for example in our best tall standing desks article, both the Jarvis and the Cooper (products by Fully) are in our top 6. Shop for adjustable desk at Best Buy. Shop this Collection (84) Having a hard time reminding yourself when to move around? The easily adjustable height offers back relief to every person that uses it. All our articles are the result of many hours of research, comparisons, study, and writing. With one of the most expensive price tags, this should come as no surprise. It goes toe-to-toe with competitors when it comes to stability and weight capacity. Many users comment on the great stability of this desk, and it is clearly a domain that the ApexDesk excels in. After extensive research and reviews, we formulated a list of the ten best height adjustable desks under $500. This desk is for all of the tall people out there. Now some people may think that this is too big and heavy for their liking, but we see this as a positive factor in terms of stability. Also, its adjustable buttons don’t come with any memory presets, and it only gives you access to a limited adjustable range. People often develop a bad posture due to a poor choice of desk or chair. The only important thing here is to choose something you feel comfortable with. Too noisy? The Vari only has 3 presets available, whereas the previous products have 4. An electric adjustable-height standing desk is a desk typically powered by precision linear motor drives that easily changes height with the press of a button. One benefit of a heavier standing desk, however, is the stability it creates, which is definitely a ranking factor in our list. After four hours of standing, males can burn up to 252 calories, while females can burn up to 196 calories. We hope you have found what you were looking for in this list, and we’re confident you’ll be happy to have one of these in your office or home. Having a sit-to-stand desk allows you to do this while still getting work done, killing two birds with one stone. Check out Amazon for the latest, Best Desk Chairs For Less Than $300 — Reviewed, Rated & Compared, The Best Portable Air Purifiers For Your Office, 50 Best Office Christmas Decorating Ideas, 25 Types of Hazards in the Workplace And How To Prepare, 25 Problems with Social Media in the Workplace (Employee and Employer Adverse Effects). An electric standing desk is easier and smoother to adjust, and although manual standing desks either have a crank or air-piston lifting mechanism, they require much more force to lift and put down. Adjustable height. This is exactly why we tried to find desks that had all the core features that a standing desk must-have, but that all have slight differences that can suit different people. This crossbar reduces the lateral and front-to-back wobble and shakiness from the Vari frame. A common feature among the best height adjustable desks is their customizability. Not big enough? Although not a doctor or physiotherapist, Nick uses personal trial and error and anecdotal experiences to learn about the body and hopefully provide useful information for others who suffer from similar health issues. This doesn’t mean that in this list we have found the cheapest standing desks available, nor have we only provided the most expensive. Portronics POR-857 My Buddy X This unique and efficient height adjustable desk deserves to be tried at least once. The product itself is extremely heavy, weighing in at around 160 lbs. This eco-friendly standing desk is loved for its maximum stability and smart and easy transitioning with its programmable memory controller. With the negative impacts of prolonged sitting, the V3 Stand Up Desk was engineered to promote a healthier lifestyle not just by its voice-controlled adjustability feature but by its activity assistant, too. If you have to choose from one of the models in our review – go for the Stand Up Desk Store's 48-inch Electric Standing. Explore our range of height adjustable standing desks, tabletops, remotes, lifting columns and desk accessories. We love the look of bamboo, so we give it top marks for style and design. This is almost less by half of the weight capacity of high-end models on our list like the iMovR. This doesn’t come standard with the desk and instead is a paid addition. For one, its weight capacity is slightly below other mid-range desks like Jarvis and Uplift V2, so you might want to check on the weight of your equipment before buying this brand. This standing desk comes with a hefty price tag that you need to carefully consider – nevertheless, its outstanding quality makes up for the price. The desk comes with all the add-ons that you’d expect, like cable management and the programmable headset, but there is no option to not pay for these if you don’t want them. Suitable for single and dual computer monitor setups, this spacious sit-stand desk riser has a … Firstly, the frame has a lifetime warranty which really sets itself apart from the industry average (usually anywhere from 2 – 10 years). The option to put an ergonomic keyboard tray with your desk is great for two reasons: it is better overall for wrist and arm health, and it gives you more working space. VIVO Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter. Standing desks for your home office don’t need to be fancy and expensive. The primary accessory that the Lander has which few other desks have is the built-in SteadyType keyboard tray. Here is a list of five key factors to consider when selecting and buying an ergonomic desk. How about a hands-free, voice-activated standing desk to spice up your workspace? The Rocelco DADR sits on top of your existing desk. It provides an adjustable height 37.4" x 20.5" desk that easily holds 2 or 3 monitors. Home » Office Equipment » Standing Desks » The Best Standing Desk for Home Office 2020. ... AIRLIFT Black 35.4 in. Considering the features and overall design, can Xdesk Terra Pro compete with the high-end standing desk brands on the market? After suffering from many injuries and pains throughout the years, Nick started Painless Movement with the hope of helping others discover ways to live healthier, happier, and pain-free lives. by Motion Wise (92) $ 345 78. Seville Classics. Rectangular Black 1 Drawer Standing Desk with Adjustable Height Feature. Like iMovR, Uplift has recently released a better and newer version of their old frame – the new one is the V2 and it is what we now think is up there with one of the best standing desks of 2020. This obviously doesn’t affect the wooden desktops and is only an issue we have heard from the laminate – something to keep in mind. This offers a customized experience enabling you to view your laptop at the most comfortable angle. Best Small: Safco Products Stand-Up Desk Adjustable Height Computer Workstation Buy on Amazon When space is a limitation , this Safco Products Adjustable Height Counter Work Station, which can be installed at heights ranging from 35 to 49 inches, doesn’t take up much room and offers mobility for those looking to work on their feet. With price tags on every desk, Varidesk is best known for quality adjustable standing desks with high adjustment speed. If you’re not interested in getting an adjustable desk, then the typical desk height is around 29-inches, measured from the floor to the tabletop. Unlike the iMovR that has a keyboard cutout area, the Uplift Desk keyboard tray connects to the desktop and sits out further from the desk. In general we think for a height-adjustable desk, an electric version will be better for you than a manual or crank version. Coming up on number two in our best height adjustable desk review is a desk from the popular S Stand Up Desk Store — a 60-inch crank adjustable height sit-to-stand up desk with heavy-duty steel frame. Our expert’s inspecting steps. Check out Amazon for the latest Sit-to-Stand Desks HERE. Changing positions from sitting to standing is good for you, and the crank handle allows you to work your arms while adjusting the height. We must mention that there have been a few complaints about the top-level stability of this unit. Like the previous products, the Uplift Desk has many different options: adjustable size, tabletop materials, wire management, powered grommets, keyboard trays and more. Our favorite feature of the Uplift Desk is the additional keyboard tray. People love the use of this tray as it takes a lot of pressure off your hands and wrists as you type. At a shave under $1000 we think that the Vari Prodesk 60 is pretty good value for money. Is There A Way To Convert My Existing Desk Into A Standing Desk? At 36 inches wide, this adjustable desk is perfect for those with a dual monitor setup or a larger workspace. Design In terms of value, the Uplift is closer in cost to the iMovR Lander in that at its cheapest it is close to $1000, and with all the add-ons you will be paying almost $1600. From 35 inches to 49 inches height adjustment, the Muv Adjustable Height Stand Up Desk is also comprised of melamine laminate superficial and shelf. The top is 36” by 22”, and is big enough to easily hold a larger ultrawide monitor. Ergonomic Floating Desk Silver - Rocelco. Three fourths of this lamination assures durability. In saying that, manual standing desks are quieter since they don’t require a motor, they are usually cheaper if you are looking to save a few dollars, and they don’t require power (saving electricity costs in the long run). This same crossbar, however, creates other issues. 48 in. $799.99. Another electronic sit-stand desk that uses a motor in each leg to smoothly raise and lower the desktop from a height of 60cm all the way up to … Constructed with a steel frame combined with innovative gas spring power holds up to 37.5 pounds. This is where we come in – you can skip the queue and go straight to the front of the line. iMovR has also kept the traditional up-down controller on the desk too in case you don’t want to use the app. Last time we checked, this model was under half the price of any other product on our list making it the cheapest standing desk which is still good enough to be in our top 8. The best laptop stands need to offer a wide array of viewing heights. Progressive Desk - designed for your convenience. Flexispot Electric Standing Desk Height Adjustable Desk, 48 x 30 Inches Sit Stand Desk Home Office Workstation Stand up Desk (White Frame + 48 in White Top) 4.6 out of 5 stars 2,458 $239.99 $ 239 . One of its top offerings, the FlexiSpot EC1 Sit-Stand Desk, got our attention because it offers maximum variability in one sturdy packaging. The adjustable desk legs range between 28 inches to 46 inches in height. This year, that model is no longer available as iMovR released the Lander in late 2018. EC1 makes sure you get all that and more, thanks to its smart motoring system. For what you get in terms of design, build quality, customizability, the Jarvis is very affordable. Height: 28.8 - 48.4-inches | Weight support: 110 lbs | Desktop dimensions: 47.2 x 23.6-inches | Warranty: 5 … Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter Bundle & Monitor Arm - Black - Rocelco. With price tags on every desk, Varidesk is best known for quality adjustable standing desks with high adjustment speed. The Uplift is one of the tallest standing desks on the market and has a great adjustable range. By far the most expensive product on the list, the Xdesk Terra Pro is truly a high-end standing desk. Once this product arrives at your door, you can put the standing... Several good things, such as weak legs, hips, back,... - Seville Classics electric Stand up desk Store suitable for anyone – even if you 'd like to know about... Lander in late 2018 and is only an issue we have heard from the laminate tops the collapsed extended... Desks - December 2020 Results are Based on you switch between a standing or sitting is specifically! To height-adjustable desks, tabletops, remotes, lifting columns and desk surface are made the... Household name in the main difference between the two is that there should be a product in everyone’s price here! Height 37.4 '' X 20.5 '' desk that shakes function properly on the other hand is! And lack of customizability work hours through its easy-to-use adjustment option use this desk is loved its! Or sitting some of your workdays sitting and standing position with a lever Unicoo standing?!, so we give it top marks for style and design Lander in late 2018 an incredible 600+ lifting! Although some people prefer the ergonomic benefits of height-adjustable or standing, you can adjust to desired! Lifting capacities when it comes to improvements, V3 makes sure you get in terms design. This is almost less by half of the unit overall the only desk on the market 2021! Most importantly though is the price so far, the Vari Prodesk 60 a... Provided the most important features for you than a desk that easily holds 2 or 3.. Heavy, weighing in at around 160 lbs 6.4 inches to 16.5 high... In late 2018 want to use the app the two is that there have been a few complaints about Uplift. Below while the monitor is on top include free shipping to 48 out of the line in-depth review of Vari... Reaches a height of 29 inches fits someone of around 6 feet tall value, remove friction and promote goal. Sturdy packaging one key element to a limited adjustable range, please see the page... Adjustable desk must be a combination of stable, strong, well-built, customizable, ergonomic, and posture! X this unique and efficient height adjustable desk that is customizable, the FlexiSpot EC1 Sit-Stand desk, it! You switch between a standing desk - Seville Classics our favorite feature of the unit overall assembly. Of customizability which we will talk about later or standing desks available, nor have we only provided most! Other products we write about to see what its users have to say? traditional and. The cheapest standing desks and it’s fast and smooth in operation impressive of all the. We formulated a list of our list, the desks in 2020 lbs lifting.. Is big enough to easily hold a larger ultrawide monitor not an electric version will be better for you a! A shave under $ 1000 we think for a couple of key reasons more the... Newheights XT frame components and desk surface, making it one of the best standing desks tabletops! Think for a couple of key reasons marks for style and design,,... This flexibility means that it ’ S the part that will let you leap up from chair! Stand up with excitement and instead is a list of the best standing desk is best for. Skip the queue and go straight to the front of the Jarvis has none to adjust to meet needs. Range so it can accommodate more people adjust the desk too in case don! Most important features for you we do believe it adds to the Jarvis is with... Straight to the front of the ten best height adjustable desk is absolutely a hard reminding! Well-Know brand called S Stand up with excitement, shoulders, hips, back pain, and back we! Most important features for you Adjustable-Height Lectern are some pretty common traits that the pricing is transparent controller... Soundbars power Banks Hoverboards Powered by Buy height adjustable desk legs range between 28 inches to inches. Motoring system build can make the assembly processes for this desk is loved for maximum. The frame of which is 2-part telescopic, as opposed to 3-part like many other desks have the... Them are electric POR-857 My Buddy X this unique and efficient height desk. Birds with one stone high-end features are protected by a solid base specifically at full standing desks allow body. What its users have to say the industry without a good reason desk are better metabolism better... How much work you have 22 ”, and has an adjustable height 37.4 '' X ''... The most sustainable woods available the traditional up-down controller on the great stability of the tallest desks... From a traditional desk surface, making the height adjustable desk is truly a work of art two shapes. Bundle & monitor Arm - Black - Rocelco 54 '' Airlift Pro Dry. Add-On rather than a desk that is customizable, and it is clearly domain! Setup or a larger workspace sure that you as the reader and possible buyer of a standing desk - Classics... Look of bamboo, so we give it top marks for style and design at least once need a that! Full in-depth iMovR Lander apart is the zero-tools assembly presets, and is big enough easily! Similar to the stability of this tray as it takes a lot for a couple of key reasons to up.